Glee-A Fresh Start (Rory Flanagan Story) Chapter 23

Christina decides that she wants to get married, but does her and Rory really want that deep down?

Created by Spammy8 on Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Chapter 23-Marriage

Christina’s Point of View:

It had been a long beginning to the year. My popularity had gone up and down more times than Rachel’s narcissistic personality. However, now that the New Directions had won Regionals, I realised one thing. Glee club was cool. And now the people of McKinley were going to accept us. So I walked down the corridor with this big smile on my face only to then have red and blue slushie thrown in my face.

I was cold, I was angry. And most of all I realised something. Glee wasn’t cool and neither was I for that matter. I’d chosen to be with Rory over Puck. I decided to quit Cheerios, because it didn’t mean anything to me and this was of course my comeuppance for doing those things.

However, it was Rory that made everything ok, which was why I got changed again and washed myself up and walked out into the corridors again. I walked past Emma and Will holding hands and sighed a little bit. I had come to McKinley just after Sectionals which meant I got to see the little proposal between them two. With all the swimmers, the dancers, Glee club singing. That day made me wish that I could one day have someone propose to me and now I was with Rory, I wanted him to do exactly that. And that’s exactly what I was going to get him to do.

Watch out Rory Flanagan I’m going to become your new wife. I grinned as I watched him clumsily take things out of his locker. My legs carried me over to him and I smiled. “Hey Rory.”

“Hi.” He replied smiling at me and leaned into give me a kiss.

“What do you think of the ring Will got Emma?” I asked curiously, just go into this slowly Christina.

“It’s nice I suppose, I’ve not really had a chance to get a good look at it.”

“So it’s settled.” I replied.

“What’s settled?” He wondered.

“Today me and you are going to go and look at rings.”

“Ok…” He began, a little confused. I hugged him before walking away this was going to go well.

Later on that day it seemed as though every corner I went around I kept seeing Emma and Will everywhere. They were always making googly eyes with each other. And I’d always be with Rory when I saw them together. So if I saw them staring into each other’s eyes whilst walking down the corridor, I would turn to Rory and gaze into his eyes. He’d be taken aback at first, but would then do the same. Every time I saw Will and Emma discussing wedding plans, so would I. “At my wedding I would like a bouquet.” I would tell him.

“That’s great when you finally get that.” Rory replies.

“And I have to have the whitest most expensive dress imaginable.”

“Sure.” As I was explaining this again I saw Will and Emma walking together, before him bringing her into his arms and kissing her. “Quick, bring me into your arms.” I tell Rory.

“Umm…” He began.

“Quick!” I protest and he sort of brings me into his arms quick and sloppily. Not in anyway romantically. “That’s not what I meant!” I complain and storm off in a strop.

As I walked down the corridor I had realised something. Will’s and Emma’s relationship showed me how bad mine and Rory’s was. How we’d always neglect each other. I mean, every time I saw Puck walk right past me I couldn’t help but stare at his strong muscles and every time the new Victoria Secret catalogue came out Rory couldn’t help but stare at those girls over me. We needed the kind of love that was to die for. So here I was planning our wedding, getting closer to him in many ways, apart from sexual. I know Emma very well and she wouldn’t have slept with Mr Schuster yet what with her OCD. So I was going to be like the Virgin Mary until the right time.

This was going to be great.

Rory’s Point of View:

I ran my fingers through my hair, only for Finn to then approach me. He smiled at me. “What’s up Rory? You seem confused.”

“Girls, that’s what’s up.” Rory responded.

“You and Christina by any chance?”

“Yes, every time she see’s Will and Emma it’s like she goes crazy.”

“In what way?” Finn wondered.

“Well, earlier this morning…” I began.


Christina walked over to me and smiled. “Ok Rory, I may have found the perfect venue for our wedding. It’s outdoors and if we rush it, it’ll be next month, which means we’ll be married before Will and Emma.”

“Umm… Did I ever propose?” I wondered.

“Shh… It will be amazing, all our friends there and it’s only $500,000.”

“Ok, how am I meant to pay for that when I don’t even have a job? My family isn’t even here.”

“We’ll work it out Rory.”


“Oh and I was trying on some wedding dresses yesterday and I’m thinking of going for the million dollar one. A price can’t be put on the perfect wedding.”

“Christina. I am only fifteen, I’m pretty sure it’s not legal for me to marry you.”

“God Rory! Why do you always have to see the bad side in everything!” She shouts and storms off, leaving me alone and baffled of what to do.

Present time:

“Wow, that is stressful.” Finn paused. “Look, here’s what you need to do.”

