Sisters (Edward's POV)

Ahh... love is in the air

Created by TwilightSavage on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Hannah was stunning. They both were. There was no other way to put it. And the way men panted after her, it made me thankful for being a vampire. It made me ready to pounce on any man that came to close. So when she stepped in with that good for nothing actor, I wanted to pounce. I wanted her. Jasper chuckled, and Carlisle welcomed him. Emmett told him basically honestly that he wasn't welcome here as Hannah's boyfriend. Hannah introduced him to Esme.

"Esme, Carlisle, this is my date. Gerry, this is my family." She said looking at Esme for acceptance.

"It’s a pleasure to meet you! You’re very handsome. Are you going to marry Hannah?" Esme said, as Carlisle pulled her back. I was cracking up, hoping this would scare "Gerry" off.

"Haha, as long as I've known her, I wish she'd marry me. It's a pleasure to meet you Esme. Now if you'd excuse me. I promised this pretty young thing a dance." Gerry said calmly and grabbed Hannah's hand and walked her out. I followed when Emmett stopped me.

"Dude. You are in for it! He is... Well she thinks he's hot. God, you better get out there and steal her back. Otherwise he is going to waltz out of here with her." Emmett said overly loud so everyone heard it. Jasper laughed and grabbed Alice to go out to the dance floor. Rosalie grabbed Emmett and walked him out. Pretty soon my entire family and my girl was out there dancing. I was standing at the sidelines.

Hannah's long legs were shaped in that dress, the dramatic drop of the back showing her muscled small back down to the small of it made me want to grab her. Her hair cascaded down and shined with its ultimate blondeness. And my favorite part, her smile was showing more than ever tonight. I attempted to distract myself by looking away. I looked about the room. All I saw was more couples more love. I looked across the room to see Jacob and Maggie totally entwined in each other's arms as they swayed to the music, laughing and talking about the new dog. I had to look away because of the pain I felt. I saw Tanya standing alone, I suppose she was attractive. I stepped towards her, hearing her thoughts race and get excited that I was coming near to her.

"Tanya, would you dance with me?" I asked, looking at the ground. She suavely answered yes and I stepped onto the dance floor. I angled her towards Hannah and Gerry who were getting a little too comfortable with each other. His hand had slipped down from her shoulder bone to that small of her back that made me cringe with desire. Hannah was laughing at one of his horse jokes. Gerard looked up at Tanya, and his mouth visibly dropped.

She was gorgeous in a vampire way. But I only had eyes for Hannah. I took a step forward when Jasper came over and asked to dance with Hannah. I growled at him, as he checked her out and gripped her in close, he whispered how great she looked into her ear and she joked back that Alice was looking good tonight. Gerard came up and tapped me on the shoulder and asked to take over. I smiled. I went over to Jasper and tapped on his shoulder.

"Dude, I just honed in on this beautiful lady. Go find someone else." Jasper sneered.

"Besides your date is stunning." Hannah said stepping in closer to Jasper.

"You my love is the only stunning one in the room." I pushed Jasper out of the way and took Hannah into my arms, where she belonged. I slid my hands down her lean back into the small of her back, and pulled her in close. I smelled the white linen perfume she wore, mixed with the scent of lavender in her soft hair. I felt her legs following the beat of mine. Her arm was firm and not relaxed on me, and her small hand fit in mine perfectly.

I felt her breath on my neck, and I smelt her pulsing blood. Then I felt her relax, and her little frame fit into my strong vampire body. We fit together perfectly and this action said more than words. This action told me she was meant to be mine. Out of nowhere, Emmett stepped forward to take Hannah.

"Thank you Emmett." Hannah said stepping towards him and dancing jokingly. I stood still watching her.

"Are you gonna let me be the one you marry Hannah?" I shouted and turned away.

I walked into the kitchen to see Esme laughing and pouring herself a "glass of wine". She saw me and she stepped forward.

"Did you see the handsome man Hannah brought home this time? I like him. But son, I'd like it better if you stopped being a coward and got me a Hannah. I'd like that a lot. So get on that." She said." Oh and start getting the guests out."

At that exact moment people started leaving. Guests piled out and Maggie and Jacob were congratulated once again. A few guests were staying. Maggie and Jacob walked to their house, and we all said good night to them and congratulated them again.

"Well I'm going to whisk Alice away to spend the rest of the night with me.” Jasper said smiling with his arms wrapped around Alice, after we'd finished up cleaning.

"And I'm taking Rose to make hot steamy love." Emmett joked and pulled Rose out.

"We're all going to the guest house. We're continuing a quiet reception together. Kat, Bella, Joe, Bud, Matt and I. Join if you want kids." Denise said.

Esme elbowed Carlisle in the ribs. "Oww! Oh, that’s our cue. We're going to bed kids." He said smiling and walking up the stairs to go to their master suite.

Hannah looked at me, and then she went into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and got out some wedding cake and sat on the floor with only the appliance lights on. In the dark, her beauty was covered up by the night. And yet in that lighting I could see other parts of her. Like how simply divine her shoulders were. I smiled at her and sat down across from her. Finally she opened her mouth as if to say something. Then she closed it. She went upstairs and grabbed one of my gray t-shirts. I could hear her fumbling around. Finally I heard her rushing down the stairs crying. I ran in her direction.

"I can't get it off!" She said pointing at the dress. "It’s trying to eat me! I can't get out! I'm gonna die in this dress!"

I starting cracking up as I unzipped the side of the dress and tried not to gape at her ultimate beauty. "Hold on." I closed my eyes to not look.

I felt her tug at my shirt. "You don't have to close your eyes." She stepped out of the dress. Her small frame provided curves, and ribs, and long, long to the sky legs. She pulled off my shirt which revealed my muscled vampire marble chest.

"I want you to marry me." I sighed as she stepped out of her heels.

"Shut up and kiss me." She said as I carried her upstairs to my room.

We spent the rest of the night talking, and sharing kisses. As we sat too close on a couch in my room, and when she fell asleep in my arms, I had until the next morning to admire her beauty. I had a chance to admire her in my gray t-shirt; I had a chance to admire her as my girl.

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