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Created by TwilightSavage on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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I left Hannah's house shortly after she did. As much as I loved her other house-guests; I needed to think. My baby sister was getting married soon!!!! I remember when she was an over-excited five year old and a moody teenager. How about now? She's growing up. I thought aloud, "Eww I'm getting old"

I wandered restlessly through Seattle. Then I laughed at the thought. It was hell at that fitting! I barely made it through. All the probing and prodding and fussing are enough to make me want to shove those expensive heels up someone's ass! And Hannah was NOT happy. I couldn't convince her to go, and that's saying something because normally I can persuade her. I'm sure Maggie is seething at the moment. She and Hannah always quarrel; they wouldn't be sisters if they didn't.

I noticed some guys from the beach and Jacob stumbling out of a restaurant. Probably the Bachelor party, there was some slutty-looking HOOKERS!

"Jacob Black! Who are these classy ladies?" I screamed across the street, every word dripping with sarcasm. Maggie is going to get a kick out of this, I thought.

"OH SHIT!" Jacob saw and knew I meant trouble. "Jenny! I swear to god I wasn't doing anything that bad!! It's the bachelor party I-"

"Save it for Maggie hon" I cut off his drunken slurring. Inside I was laughing at his worry! "You are so WHIPPED BITCH!!!!!"

Behind him I heard all his boys cracking up in agreement. "Well maybe I can bribe you not to tell her. Are you dating anyone?"


"Not me!!!!" He assured, "Dumb fuck" I heard him mutter

"Excuse me? What was that?"

"Uh Nothing, really! I meant to say you would really like my buddy Jared! HEY JARED! JAAAARED!?!" There was a shuffle of men and some confused stuttering that resulted in a loud: "OH SHIT WE LOST JARED!!!!!!" As chaos broke loose I laughed off their goodbyes and kept walking.

There was a cherry red Ferrari pulling over to the curb. All What I saw was a red stilettos, red leather skinny jeans, and a black halter. It was Maggie, and through her steely composure, I noticed that she was annoyed! Hoping to alleviate her anger I joked around. "Bitch! Those are totally my shoes!"

That was BAD! She looked over at me with her creepy lightening blue eyes and easily pierced through my attempt to lighten the mood. "Okay you don't feel like laughing. Walk with me Hon."

I put my arms around her shoulders (even though the heels added a good few inches to her) and tactfully steered her away from the rowdy and panicking bachelor party. Maggie had always confided in me so I steeled myself for her venting. I cautiously probed further. "What's wrong babe?"

"Hannah never showed up for the fitting. It’s almost like she want to get out on the aisle naked.” Maggie muttered.

"Aaaaw! You're so patient with her!" I kidded. I always joke even in the worst situation. "Look Hon, Hannah is being Hannah and you know she'll snap out of it! I'll talk with her and we'll schedule another fitting. Let me take care of it."

"I doubt you can snap her out of it. She’s so strange these days. All Hannah seems to care about is her horses, her brand new family and her friends. Where am I in her equation? I’m afraid that the dress wouldn’t fit her.”

"Well then I'm sure Esme will do her best to fit it. Don't worry! Everything will fall into place"

"My dress isn’t ready yet. I wish Hannah wouldn’t be such a knucklehead. I want her to attend my wedding but at the rate she is going, she might have to step out of the bridal party.”

"First of all your dress will be ready in time or I will personally track down the bitch making it and stab her in the jaw! And secondly: I know Hannah is being frustrating but what did you expect? And keep in mind this isn't easy for her either!!! It's scary watching you grow up Maggie! I don't know if you realize that- but we were talking and we're both terrified! We liked it when you were little enough that we could fight your battles for you! That's all changing!"

"It isn't just the wedding. My people are nervous, something is stirring them up. I don't know what it is, but I keep feeling the darkness cast over my people. It's stressful for me. I don't know what to do about it! My people are looking up to me! Asking me for protection, advice, and my presence but I can't offer them anything except false assurances!"

"Oh god! Now you're going all elfy on me. Shit...Ummm. Well I may just be one very sexy human, but here's my two cents. You have enough on your plate and at the moment you can't do shit about this dark-thingy. I don't think your people expect you to be psychic on top of everything else so BREATH! You need to focus on what you can control and for the moment this "darkness" doesn't fall in that category!"

"First of all I'm apsychicelf QUEEN!"

"Well fuck YOU then Queeny." I teased, laughing at Maggie's need to prove me wrong.

"Fine, in six seconds it's gonna rain!"

Oh shit, I thought and quickly pulled Maggie into the shelter of a store awning to avoid ruining my very hot outfit. Even as we ducked under shelter, her prediction came true. "Bitch" I muttered, even though I knew she could hear it. "I didn't say I doubted you!!! Show off!" We both laughed, like we did before fantasies came true. Vampires. Werewolves, elves....HUMANS!

"HEY, wanna see the house that the Cullens made for me. Then we can go beg Esme for hot chocolate at their house!"

"HELL YES" Finally I would get to know the elusive Cullens, besides the very attractive Edward that Hannah was trying to convince herself not to love. Maggie pulled me into the Ferrari, through the rain! I was furious at her for that, but at the same time it reminded me of running in the rain as children together. Luckily for us- the bachelor boys had fled, presumably in search of Jared, who I was curious to meet.

"I can't help it but to think you would LOVE Jared!" Maggie looked at me winking.

"CUT THE PSYCHIC SHIT! I THOUGHT ONLY EDWARD READS MINDS!" I screamed fully pissed off. Then I blushed as I realized Maggie could too, and I just revealed I had been thinking about him.

"UHH WHATEVER!! We are here! The house that I'm supposed to live in with Jacob and have puppies and babes running around in!" Maggie pretended to vomit, and then smiled her extreme sexy smile (which she totally got from me).

"If you EVER have babies I'll shoot you! YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO BE THAT GROWN-UP!" I was joking, but part of me meant it. Instead of dwelling on her emerging adultness I stared into the gorgeous house. Very large, very ostentatious, very Maggie. We went in and I got the quick tour. Everything was grand and luxurious, but Maggie was eager to see the Cullen's reaction to me. So we left, and I knew I would be back soon enough to see more of her home.

Maggie started to drive down the long driveway into the gorgeous mansion of CULLENS: the VAMPIRES!

"Holy Shit" I whispered- stunned by the simple, quaint beauty of the house. Everything spoke of old-time tastes, but it was so elegantly arranged that you immediately fell in love. Way different from my apartment in California. I got to see the house in a different way that I did at first.

Maggie smiled and opened the door, dragging me, barely letting me peek in each room. Maggie yelled, “EMSE, PLEASE MAKE YOUR FAMOUS YUMMY HOT CHOCOLATE. Jenny, SHE MAKES IT OLD-FASHIONED!"

"Way to be subtle Mags, way to be subtle." I murmured in awe. Despite my confident appearance I was a wee bit nervous.

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