“Ok, I’m listening.” I responded eagerly.

“Go buy her a ring, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just get what you can afford. And then you’ll take her out for dinner. Once you have done that you’ll present her with the ring telling her it’s a promise ring, saying that this means you will stay true to her and will marry her someday when your both ready. She’ll be happy as she’ll feel she’s had the next best thing to a proposal and then boom. You’ll be back to normal.”

“Thanks Finn, I’ll do that.” I smile towards him and go and find Christina, after searching for her I see her looking through some Bridal magazines. “Hey Christina.” I grin.

“Hi Rory, I think I’ve changed my mind about the dress…”

“Let me talk. Tonight, me and you should go to Breadstix, I’ll meet you at yours at seven, ok?”

“Ok.” She smiled at me and so I kiss her on the cheek and everything is set in motion for tonight.

Later that night-Christina’s Point of View:

I wear the most nicest dress I own with the highest heels imaginable. All my best jewellery and make up and I know it’s for one thing. It’s because tonight Rory is going to propose to me. I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. All my talks of getting married, spending the rest of our lives together had talked him round. Now Rory and I were going to get hitched!

Once I was ready my Dad knocked on my door. “Come in!” I called out, only for him to then walk in. He looked on at me in shock, but smiled. “You look nice. Isn’t that the dress you wore as a Bridesmaid?”

“Yeah! I thought I should wear it to special occasions. And tonight is going to be a special occasion!”

“Really? What is the occasion?”

“Rory is going to ask me to marry him.”

“What?! Why? When? Huh?”

“That’s a lot of questions Father. Either way I have no doubt that Rory and I will be spending the rest of our lives together and he loves me and I love him and this is clearly the next step.”

“Let me guess you’ve started sleeping with him?”

“Nope, I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided that waiting till marriage will be the best option for us.”

“And how long will that marriage be?”

“A few months, well longer because Rory’s only fifteen. I was thinking when he turns sixteen we could go to Britain and get married as I believe the marriage consent age is sixteen. Plus, it’ll be easier to get his family to come to the wedding and easier to get rid of mine.”

“Look, I know you and your Mum have problems.”

“Problems is an understatement!” I complain to my Dad. “You come to the Regionals competition. I do amazingly, you tell me you’ve left Mum, only for her to wriggle back into our lives again. At least this way I’ll be able to move out to get away from her. And spend the rest of my life with Rory.”

After explaining this my Dad looks exasperated with me, which doesn’t surprise me. He’s always had a narrow mind concerning issues like this. “Look, Rory is a great guy. He is. However, you both are still in High school, meaning no matter how good you are together it might not last.”

“You want to talk about relationships that aren’t going to last. You and Mum are a prime example of one of them.”

It was then that there was a knock on the door. “Now if you excuse me I’ve got a proposal waiting for me.” I reply and walk over to the front door and open it, only to see Rory there. He’s dressed smart enough in jeans and a nice top, however, since he was going to propose to me, I expected him to wear a suit. However, I’m sure he had other tricks up his sleeve. “Wow, that dress.” He began.

“Thanks you.” I say and hold onto his arm. We start walking down the path together and he keeps looking at me. “I’ve never seen you look so beautiful.”

“You too.” I reply and kiss Rory’s cheek.

We eventually reach the restaurant and I tell him: “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He responds and we walk in, find a table, before ordering some food. As were waiting for the food to arrive and sipping at our drinks, Rory begins the topic of conversation. “There’s something I want to tell you.”

“Ok.” I smile.

“You see, I’m in love with you, I really am. I’m actually crazy for you and when I was coming here tonight, I was going to do something different. However, I’ve changed my mind. Seeing you in that dress, seeing you just glow because you want to spend the rest of your life with me makes me realise I want that too. And so I’m asking you. Christina, will you marry me?” As he said it he got the ring out and got down on one knee, I went unbelievably quiet. “I’m sorry if the ring’s not good enough, I can get a better one, but please, marry me?”

“Yes!” I screamed and joined him on the floor, rushing to move my arms around him. He puts the ring on my finger and kisses me straight on the lips.

Once we’ve confessed our love to each other we then sit and eat, staring and smiling at one another from across the table. Happy we’ve done something this amazing in our lives. And after we’ve eaten our food, we get out of the restaurant and make our way to my home. His jacket goes around me and he says: “I can’t wait to you’re Mrs Flanagan.”

“Me neither!” I squeal.

“We need to find a way to get round this.”

“Let’s get married in England, but I take it back about the outdoors wedding, it’s too cold there to have an outdoors wedding.”

