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Created by kaya1avatar2airbender on Saturday, February 11, 2012

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Name: Kitty May
Age: 16
Species: Mai (half human-half cat) or neko
Killer Style: Uhhhh..... come again? Ohhh! Now I know. Let's see I pull off that fashionable but tomboy look that I love! With stylish hoodie's, leather jackets, and jeans. Were can I go wrong?! I also wear a lot of hats and some stylish some not! But who cares!? :) I'm gonna...... SHUT UP NOW! No. Yes. No. YES! Bye! I love my hoodies!
Pet peeve: My friends trying to get me to act more girly, I love them but YOR SO STINKING ANNOYING!
Freaky Flaw: Sometimes I can get a temper and be all snippy at the worst possible time, or I'll be all dopey and weird, or sad, depressed, and lonley. My feelings are never straight!
Favorite Activity: writting creepirific stories and sketches, swimming (weird eh?), goofing off with friends, and being the oddball
Favorite Food: sushi, salmon, tuna, and steak, a lot more actually.....
Pet: a small white and brown flying leamer that's inbetween a baby and an adult! It's so cute!
Friends: Deuce, Clawd, Clawdeen, Frankie, Cleo, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Holt Hyde, Operetta, Jackson Jekyll, Howleen, Abbey, Spectra, and Fang
Favorite Subject: None... CREATIVE WRITING!
Least favorite Subject: Home Ick
Favorite colors: red, black, grey, blue, green, and a lot of others. depends on my mood.
Looks: Long bronze-colored hair, with a ginger brown/redcat tail and ears, medium height, skinny, and dark green eyes

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