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Well, I haven't uploaded on here in forever. Please excuse me for that. This is the very last chapter for Illusionist.

Created by PolkaDotxShinigami on Saturday, February 04, 2012

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"Are you sure you want to let her do this, Tenth?"
Tsuna smiles warmly as he watches two children about the same age play in the Vongola's garden.
"She's give enough of her life to the mafia, so yes, I'm sure Gokudera."
Gokudera almost scoffs, but stops himself.
"I mean letting her continue staying with the Varia instead of moving here."
Raising a brow at his right hand man, Tsuna can't help but tease him a little.
"What's this, Gokudera. Do you care for her?"
"Of course not! I only care about you, what if those men kill her because she can't fight anymore? You'd be depressed!"
Tsuna laughs.
"Don't worry Gokudera; she's got lots of support over there."
"Dammit, why's this useless bitch staying here!?"
"Shut it, trash. No one has to answer to you."
Squalo lets out a loud growl as a whole liquor bottle is thrown at his head.
"Oh Celia-chan, just let me heal you! Being in the hospital that long and you still haven't completely healed!"
"No, Luss nee-san, it's okay, really."
"Ushishishi, she doesn't want to deal with the side effects of your healing."
"Whaaat, they're not that bad."
Celia sweat drops as Lussuria pouts his way out of the room.
"A little electrical massaging will help relax your muscles!"
"L-Levi-sempai, why don't you offer that to Xanxus instead? His neck has been looking a little stiff lately."
"Ooh, good idea! Xanxus-sama!"
"For a small fee, I can get you a lackey, though he's pretty slow and useless..."
"Knowing you Mammon-sempai, it's probably not a small fee at all."
"Hmph, well I offered."
Watching the mist Arcobaleno leave, Celia giggles.
"I feel sorry for Skull."
"Maybe you should have taken the Vongola's offer."
"But you're here, Fran. Besides they don't mean any harm. Well, maybe Squalo-sempai."
Lifting her body, Fran sets himself under Celia so that her head is on his lap.
"Ne, what happened to those four?"
"Well, nothing really. They're still here, in those bodies that King guy made, I think Bel-sempai and that doctor woman are dating-"
"Who'd date a peasant like that?"
Ignoring the knives that fly past his uncovered head, Fran continues.
"Celeste found a house for him and that Princess girl, and as far as I know, Felice has taken a liking to that other woman. So they've been around together."
"So that's why I haven't seen Felice in awhile. They're all safe... that's good. I think my ancestor, Peiro, can rest in peace now."
Fran runs his hand through her hair, and she giggles again.
"I think I could also use a nap, hehe."
"Then sleep. I'll wake you when Master and his mini-me get here."
"I can't wait to finally meet Chrome and Mukuro-sama's child! Vongola X and Kyoko made such a cute child, too. Maybe one day, we also will have a few tadpoles running around."
Celia and Belphegor laugh, and Fran just sighs.
With thoughts of peaceful days ahead, Celia drifts into an easy sleep.

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