One-Shot {Mike Fuentes} Snowed In~for:musiclove92

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Created by DietofCatsandTacos on Sunday, February 12, 2012


Mike Fuentes was in my house. Mike-Fucking-Fuentes was in my house. I bite the inside of my cheek as I watched him talk on my cell to his older brother, explaining how his car had broke down due to the storm ,about 30 miles outside of the venue and how a kind girl had let him wait out the storm at her house.

I was the kind girl. And by storm he meant the the huge gushing of snow and rain that was currently swirling around outside. It had started a good 30 minutes ago, and convinently the drummers car had hit a ledge of ice on my driveway. I saw him put down the phone and turn to give me a smile.

"Thanks for letting me in on such short notice."

He said, I nodded and asked if he'd like some tea. He gave me a grin and shook his head.

"I've troubled you enough already."

"Oh no, many people's cars breakdown on my doorstep I'm used to it"

I said sarcasticaly, his eyebrow rose but he gave a simple chuckle. I reddened noting that I better keep my sarcasm in check.

"Well you seem to know what you are doing, so tea would be awesome"

He announced and I walked into the kitchen. My hands were trembling as I set out two cups and poured some water into both, I was actually a fan of Pierce The Veil and I had always had a slight fascination with Mike.

Ok screw that, I had a flat out crush on him.

He didn't know I even existed until now, but I guess I had some luck that he'd ended up infront of my home. I finished brewing the tea mix and went back into the lounge, handing him a cup.

"How long do you think the storm will last?"

He asked, I gave a shrug of my shoulders and flipped on the t.v. to the weather channel. We watched the alert in silence and I pooled my attention into the cup infront of me.

"Hey, what's your name by the way?"

He asked, I looked from my drink.


"I'm Mike, like I said. Is it ok if I use the bathroom?"

I nodded and gave brief directions. He set his cup down and made way upstairs. What if he accidently goes into my room? The thought struck me and I dashed up the door to my room was open ajar and I let out a little squeak. I opened it further and saw the tall Mexican gazing up at my poster filled wall. He walked over and touched the one of his own band and then want on to some of the other bands I liked.

"She has good music taste, and killer tattoos."

He said, I felt a blush cross my cheeks and then accidently lost my grip on the noob of the door, with a loud thud I felt myself hit the floor and Mike's surprised voice coming over to my side.

"Are you ok?"

He asked concerned, at least he's not asking what I was doing starring at him.


I assured and used my elbows for support to get up, I gave a small gasp of pain and let myslef collapse again. Suddenly I felt two strong hands wrap themselves around my waist and flip me up into a bridal style carrying position. My brown eyes widdened as Mike walked over to my bed, setting me down and movind downward to examine my ankle. He gave it a small turn and I let out a yelp.

"Twisted ankle, do you have a first aid kit?"

He questioned. I shook my head slightly.

"O..only ice in the freezer"

I exlained. He swiftly got up telling me he'd be back and vanished downstairs. A mixture of worry and embarassment flew through my veins. First he finds out about my obsession with his band, and then I make a fool out of myself. Great.

The door opened once more and he stood with a pack of ice and some bandaging.

"It might sting a bit"

He soothed the ice onto my ankle and bandaged it around to keep it in place.

"I'm s..sorry"

I managed, wanting to shove my face into a pillow.

"It's cool, I see you know who I am afterall"

He said with a grin, pointing to the PTV poster.

"Yea...I'm a bit of a fan.."

I said shyly.

"I love fans, the best people out there really"

He said taking a seat beside me on the bed.


I said and scotted a bit to give him more space. He took the offering and fell back beside me. We started talking of life and what not. The pain in my ankle subsidding, and I learned more about him as a person. It turned out we were into the same bands, we liked the same food, we had the same amount of piercings, and I learned the meaning behind some of his tattoos.

"You know, your the first girl I've actually really spilled my heart out to."

He announced about 4 hours of talking. I smiled and placed my hand over his, giving it a squeeze.

"I like to listen that's why."

I said, letting go. His fingers grabbed mine back and he rolled me over so I'd be ontop of him. He brushed back the strands of long black hair that had made a curtian around my face.

"Good, because I like to talk."

With that his mouth connected with mine in a short kiss. My hands tangling around his neck. He sat up a bit, leaning against the headboard of my bed and let my take a comfortable seat in his lap. His lips traveling down the base of my neck.

"Look's like your mouth isn't only good for talking"

I murmered against his skin, he gave me a laugh and pulled up to look me in the eyes. He gave my tan cheek another peck and set me down by his side.

"It stopped snowing"

I noted and he looked out of the window. A sad expression coming about his features.

"The snow's the reason I got to meet someone as amazing as you."

He whispered, kissing my forehead once more and taking my hand in his.

"I wish it'd snow forever, I'd get to be with you forever then"

I added and with that we saw a clump of snowflakes make their way down from the sky again.

"Looks like it's going to snow really hard again"

He knudged my side.

"Oh no looks like you'll be stuck with me for even more time!"

I cried out in a mock tone, he let out a laugh and tackled me down to the bed.

"Good thing it's still winter"

He whispered before kissing me once more. For once, I was happy it was snowing and I couldn't go anywhere because what I wanted was already here with me.

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