Distraction- Ashley Purdy Oneshot


Created by thatlittlemonster on Thursday, February 16, 2012


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“Really man? Really?”

“Hello Kitty rocks!”

I was promptly tackled to the ground by a mass of black hair.


Ashley Purdy.

This insane crazy person is like in love with Hello Kitty….and he’s a dude.

I like Hello Kitty but I have to bust his nuts about it a little a bit.

At least a little.

I mean come on.

“You’re a hypocrite. You have Hello Kitty sheets.” He said.

“I’m a girl.” I quipped and he pouted turning away from me.

I crawled across the floor and jumped on him throwing my arms around his shoulders as I hugged him from behind.

I pressed a kiss into his hair, “I’m just kidding, bud. I think it’s adorable that you like Hello Kitty….and that you spend more time in the morning getting ready than I do.” I teased.

“You don’t need make up though.” He mumbled playing with my hands.

“How would you know?” I narrowed my green eyes at him.

“I may have watched you sleep before.” He said looking away.

“Creeper.” I said pushing him down and using him as a pillow so I could watch Once Upon a Time.

The show is addictive.

Like better than any drug created….but I just can’t stop watching it again.

“Aw not this again.” He moaned.

“You love it and you know it.” I said pressing a kiss to his lips. “So shut it.”

--------------------------Ashley POV----------------------------------------------------------

So I knew Kinsey would totally kill me if she knew I was going into Victoria’s secret….without her…..to get something for her.

But that was the beautiful thing about Andy.

He promised to take her to see that stupid Twilight movie because they both love those fucking stupid sparkly vampire shitheads.

Excuse me anger and profanity but it slightly pisses me off that my girlfriend gets all hot for some fucking fairy.

Tinkerbell sparkles.

Is she gonna get hot for her?

Ok well that could be kind of hot actually.

Ok, ok moving on.

I’d rather wait until I’m out of here before I get a hard on….though picturing Kinsey in that little pink number over there….well this could be a little more difficult than I’d planned.

---------------------------------Kinsey POV--------------------------------------------------------

“Oh my god! Did you see that, Andy?” I raved and raved and raved and raved about Breaking Dawn but of course….I was slightly obsessed.

Ashley hated it but that’s why I didn’t go with and why I went with Andy.

Because he loves me and because I begged.

“Let’s go to the mall!” I said and ran off across the street before Andy could snatch me.

I really don’t think sometimes.

I ran right out into traffic and it’s a miracle that I’m not dead.

Though someone was going to be.

Because after I’d race in I was going to go to Victoria’s Secret because they have lots and lots lip gloss in there that I love and I’m running out and I need some!

But when I’d gotten there….who did I find?

My sneaky little bastard over a boyfriend!

I snuck up behind him as he looked at a rack of light pink babydoll nighties….freak.

I just watched him for a moment before I guess he felt uncomfortable and turned around.

His brown eyes widened and he grinned uneasily.

I narrowed my eyes at him before knocking them out of his hand, “You know I don’t lace anyway. I prefer silk.” I stated and flounced past him into the dressing room.

I stuck my head back out, “You might want to tell Andy you don’t need him anymore, you dickhead.”

He smirked, “Ok baby.” He said placing a kiss on my cheek before waving Andy off.

Though that tall amazon freak was looking through the window….pervert.

I changed and decided that although he came without me I’d still model for him….and torture him later.


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