::Tonight Tonight:: A Neji Hyuga::One-shot::

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Created by animeluver345 on Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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It's been a really really messed up week
Seven days of torture, seven days of bitter
And my girlfriend went and cheated on me
She's a California dime but it's time for me to quit her,

“Squad, dismissed!”

A moan of sadness and two relieved sighs filled Konoha’s largest training field, team Gai finally dismissed for the day.

Four hours of Sensei Gai’s intense cardio training, starting at four A.M. sharp, was enough for anyone, let alone Neji Hyuga.

He had things to do.

“HYAAA! Wasn’t that youthful Neji?! Neji!?! I could do it all again!!” Rock Lee shouted, waving his lanky arms around. A long sigh was the only response he earned from the retreating Hyuga. Tenten was quick to follow.

“Neji! What will you do now? Are you going to go grab breakfast?” The Kunoichi questioned, sounding hopeful. The lavender-eyed boy didn’t even so much as glance down.

“Yes. I’m meeting someone.” Neji answered, simply. Through peripheral vision he saw her face deflate. Not that he cared.

He had shot her down for the past two years. Wouldn’t she ever learn?

“Right. You have to go see that average girl,” Tenten muttered under her breath. Regret and embarrassment instantly colored her face when Neji Hyuga came to an abrupt stop, glaring down at her viciously.

“Shut your mouth, you stupid girl,” He snapped. Dark eyes widened and Neji sighed, surprised at how easily he lost his temper when it came to her.

A head of long, silky hair turned and continued to stalk off, towards the edge of the village.

It had been one of the worst days of his life.

Beaten, by the nine tails. By Naruto Uzamaki. How could this have happened?

Even after the talk with Hiashi, he was still fuming. Stomping around the forest with a noisy mind, slipping into a small tea shop surrounded by tulip trees.

The smell was overwhelming, the store nearly vacant, and the décor too elegant and girly for his taste. It was like a whimsical garden, hidden from Konoha.

He brooded at a white table outside, drinking the scalding, delicious tea, when he felt a presence enter his vision.

“You know, if you keep scowling like that, it might just stick forever.”

She was the café owner’s only daughter, known to most as simply ‘The Waitress’.

But she was so much more than that, to him.

By the time Hisana’s Café came into view, Neji Hyuga’s mind had calmed, forgetting Tenten’s words when a familiar chestnut head came into view.

Marine blue eyes glanced up and the Hyuga felt his lips curl, watching Masami Anoka’s face brighten before hurrying up to him.

Waves of dark hair fell around her pretty face, bouncing with her quick walk before stopping just in front of him. A blush tickled her cheeks and Neji smiled warmly.

“Hello,” She greeted happily. A polite nod returned her gesture and Masami smiled, bowing her head just the slightest.

He was, after all, a prestigious ninja and Hyuga. All she knew how to do was serve tea and clean.

Worrisome thoughts were knocked away when slender fingers raised her chin, eyes closing as Neji Hyuga pressed his lips softly to hers. Two small arms wrapped around his waist and Masami felt the handsome man smile against her skin.

“I made us breakfast! Okasan gave me the day off, so I’m all yours,” Masami explained when the two separated, taking his hand in hers and leading him off. Neji nodded, easily keeping her pace and following her to the patio.

“You didn’t have to do all this,” The boy acknowledged, frowning at the eloquent meal Masami had prepared. A light flush took on her cheeks and Neji felt himself about to smile once again.

“It wasn’t any trouble, trust me! I enjoy cooking,” She quickly cut in, holding her hands up as if in surrender. The Hyuga simply gazed at her, moving closer to pull her chair out and bury a kiss in her hair. Masami smiled dazedly.

“How was training?”
“Fine. Annoying, as usual.”
“Oh, and why is that? Gai and his…overexcitement?”
“Yes. And Tenten’s inability to get a clue.”

Silence overtook the two and Neji looked up, afraid he had said too much.

Blue eyes were staring off into the forest, lips lightly turned down. She felt his gaze warming the side of her face and quickly put on a happier expression.