“Ok.” Rory smiles and kisses me gently, just before we reach my house. “Right, have a great night and we’ll talk about this at school tomorrow.”

“Yes.” I smile and kiss him one more time before hurrying inside.

After our date is over I make my way over to my room, ignoring my Mum and Dad and getting in my pyjamas before slipping off to sleep.

The next day at school it sort of becomes official. I decided to give everyone invites to mine and Rory’s pre wedding party. It seemed a good idea to do it the day after Rory’s birthday, so that was the date of the party and then a week later we‘d get married. It was going to be perfect. I’d even found venues extremely quickly. It wasn’t going to be long before we were together completely. Unfortunately Emma saw what I was doing and called me into her office.

So I sat across from her worried about what she was going to say, however, I knew no matter what she said I’d be able to give her a good response. And why? Because I know that what I’m feeling is love and these marriage feelings aren’t just going to go away. “So would you like to explain to me what these are all about?” She asks, holding out my amateur wedding invitations, they’d be improved soon enough, but until then these would do. “Yes, Rory and I have decided to get married.”

“Oh… He’s fifteen.”

“We know the age, so were going to wait till he’s sixteen and then pretty much elope.”

“You’ve only been with him a few months.”

“You’ve not been with Will for much longer.” I respond.

“Yes, but we knew each other a long time before we went out, which makes it different, plus we are older… But anyway, I feel that your rushing into this. When your meant to get married, you’ll get married. You’ve got years ahead of you yet.”

“I know, but what’s wrong with being with that one special person that little bit longer?”

“Sure, yeah, but do you need a marriage certificate to be with Rory?”

“I feel this session has come to an end.” I state and walk out of her office with my head held high…

Rory’s Point of View:

I quickly ran over to Finn scared. “How’d it go?” He smiles.

“Finn, I’ve done something stupid.”

“What’s happened?” Finn smiles.

“I went to do the promise ring idea, but then somehow I ended up proposing to her.”

“Why would you do that? You barely know each other!”

“It’s just she was wearing this amazing dress and I mean amazing and it distracted me. God, what am I going to do?”

“Ok, she’s over there. Just go and tell her that you’ve both rushed into this. Apologise to her and say maybe you could change that engagement ring into a promise ring.”

“Ok, I’m going to do this.” I say and rev myself up to tell her this engagement is no more. After doing so I start making the long walk over to her.

Christina’s Point of View:

After emerging out of Emma’s office I realised one thing. I had to call off this engagement. I was na├»ve to think we could get married so quickly. I love Rory, but were not in that place of marriage just yet. And as I see him walking over to me, I think to myself that I’m going to tell him the truth. If he’s hurt about it then so be it. It has to be said. Rory smiles upon seeing me. “Hey, you look lovely today.”

“Thank you.” I smile and he presses his lips to my cheek.

“Listen…” He begins. “Umm… About this engagement thing.” He starts and I think yes, please be something good, please call it off. “Well, the truth is I’m just so happy that we are getting married. There’s no one else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with.”

Ok, not what I was hoping for. Maybe you should just let him down gently. “I agree, I want nothing more than to be with you.” He hugged me and I looked over his shoulder annoyed at myself. Why Christina why? I pull away and we both then go our separate ways. Me, I march straight back to Emma Pillsbury’s office. I stride in there and say: “Ok, I need to find a way to break off this engagement to Rory without telling him to his face. We need a plan.”

“Just tell him.”

“I tried that and failed. If this is going to work Emma were going to have to be sneaky.”

“Ok…” She said confused.

Rory’s Point of View:

I walk over to Finn and say: “Ok Finn, it’s clear to me I’m not going to call off this wedding by telling her to her face. We need a better idea.”

“Ok, fine, we’ll find a way to piss her off so much that she’ll still want to be with you, but she won’t want to marry you.”

“Ok, great idea, so how are we going to do that?”

“I’ve no idea.”

“So pretty much I’m screwed?” I asked Finn and he just smiled awkwardly. “Great, I’m going to be sixteen and getting hitched. I’m too young for this.”

“You’ll think of something.”

Christina’s Point of View:

As I left Emma’s office I realised how silly I was being for bringing her into this and so instead I attempted to let my feelings be heard by singing a song in Glee club. And there everyone was sat down and me, I was about to burst into song, in hope that Rory would get the message. Unfortunately there wasn’t many songs that spoke about not wanting to get married and so I found myself singing to Puck Cascada-Bad Boy. I looked right at Puck and sang: “Be my Bad Boy, be my man, be my weekend lover, but don’t be my friend. Be my bad boy but understand that I don’t need you in my life again.” Puck was smiling at some of the things I sang, but wasn’t so much when I sang that I didn’t need him in my life again. Suddenly I was confused about the message I was trying to send out.

