Coming back to the Academy (Yu-Gi-Oh GX Jesse Anderson) Part 1

Ok stupid Quizilla won't show chapter 1 at all so I had to delete the one were it doesn't show. I'm sorry that this happened so please bear with me

Created by TifaandIchigoKitty on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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"Man its great to be back!" you yelled as soon as you got off the boat. Your sister insisted that you take the boat with the new transfer students this year. Your older brother is Koyo Hibiki, (he is in the manga version and he is also shown in the anime in one episode) a Pro League Duelist who used Elemental Heroes like Jaden, but due to an illness, he is hospitalize and is now in coma. Jaden keeps blaming himself about what had happen to my brother but it isn't his fault. Thinking about this, you didn't realize someone was talking to you. "Hey are you ok? You look kind of out of it." You turn around to see a boy wearing a blue vest meaning he is in Obelisk blue, with white sleeves with frilled cuffs at his wrists, a lavender shirt and black pants. He had these beautiful green eyes and blue hair. You stared at him for a moment, and then you snap out of it. "I'm ok thanks............ummmm......" "Jesse, Jesse Anderson" "Oh, my name is Shinzui Hibiki" We shake hands and that’s when I looked at my watch. "IS THAT THE TIME!!! I'M LATE!!! Sorry Jesse I have to go, see you around" You wave and ran to Duel Academy, you lost track on how you were suppose to meet Jaden and the others at the Slifer Dorms lunch. "Aw man, Jaden probley finished eating the shrimp, this stinks."

Jessie's POV

You looked at the girl who ran away from you. Then you see something behind her. What’s that? Is that a.... wow her too. Ruby pops up on your shoulder. "Looks like I'm not the only one with a spirit huh Ruby?" Ruby cries with glee and then disappears. Wonder if she had a date or something, oh well, someone who looks that good must not be single. You sigh then stop for a minute. Wait a sec, did I just get disappointed over something like that. I've just meet the girl. Man, I'm going head over heels with a girl I’ve just meet.

You’re POV

Your spirit, Decoy Dragon appeared next to you while you were running toward the Slifer Dorms. Decoy Dragon doesn't talk but does little roars which of course you could understand. Decoy was telling you that Jaden and the others might be at the opening ceremony. "They could but knowing Jaden, he wouldn't do anything without an empty stomach" You giggle at your joke but Decoy just closed his eyes and sighed. “Aw come on don't give me- BAM!!" You fell backwards and hit your butt pretty hard. "Owww, sorry about that" you say with your arm scratching the back of your head with your eyes closed. "Its ok I'm used to it, I guess" I know that voice You look up and see Syrus who is up and dusting off his clothes. " Hey Shinzui, here let me help you" Syrus give you his hand and helps you up. "I was on my way to get Jaden at the dorms, he forgot about the opening ceremony" "Syrus?" "Yeah?" "Is there any food let?" You ask while holding your stomach. "Sorry Shinzui, you know Jaden." "GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR JADEN YUKI!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Now you were mad and Syrus backed away from you very slowly. "He text message me that we were going to eat together but he decides to do this?!?!" "Calm down Shinzui I'm sure Hassleberry could have-" Before he could finish, you ran faster to the Dorms and when you got there, you ran up to Hassleberry's door and started banging on it hard. "What’s the problem serge?" "Hassleberry do you have any food please" "Nice to see you too Shinzui, no real food just this candy bar" He brings out a candy bar and you took it without hesitation. "HEY!!!" "What? I was hungry." Syrus came before Hassleberry could do anything asking about Jaden. "Oh yeah, that’s why I've came here." Hassleberry and Syrus did an anime fall while you look at them. Then you realized something that you should of seen easier. Syrus is wearing Obelisk blue uniform!!! "Syrus you’re in Obelisk blue?!?! WOW!!!" "Congratulates Truesdale glad you've got in" "Did you notched any thing else?" ask Syrus. You and Hassleberry looked at him really closely. "uuuuuummmmm you got a haircut?" "NO! I've got new lens on my glasses now that I've been here for three years; it was time for a change." They look the same anyway. "So where is Jaden?" ask Syrus looking worried. Decoy Dragon appeared and said that he was on the roof of Duel Academy. "He is on the roof? Why is he there?" you asked Decoy. He just shakes his head and disappears. "Are you ok Shinzui?" You turn to see Hassleberry and Syrus looking at you weird. "Let me guess, your dueling spirit?" ask Hassleberry. "Yep"

You three run toward the roof of the Academy and you wanted to hit Jaden so hard that his head will spin. You were still mad that he didn't save you any food. "Jaden are you here?" asked Syrus. "JADEN YUKI YOUR SO-" you look and see Jaden shaking hands with Jessie. "Hey Shinzui" said Jaden cheerful as always. Decoy Dragon comes out and you see Winged Kuriboh fighting with a purple fox creature with a Ruby at the end of its tail. Decoy just came out to break up the fight. Syrus and Hassleberry came out finally. "Did you forget about the opening ceremony bro?" "Oh yeah that’s what today is" Jaden said while rubbing the back of his head. "Well follow me Jaden cause we have to talk" you say grabbing his arm. "Am I in trouble?" he asked nervously. You glare at him and he just gulps. “I’ll see you around, I hope" Jaden tells Jessie. You look at Jessie who is now waving at Jaden. "See you later Jessie" you blurted out after Jaden. Jaden looked at you confused then you pulled him away toward the door and to the opening ceremony.

Jessie's POV

When you shake Jaden's hand, Ruby began to fight with Winged Kuriboh. You laugh and then you heard someone yelling. You turn to see Shinzui, the girl you meet. Her long black hair was blowing in the wind and her hazel eyes seemed......well.........hurt. As if something happen but she was talking to Jaden like they were a couple. I was right she was taken but Jaden didn't look happy to see her since now she was mad at him for something. And she seems so perfect, so......crap can I stop thinking about her for a minute. Ever since I've came off that boat she was who I was thinking about. Damn it she is taken. Before I knew it, Jaden left and Shinzui did too, all you could do was wave. Well I could get over her, I hope. Then you just realize that you had to go to the ceremony too. "AW MAN I'VE SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED THEM!!!"

Decoydragon2.jpg (Decoy Dragon)

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