✪A merciless touch - Germany/ludwig - part ➊ - for Madhatter✪

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Created by PassionateKisses on Friday, February 17, 2012

He was a large demanding male, with piercing blue eyes and brushed back blue hair, his height and broadness gave him a dominating appearance that demanded respect and sent fear throw his enemy's , but today it was the young woman turn to feel that fear as she sat tied down to a interrogation chair.

"Oh you will not get away with this Ludwig" [name] said as she looked into his blue eyes, feeling her breath hitch in result of his attractive face, her cheeks heated up heeling the ropes tightly against her body - he knew what he was doing.

" You will tell me exactly what I want to know, or I shall start using more brutish ways of persuading you " Ludwig said with a slight grin over his face, he loved being dominate and even more when the one he was preying on complied with his orders- looking down at the small female he felt a slight blush cross his face and resisted the urge to look away, her red cheeks and shy expression was enough to undo the mighty Germany.

"I cant tell you" [Name] said in a soft yet confident tone looking up into the Germans eyes " You will have to drag it out of me Ludwig" [name] informed him looking down to at ropes around her tender wrists - they weren't to tight yet restrained he from moving away or escaping. [name] watched helplessly as the powerful man walked closer to her.

Ludwig's hand touch her soft hair then her neck, slowly he traveled it to her shoulders, Ludwig enjoyed the sound she made as he touched her bar skin. " I keep going all night, best you just tell me the location you have hidden my birthday presents"

"You will have to wait for tomorrow" [name] said wiggling against the ropes' as he stroked his hand to her shirt.

" I shall keep busy until tomorrow then"


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