“She just likes you, is all. How can I blame her?” Masami responded, feigning understanding and ease. Neji frowned.

The first time Tenten had met Masami, she had tried to scare her away from him.

He had found her, found Masami, in a tear-stricken heap, clothes torn and wide, bright eyes filled with sorrow.

“You don’t belong here! You don’t belong with him! He deserves more than you!

“Don’t even think about her; she is nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g.” He emphasized, closing his eyes and sipping his tea. Blue eyes looked at his calm, controlled face, reading the anger in his clenched fists and tight lips.

Masami smiled, nodding.

“Of…Of course,”

La, la, la, whatever. La, la, la, it doesn‘t matter,

Neji Hyuga hadn’t stopped pacing for fifteen minutes.

Hinata felt her stomach swirl, dizzied by the frantic steps of her prodigy cousin.

“Would you stop worrying? Father isn’t going to care whether or not Masami is rich or poor. Her father was a Hyuga from another province so she at least carries some of our genes, and you’re a second branch member. The rules of your betrothal aren’t nearly as meticulous as ours,” Hanabe griped, sick of watching her older cousin ruin the floor. Neji glared.

“That’s not the point. I don’t want Hiashi scaring her off with treacherous stories or harsh words. She’s…She’s different.” He murmured, pacing finally coming to a halt. Hinata smiled.

“D-Don’t worry, Neji. I’m sure father will love her.”

“Love who?” A new voice asked, surprising the family of Hyugas. Two bright, pretty blue eyes surveyed the group, a smile tickling her lips.

“Oh, Masami! You look gorgeous!” Hanabe squealed, rising from the floorboards and tackling the slender woman. A laugh filled the air and Neji tried to relax, following Hinata over to his girlfriend.

“Hanabe is right, Masami. You do look beautiful,” Hinata spoke shyly. The brunette blushed, chipper smile shining on her face.

“Thank you so much! Okasan bought me a new dress for the occasion. I hope it didn’t cost too much,” Masami worried, twirling in a slow circle to show off the strapless, white, summery dress. A bow outlined in green thread was tied around the middle; the same green as her flat, bow shoes. Dark hair had been pulled over one shoulder and flowed down to her chest, loose curls shining in the sunlight. Neji fought off the urge to ravage her right there.

“Lord Hiashi will be expecting us soon. Are you ready?” He asked, voice tight. Three feminine sets of eyes turned to his and a crooked smile overcame Masami’s lips.

“Hinata, Hanabe, can you give us a minute? We’ll meet you in the courtyard,” The brunette requested, smile encouraging as the two girls then turned to her. Dark eyebrows knitted together as Hinata pushed her little sister on, shushing her confused questions out the door.

“Why did you-” Neji began before two small hands grasped his jaw and pulled him down. Fierce, warm lips incased his and the Hyuga felt his stomach warm, instinctively brining her closer.

“It is going to be fine“ She soothed, running a gentle hand through his long hair. Neji let out a long, calming sigh, eye remaining closed on his porcelain face.

One last smile, a kiss on the cheek, and Neji found himself feeding Masami to the lions.

I woke up with a strange tattoo
Not sure how I got it, not a dollar in my pocket
And it kinda looks just like you
Mixed with Zach Galifianakis

“I believe that she…would make a fine addition to our family.”

It had been years since that day, the day she was accepted as one of them.

With the help of the Hyuga’s, all of her mother’s debts had been repaid, the store now fully belonging to her.

Hisana had been sad when her daughter was married off, but how could she deny the utter happiness Neji Hyuga gave her?

“Why are you still awake?” A voice murmured against Masami’s skin, sleepy eyelashes tickling the nape of her neck. The grown brunette smiled and turned to kiss her husband once on the lips.

“I just want to go check on Kazumi. She’s usually crawled into bed with us by now,” Masami softly spoke while slipping on white house shoes and rising from the bed.

Neji Hyuga watched her, silhouette cast in a silk bathrobe no longer than her rounded thighs. The woman turned to find him smirking, unabashed.

“Will you ever learn to control yourself?” Her exasperated voice called out. The male Hyuga grinned, resting back on his pillow with folded arms.


