Lawliet (Death Note) 2

im into death notesy. and I'll change the storyboard

Created by Japan023 on Wednesday, February 08, 2012

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After you finished washing and cleaning everything, you sat beside L. "Can you prepare coffee for me?" L pleaded as he folded the article. You nodded and headed back to the kitchen again. "and don't forget to bring a whole cup of sugar cubes." L yawned. Soon, it was nighttime and the FBI agents came in with shocking expressions on their faces. "I'm L." L scratched the back of his head. The FBI agents did the same as well, with an uncomfortable voice. "I'm Detective Superintendent Yagami of The National Police Agency." The next man flipped out his ID. "U-uh I'm Matsuda." A couple others flipped out theirs as well. "I'm Aizawa." "Mogi." Ukita".... "We're sorry we're late----!!" L cut off Yagami's words by pointing him with his finger, shaping it like a gun. "bang!" L shouted. The five agents were confused.


"If I were Kira, you'd be dead by now." L stated. They became relieved yet, still dumbfounded. "Let's not stand here and chitchat. Please turn off your cell phones or other electronics and set them on the table there. The fBI agents seemed lost. "He doesn't trust us?" One of them worried. "Just do what he says." Yagami commanded. L led the way to the living room. To them, he sat in a very strange way. But to you, he sat normally. Of course, your first reaction to L's position in sitting for the first time seemed creepy, but you see that it's not that creepy at all. You brought some coffee for the others. They all thanked you and L dismissed you from the living room as you bowed and headed upstairs. "Hey, who's that woman?" You heard them say. "She's the maid of the house thank you for asking." L sipped his coffee, making a face. He added more sugar cubes to his tea.

"I thought that was your wife, L--" "First of all, she's not my wife. Second of all, please refer me to "Ryuzaki". It could be dangerous if you reveal my name."L tasted his coffee and added a few more cubes. "I-I see." Matsuda scratched the back of his head. As soon as you got to your room, you picked up a photo of your parents smiling, both holding a large cantina cake. "If Kira didn't exist, I wouldn't have lived like this. But Kira's existance made me realize who I'm really depending on right now.......L...."

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