Akatsuki Spin The Bottle [Itachi]

Warning: Mild language Itachi is my favorite character after all. T_T Why did he have to die?? Please Rate and Comment :D

Created by xomiyuxo on Wednesday, February 08, 2012

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'These imbeciles...' you think as you stare at the rest of the Akatsuki members. You had been perfectly content in your room, reading scrolls on ninjutsu. Now you sat in the corner of the room, far from the other members. Konan sat next to you, a little tipsy (She was previously drinking sake with Pein and Kakuzu). "Hi, ____. Are you ready to play spin the bottle?" she asked you with a smile. You looked at her and smiled ever so slightly back. "It is not that I am not ready, but I would much rather not have to play such an idiotic game." At that you frowned a little. Konan giggled at your lack of enthusiasm. As you were looking at the giggling and drunk Konan, you felt someone staring at you. You looked around and saw Itachi's Sharingan looking right at you. You immediately glared at him and turned your head away. Konan didn't miss this and gave you a sly smile. "He has been staring at you a lot this past week. Maybe he likes you. Or maybe even Itachi gets horny too" she snorted laughing. You tried to suppress the blush that was threatening to cover your cheeks. "Bleh, you can't be serious Konan. He is handsome, I will give him that. But he is the most egotistical man I have ever had the displeasure to encounter" you said to her trying to sound as disgusted as possible. "You don't like him much, do you? But why is that? Didn't you say that you both came Konoha and were childhood friends?" "Hmph. Things change." Konan decided not to ask further questions since she saw you face contort with anger and contempt.

You thought about you past friendship with Itachi, before he killed his clan. You were extremely good friends, and you were completely in love with him. He was kind, caring, and dedicated to the village and to the people he cared about. Or so you though. When he killed his clan and left the village, he didn't bother to say goodbye to you. Nothing. You grew bitter and angry towards him and enclosed all the good feelings you had towards him deep in your heart. When you joined the Akatsuki, Itachi didn't even give you a backwards glance. He didn't acknowledge you, almost as if you were a complete stranger. This hurt you so much, because deep inside you knew that you still loved him. He couldn't possibly be all that cold. You knew Itachi; he had been so kind and gentle towards you. And this emotionless imposter was definitely not Itachi. In order to keep him from hurting you more, you decided to pretend to hate him and grow cold towards him as well. Eventually, you too had become stoic, and hardly showed any emotions. You could ever only smile to yourself or to your best friend, Konan.

"Alright, hmm! C'mon, everyone get in a circle." Deidara was much too happy and enthusiastic for your liking. "Since there are only two girls, and since I don't want to kiss none of you dudes, we will just let the ladies go first, yeah." "Doesn't that mean you also have to fucking spin, Deidara-chan? You look like a fucking girl!" Hidan yelled laughing. Deidara got a vein on his forehead and was just about to throw some insults back at Hidan, but Leader-sama interjected. "Settle down. And get this game over with already" he said impatiently. Seeing as you really didn't want to play, Konan volunteered to go first. She spun and the bottle landed on who else but Leader-sama. Konan looked unfazed and she gracefully stood up and walked towards Pein. She kissed him and was about to pull away, but Pein pulled her back and they both started to make-out. They kept going at it, at all anyone could do is to stare at the incredulously. You looked away from their heated make-out session, and realized that Itachi was staring at you again. 'Does he want a staring contest? Why does he keep staring at me?' you thought. You knew it was dangerous to stare into his eyes, but you were not going to look away this time. You wanted to know why he has been staring at you. So, you took the challenge and kept your eyes on his own. Even now, you could not read Itachi at all. His face was as blank as a white sheet of paper.

Meanwhile, Deidara suggested that Konan and Pein should get a room. At this, Pein grabbed Konan and slung her over his shoulder. He disappeared leaving everyone with a shocked expression. "Okaaaaay...well since that is over, let's move onto ____-chan, un!" You were too busy having a staring contest with Itachi to care about what Deidara was saying. Deidara looked back at you, "Maybe if you are really lucky you will get to kiss me, yeah." he said with a flirtatious tone. Deidara never passed the opportunity to flirt with you. He thought that because you showed a similar dislike for the Uchiha, that meant that you liked him. It is not that you hated Deidara, but he was extremely annoying. You hated his sexual comments and the way he looked at you. So despite having your eyes locked with the Sharingan user, you couldn't help but frown with utter disgust at his comment. "In your dreams, Deidara" you commented impassively. "Oh~ how did you know what I dream about, un? But in my dreams, we don't just kiss...we do so much more." "Ughh, you're depraved." you said. To your surprise, as soon as you said that to Deidara, Itachi was the first to break eye contact. He turned to look at Deidara. His face was still devoid of any kind of emotion, though.

Deidara only smirked at you and passed you the bottle. You glared at it, hoping it would shatter to a million pieces. You sighed, and spun the bottle. You realized that Itachi was staring at the bottle now, his eyes fixed on it. You too looked at the bottle as it slowed down. Your face grew pale as you saw who it landed on. Uchiha Itachi. Deidara's eyes grew wide and he said, "that didn't count, un! Spin it again!" Itachi kept his gaze on you. "No..." he said. He stood up and started walking towards you. You couldn't move. Even though you wanted to kiss him with all your heart, you would not give him the satisfaction of submitting to him. He loomed over you, so you decided to stand up. You faced him, your posture showing your confidence. You both stared at each other for what seemed forever.

"Don't get shy on us Itachi-san. Just kiss her" Kisame commented. But neither of you paid any heed to his words. You were about to step back, seeing as Itachi wasn't doing anything. But before you had a chance to, Itachi expertly grabbed your waist and placed his lips on yours. You were surprised to say the least. You didn't think he would ever kiss you, at least not after acting so cold to you for the last year. The kiss was...breath-taking. That way it felt reminded you of the old Itachi. It was gentle and sweet, yet passionate. He moved one hand from your waist and brought it to your cheek. He trailed it down your face gently, and he moved it to the back of your neck. He pushed your head towards him to deepen the kiss. at this point, you forgot about being angry at him. Your love for him surged to the surface and all you wanted to do was to entangle your fingers in his hair. But before you could do that, he pulled away slowly. You lips were burning with desire, and you wanted more. You also pulled away from Itachi just enough to gaze into his eyes. You saw what you had wanted to see for such a long time: the old Itachi. His eyes were gentle and the smallest smile appeared on his lips. "____...I still feel the way I did long ago..." he whispered delicately in your ear. He pulled away completely and the cold, emotionless Itachi came back. He walked back to his seat. Deidara was pouting and everyone else got over the fact that Itachi had kissed you. You were shocked, but you sat down like nothing had happened. You stared at the bottle and noticed something peculiar. You tilted you head slightly when you noticed that the bottle was not pointing to where Itachi was sitting. Puzzled, you looked at Itachi. Knowing why you were confused, he smirked at you. Then you realized what had happedned and you blush. Itachi has used Genjustsu on all of you to make it look like the bottle had landed on him. In fact, the bottle had indeed landed on Deidara. But of course, he was not going to let anyone else kiss you, especially not the perverted Deidara. No one noticed this though, and no one had seen Itachi's smile, and no one heard what he said to you. The old Itachi was only meant for you. And you, you were left with a new found hope. Hope that maybe like your love for Itachi, his love for you was also only hidden deep within his own heart.

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