(Rated R) Love Me ( A Justin Bieber Love Story) Chapter 12

Created by iheartJBieber12 on Sunday, January 29, 2012

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Warning: This chapter is Rated R :) (Graphic)
Next Morning
Your POV: I noticed Justin wasn't sleeping next to me as usual. He's probably at the studio, that's where he usually is.
You got up, took a shower, and changed into this http://www.polyvore.com/lt_333333333333/set?id=42536761
You walked over to the studio and saw Justin there strumming on his guitar as usual.
Justin: Hey beautiful
You: Hey * you walk over and sit next to him*
Justin pecks you sweetly on the lips
Justin: What's up
You: Well I just wanted to talk to you about something.
Justin: Sure babe, what is it?
You: Well you know how we were talking yesterday and you told me that whenever I was ready....
Justin: Yeah
You: Well I think I'm ready
Justin: Babe, are you sure I don't want you to feel like I'm pressuring you cause that would be the last thing I would want to do. I..
You: *cuts him off with a kiss* Im sure
Justin: *smiles* Ok baby
You: *smiles* Whenever it happens it happens
Justin: *smiles* Sounds great babe
You: *pecks him on the lips* And gets up to leave
Justin: *fake pouts* Aww one more kiss baby
You: Later ;)
Justin: *laughs* Bye beautiful see ya.... later
You: *smiles* See ya
Justin's POV: I cant believe she said yes! I love her soo much <33
You decide to go over to the lounge and meet up with the rest of the crew. You guys laughed, joked around, and basically had fun! Later you decide to watch movie.
Justin comes down stairs
Justin: Hey whatcha doing
You: Watching some movie, the guys went over to get it.
Justin: *nods* Hey you still owe me that kiss from earlier.
You: *smiles* That's right...
You lean over and kiss him passionately and Justin kisses you back. You two start to make out and Justin picks you up. You wrap your legs around his waist and Justin deepens the kiss. You two continue two make out.
The crew comes back in
Ryan: Woah :O
Christian: Umm can I get you guys anything; food, clothes, a CONDOM?!?!!
Justin laughs through the kiss and you do too. You two start to kiss even more passionately.
Ryan: Yeah like bro Christian's right no one wants to see that.
You laugh and break the kiss and Justin puts you down.
Justin: *whispers in your ear* Hey do you want to watch a movie with me upstairs ;)
You *giggles* Sure
Chaz: *shakes his head*
You: *laughs*
Justin: Okay I'll go get the snacks *heads over to the kitchen*
When Justin grabs the snacks he starts to go up stairs
Justin: Hey babe you coming?
You: Yup be right there
Christian: Where you going?
You: *smiles* Me and Justin are watching a movie upstairs.
Christian: Dang, do you need the condom now?!?
You: *laughs and follows Justin upstairs to your room*
Justin: Hey beautiful
You: Hey handsome *you climb up on the bed with him*
Justin: Could you throw me a Sour Patch Kid
You: Yeah
Justin: Ok *opens his mouth*
You miss
You: Sorry, here i'll feed it to you instead *you place it in his mouth*
Justin: Thanks babe
You: *kisses him softly* Mmm your lips taste sweet
Justin: Not as sweet as yours*smiles*
You: *laughs* You're soo corny
Justin: Gotta love it *winks*
You: *giggles* So what are we watching?
Justin: Oh, anything you want babe
You: Ok
You pick a movie and you and Justin start watching it. While watching the movie you get a little bored so you look over at Justin and found him staring at you.
You: *giggles* Are you bored too?
Justin: *turns the tv off* Yeah but I know something fun we can do ;)
Justin leans in and kisses you passionately you kiss him back and you two start to make out. The kisses start to get deeper and he puts his arms around your waist. Justin pushes you down on the bed a little and continues to kiss you. You can feel his boner press against your thigh. He soon gets completely on top of you and starts to kiss your neck gently. He kisses and sucks on it it making you moan. Moving his hands up to your sides Justin pulls up the corners of your shirt and takes it off completely.
Justin: Mmm your so sexy babe
You: *smiles*
Justin kisses down your stomach then back up again. He kisses all around the edges of your lace bra. He slips his hands to the your back and takes off your bra. He starts to lick around your nipples making small circles.
You: *moans*
He sucks on your breast while gently massaging the other one. You start to moan even more.
You take his shirt off and start to play with his belt. You take his pants off reavealing his purple boxers. You lick around the outline of his dick. You slowly take off his boxers and start to rub up and down his dick. You kiss the head and suck up and down the shaft.
Justin: *moans* Babe your so good *moans*
You start to suck on it faster and Justin moans and cums in your mouth. You make your way back up to his lips and kiss him.
Justin flips you over so that he is on top.
Justin: *smiles* Now it's my turn babe
Justin starts to kiss down your stomach he places his head infront of your panties. He starts to rub you through your panties. He slowly takes them of and you can feel his warm breath against your pussy. You felt his tongue flatten against you licking every where he could reach. He moves his tongue inside of you and starts to make circles.
You: *moans* Justinnnnnnnnn
Justin: *smiles* You lke that babe?
You: *moans* mmmhmm
Justin continues to lick you before adding a finger inside you and closing his mouth around your clit. You start to moan uncontrollably while Justin continues to pump his finger in and out and sucks and flicks your clit with his tongue.
You: *moans* Justinnn babe i'm gonna cum! *moans*
Justin: Thats right baby cum for me, don't be afraid to scream.
You knew that Justin wanted you to cum right in his face so you quickly gave him what he wanted.
You: Ahhh Justinnn! *cums*
Justin smiles and licks it all up. He makes his way up to your lips and kisses you soft causing you to taste yourself. Justin continues to kiss you while opening a condom and slipping it on his dick.
Justin: You ready babe?
You: *smiles and nods*
Justin: Okay tell me if it hurts, and I'll pull right out.
You: Okay
Justin inserts his self inside you slowly. It hurts a little bit but as he starts to go faster it turns into pure pleasure.
You: *moans* Justin, fasterrrr *moans*
Justin goes faster as you start to moan with every thrust. Justin places his hands on your breasts and continues to thrust into you fast ,you feel your pussy walls tighten and Justin grunts your name.
You: *moans* Babyyy i'm gonna cum
Justin reaches up and rubs your clit, that sets you off and you cum. Justin moans your name and then cums.
Justin: *pulls himself out of you* Baby, that was amazing
You: *breathing heavily* I know I love you so much.
Justin pulls you close and kisses your forehead.
Justin: I love you too baby girl. <333
You fall asleep in his arms <3

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