❛Fourteen Hearts❜ ❤ [1] Soul Evans

Here we go, one for each day leading up to Valentine's~ [Soul 'Eater' Evans X Reader] Spirited Away is mentioned. A fine classic, if I do say so myself :3

Created by EtherealTonic on Wednesday, February 01, 2012

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As the credits began to roll, you leant back in your seat, arms stretching into the air.

“I can’t believe you got me to watch a two hour, kids movie with you.”

You cast your eyes over to the boy beside you, shifting in your seat so you could face him, “Well, you were the one who suggested a movie. And at least it wasn’t a chick-flick; you have to give me that, at least.”

He let out a long sigh, putting a leg up on the coffee table, “I guess. You’re still a much better movie partner than Maka.”

“There’s nothing wrong with chick-flicks!”

He didn’t seem all that moved with your statement, so humming for a moment, you thought. After a few seconds of silence, a metaphorical light bulb blinked above your head.

“Oh, Soul. . .”


He was pushed back by your hand to his chest, “That movie gave me an epiphany.”

He couldn’t help the nervous smirk that was tugging at his lips, “Oh, yeah?”

Your smile widened, an innocence overtaking your expression, “I’ll be your Chihiro, if you’ll be my Haku.”

You could feel his heartbeat thrum between your fingers as you pecked his lips. You pulled back, just about to pull your hand away before he snagged it with his own. He pulled you into his lap, and you laughed when he wrapped one arm around your waist, the other moving to pick up the remote for the television. You happily nestled your head against his chest, ear pressing against the skin and bone of his ribcage in an attempt to listen to his heart.

He almost snorted at your actions, “You’re such a child, _(Name)_.”

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