❛Fourteen Hearts❜ ❤ [9] Seto Kaiba

[ Reader X Seto Kaiba ] Apparently, I share the same birthday as the voice actor for Cloud Strife. And since Cloud doesn’t have an announced birthday, it’s safe to say that it would be the same as his voice actor’s. Moral of the story – I share the same birthday as Cloud Strife. How fun xD

Created by EtherealTonic on Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Walking into the party at Seto’s side was unnerving, to say the least. Whenever he entered a room, it seemed that everyone within the nearby vicinity relocated their attention solely on him. No wonder – he was CEO of the most prominent and renowned gaming company in the world.

Clearing your throat, you followed him into the thicket of the party, looping your arm through his when he offered, “You shouldn’t be nervous.”

Almost laughing at the notion, you thanked him as he pulled out your chair, always playing the gentleman within the public eye, “I’m not, but thank you for the concern. It’s just irritating to see that others don’t have anything better to do than watch your every move.”

It was only a moment later when a few women wandered up to the table, smiling down at you with warm expressions, “[Name], I’m glad you could make it.”

Turning your head, you noticed the three women to be your good friends within the business world. You greeted them with a similar smile, “Ah, yes. Seto insisted that I join him, but I didn’t expect you all to be here.”

“Yes, well, dear Hiyato had the same idea. I’m positive I’ve all but become a simple accessory. Do you mind?” Naoko gestured towards the table, politely asking for her and the others to take a seat.

“Not at all.”

The three thanked you and sat across the table, Rin glancing up at Seto, “I hope you’ve been treating her well, Seto-chan. If I hear that you’ve given her even the slightest bit of grief. . .”

You covered your mouth with a chuckle, “Oh dear, Rin, that’s unnecessary.”

Seto grunted from behind you, obviously irritated by the demeaning of his name, “It’s none of your concern.”

“Cold as ever, I see.” She remarked, leaning back in her seat with a grin on her face.

“I think I’ll take my leave.” Seto remarked indignantly, his attention stubbornly being directed somewhere else. You all instantly thought he had been offended, which was a no-brainer when in the presence of Rin. That girl went out of her way to throw Seto into turmoil, just for her own amusement. Seto viewed her remarks as harmless jests, however, once he’d realised she was just looking out for you in the long run.

“Kaiba-san, I apologise. We didn’t mean to be rude.” Tomiko repented for the lot of them.

You followed Seto’s gaze across the room, spotting a certain business partner of his conversing with a group of other men and women, “Ah, I see. No, that’s fine, Seto, you can go.”

He gently rested a hand on the fabric of your dress that rested atop your shoulder, “I won’t be too long.”

You nodded, “Don’t worry about it, Sweetheart. Take your time.”

Rin almost, and quite ungracefully, choked on her glass of wine as Seto took his leave without a second glance. After you’d waved him off, you turned to the girls, brow furrowing at the looks you received from them, “What is it?”

“You called him Sweetheart!” Rin exclaimed, a joyous yet flabbergasted expression overtaking her appearance.

“And got away with in, nonetheless.” Naoko added, quirking a brow, “How did you manage that?”

Realising the problem instantly, you smiled serenely, crossing one leg over the other as you explained, “Well, I suppose he just understands that I’m an old fashioned woman. I’ve kind of rubbed off on him, in that aspect. He’s become much more polite since we’ve met.”

Tomiko nodded eagerly, “I’ve noticed, [Name]-san. It’s really a miracle.”

As the three entered their own conversation, you gingerly glanced towards where Seto had disappeared to, affectionately giving him a smile as he glanced your way. In return for your efforts, a small smile was directed back at you, something you only received once in a blue moon. He really was a sweetheart when he wanted to be.

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