Blue eyes rolled and just like that she was gone, wandering down the long hallways to her daughter’s room.

Kazumi shared her mother’s hair color and face, but was more determined and serious than any four year old should be, just like her father. With lavender eyes and a cunning mind, she was already showing off prodigy traits before she was even old enough for schooling.

What was Masami ever going to do with her?

“Kazumi? Zum-zum?” Masami’s soft voice rang out, gently pulling the door open to reveal the quiet bedroom.

Kazumi was never alone in here, always with Hinata’s daughter, both only a few months apart in age. A gentle breathing notified the woman of Ai’s presence, but where was her daughter?

A rustle caught Masami’s ears and quickly she turned, relief filling her heart as she spotted the pale child in the garden. She was staring up at the moon.

“Kazumi! What are you doing out of bed? You frightened me!” Her pretty mother scolded, grasping the girl’s cold hand. Lavender eyes turned to hers, face solemn.

“Someone is here.” Kazumi spoke calmly. Blue eyes widened and the little girl frowned; she hadn’t wanted to upset her frail mother.

“Who is here, honey? Hinata? Hanabe?”
“No. No, an intruder. I’ve never seen him before. That’s why I got out of bed.”

Leaves shifted in a nearby tree and Masami’s head snapped, pushing her daughter behind her in a reflex.

“Sweetheart, go back to bed. Mama will take care of him,” The woman spoke, quiet and stern. Pale eyes widened before the little girl was bounding off.

“That was very noble of you, vowing to protect the child, though futile,”

A chill ran down Masami’s spine, eyes scanning the area for the speaker or, better yet, a weapon.

“Who are you? What do you want?” She demanded. A chuckle rang in her ears and Masami raised her chin, unafraid.

“Why, the Hyuga’s secret, of course. And what better bait than a prodigy’s wife?”

Something flew over the woman’s right shoulder, leaving a slight cut across her face. A slender hand lifted to feel the warm, slick blood spilling out of her cheek. Masami glared.

“Prepare yourself,” The voice warned and all at once he was visible, inches from her face. Masami braced herself, blocking his attacks as best she could before finally falling to the ground. The man sneered.

“This is the end, my dear.”

The dark-haired, kind-hearted wife of Neji Hyuga twisted and ducked, covering her head with pale hands. The man quickly retaliated, fixated on his prey and coming for blood.

Weapon raised, swift in the night air towards her smooth skin, when a sudden heart shattering attack pinned him right in the chest.

Violent, enraged eyes glared hatefully at the assassin’s face, holding the end of the kunai buried in the man’s chest.

“Neji!” Masami gasped, blue eyes teary. Neji Hyuga stood between her and the killer, strong arms bare and hair loose. With one last snarl Neji cast the man back, watching the deceased body collapse with glassy eyes. The Hyuga turned, relief washing over his soul as Masami Hyuga threw herself into his arms.

The scent of her skin, her hair. The way her touched warmed his skin, her light sobs.

The thought of what could have happened, what might have occurred if he had come just one second later, was almost unbearable.

“Masami,” He murmured, wrapping his arms around her frail little body.

“I-I tried to fight him off, I did! It’s…I just…I guess I wouldn’t make a very good ninja,” Masami explained, pulling away with a wrinkled brow and a confused, flustered look. A crooked grin couldn’t help but spread across her husband’s face, laughing in spite of himself.

“You would make an awful ninja,” Neji agreed, laughing again at her astonished face.

“You aren’t supposed to agree with me!” Masami Hyuga cried, slapping his strong chest. Lavender eyes rolled and the pretty, kind waitress huffed, crossing thin arms as she was suddenly lifted into the air and carried off to bed.

She may not be a strong, cunning ninja as Neji was, but Masami was the first to ever show him true kindness and understanding. She was beautiful and the perfect mother, and without her Neji Hyuga knew he would never survive.

Even if their four year old could beat her at arm wrestling.

Tonight tonight there's a party on the rooftop top of the world
Tonight tonight and we're dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign
I don't know if I'll make it but watch how good I'll fake it
It's all right, all right, tonight, tonight


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