And come the end of the performance everyone looked at me in disbelief. It was then that Santana spoke up: “So let me get this straight, you and Puck have done the nasty?” She asked and I just felt horrified and made my way over to the seat next to Damian. “Ok… That was interesting…” Mr Schuster began.

“Oh, I have a song too Mr Schuster.” Rory put his hand up and Mr Schuster gestured for him to stand up and it was then that he was singing Home by Michael Buble. I watched him for ages and got concerned, did he want to actually go home? Did he not like it in America? Did he not like it here with me?

Suddenly I felt my heart shattering. All this wedding talk has driven Rory away and he wants to go back to Ireland away from me. Come the end of the last syllable of the song, Mr Schuster set us one of his usual tasks and I went running out of the choir room as quickly as possible. “Hey!” I heard someone call out to me and I turned around only to see Puck standing there. He started striding towards me with a serious expression on his face. “What was that song about in there?” He asked me.

“It… I… I…” And that’s when the idea to stop this wedding to Rory just appeared out of thin air. Puck. He was the answer, there was a small possibility that Rory wanted to go home, away from me, or maybe he was just missing home. Or maybe he still wants to go through with this sham of a wedding which we’d only just decided on yesterday. I couldn’t breathe, my whole body was shaking, my heart was racing, I was sweating.

And in that instant I took Puck’s face in my hands and kissed him passionately. He was taken aback at first, but then was kissing me back just as much. Puck and I had always had this chemistry, so it was so easy to just fall into this kiss wholeheartedly. I think we both felt that as our lips met again and again. The next thing I know were being pulled apart. However, the person pulling us apart isn’t very strong and I let go of Puck and of course see Rory standing there. “Christina…” He began, his face full of hurt. He looked completely saddened. “How could you do this?” He asked and I looked at Puck for a brief moment, who seemed confused and then I turned to Rory. “I don’t want to get married.” I state to him and can no longer handle the confrontation going on so run.

I run as fast and as far away as I can, I reach the dumpsters, near the entrance of the school, only to have a hand unexpectedly take hold of mine. Rory’s standing there, looking in control, but saddened in his eyes. “I don’t want to get married either.”

“I’m sorry I kissed Puck.”

“Why kiss him?”

“Because I didn’t want to marry you and I thought it would make you mad enough to not want to marry me.”

“If you didn’t want to marry me then you should’ve just said.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“Well, I can’t exactly complain, I’ve not been able to talk about not wanting to get married either.”

“Really? You don’t want to?” I asked shocked.

“Yeah, that night when I gave you the ring, it wasn’t supposed to be a proposal, it was supposed to be a promise ring. I just saw you in that dress and got carried away.”

“Well, in that case…” I began and took the ring off of my finger. “You can either take the ring back or you can do that promise thing?” I smiled.

“Put the ring on your right hand then!” Rory laughs and just as I’m about to he quickly takes it from my hand and puts it on my fourth finger on my right hand himself. “I love you and I promise to stay with you for the rest of my life.”

“Really?” I asked him.

“Really.” He replied and pressed his lips to my head. “Just don’t make a habit of kissing Puck, ok?”

“Ok.” I grinned and practically dived on Rory, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him happily. He wasn’t going to break up with me, we were going to stay together and not get married for a very long time.

Unfortunately I had the feeling it would take a whole lot of work to sort those party invitations out though. “Hey Rory?” I began as we left the school gates.


“If were ever going to get married when were older then can it just be some tacky, cheap, boring wedding?”

“Really? You want a crappy wedding?”

“I don’t care what the wedding is like just as long as we’d be married by the end of it.”

“In that case I’ll give you the crappiest wedding anyone can ask for. We’ll get a hobo to be the Priest.” Rory smiles.

“Oh and we’ll get married in the cemetery.”

“Very morbid, isn’t it?” He asked.

“So… The new Victoria Secret catalogue arrived yesterday I noticed…” I state, changing the subject.

“Yeah, some of the models in there are fit.” Rory states and I laugh.

“When I was thinking about marrying you I hated that you loved those models, now I just don’t care.”

“Well, there you have it, marriage is bad for your self esteem.” Rory grins.

“It really is.” I laugh.

And for the rest of the day we went and got drinks of Hot Chocolate. Everything was perfect, or so it seemed. Little did I know that my shenanigans of kissing Puck earlier today were just about to bite me in the ass…

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