5 Part 1| Unusual Open Road [Chris Brown/Trey Songz]

:D Its short as crap. Don't kill me.

Created by FreshRockstar101 on Friday, January 27, 2012



London POV

“I can’t believe you.! I thought we were best friends.! Maybe we aren’t best friends….” Lani’kai said. She always did blow things out of proportion. I had been sitting on the couch letting her blow off some steam going on and on and on.

“KAI!” I yelled to get her attention. She turned to me.

“Boo, just chill. Kay. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to trip. Just like you’re doing now. We are still best friends. “ I said putting my hands on her shoulders.

“Okay. Okay. I’m sorry. I just thought you didn’t trust me or something. I mean it’s Chris Brown!” She exclaimed.

“I know!! That’s how I feel, but when you get to meet him you will see he’s actually really cool.”

“Really he’s- Wait, did you just say when I get to meet him?” She asked.

“Yes and a couple other people.” I said biting my lip. She gave me a questioning look.

“Well Rita Ora and….. Trey Songz.” I quickly covered my ears, but to my surprise she didn’t scream. She punched me.

“Ow!” I said rubbing my arm. I punched her back.

“How do you know them? You just know all the celebrities.”

Wait. Them?. She knows Rita too, but how?

“ Rita has been my best friend since, well before you. Me and Trey, we met at the club. Remember? He slipped his number in my dress and we’re going on a date tomorrow.” I said kind of iffy. I really didn’t know what her reaction would be.

“Oh okay.”

Damn. Way to put your foot in your mouth. Now Kai thinks Ri will replace her. I already had left Kai out of everything and now she feels threatened.

“Well don’t worry I told Rita about you and y’all both act a like and are crazy. You guys will get a long fine. She wants to meet you too.”

“Okay its whatever. But tell me about the date with Trey.” She asked sitting on one leg.

I told her everything then my phone started ringing.
Call from- Chris Brown.

Oh shit. I forgot I left him outside.


“Yeah, nigga! You know you left my gorgeous ass outside.” He chuckled. I could feel his smile.

“Sorry Shawtii. But bring your behind up here. You gotta meet my best friend.” I grinned. Lani’kai looked at me like I was crazy.

“No!” She whisper shouted

“What. I thought I was your best friend.” He pretended to be hurt.

“You are my best friend. Well at least one of them. Just come on.”

I gave him the condo number and hung the phone up.


Obvi there will be a continuation. Just wanted to post a lil something, something. lol

Give me some feedback :)

Tell me what you want :P

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