Cookies, Stalkers, and Lame Game Shows

What if Aiden got a pretty calico cat named Muffin who is really nice to everyone but Raffin. She doesn't like him. >:3 He's just so much fun to mess with! -Stardancer4 I wanna bake some cookies with the guys... I'm a terrible cook btw :P -10Brodie I would like to be, like, a childhood friend of his who is obsessed with him, like, LOVE ME LOVE ME! It would be beast ^^ -AgelessXContent (appearing as Audura) Hmm... they should go shopping... to certain feminine shops with me XD --Gracie27 Thanks guys!

Created by ibleedmidnight on Saturday, February 18, 2012


*musical intro* DUM duh da Dum duh da DUUUUUUMMMM!!

Grace: *hops in circle to face camera* Hello, and welcome back tooo.....COOKING WITH BRODIE!! =D

Brodie: *comes through floor on spinning pedestal* Hi guys! :D

Grace: Our guest stars on the show today are....*dramatic drumbeat* All the guys from my WWYFF!! =D

Brodie and Grace: *cheer* XD

Audience member #1: O.O”....are they on sugar high or something?

Grace: *points at audience member and starts laughing* You bet we are! Otherwise Brodie would be grumpy!

Brodie: *tries to nod solemnly*.....*bursts into laughter*

Grace: On with the show! *presses large red button*

*another trapdoor opens, and all the guys from the Kidnapped by Dragons WWYFF and Lorelei fall through the ceiling*

Raffin and Sam: WTF?!

Seth: Grace?....oh. Grace -.-

Lucas: And Brodie!

Lorelei: On sugar high O.o

Aiden: X.x owh....

Grace: Are you all pumped for COOKING WITH BRODIE!??!

Aiden: I've never heard of that show before....

Lucas: I didn't know Brodie had her own TV show :O

Lorelei:...tch. :P

Seth: My guess is that this is just like one of those prank things Grace does from time to time. :/

Sam: *rubs head* Why do we always have to fall from the ceiling? =.=

Raffin: Okay, I'm leaving -.-

Grace: you...can't >83 *giggling manically*

Aiden: O.o” I like Grace better when she's not on sugar high DX

Lorelei: She's so much more fun on sugar high, though! =D

Raffin: WTF do you mean I can't? I can do whatever the **** I want -___-

Grace: Nope nope nope! I've got the entire place on lock down...and you don't want to know who's guarding the exits...>8D

Everyone except Brodie: *gulp* O.O”

Brodie:.....I think my sugar high is wearing off. =.=

Grace: That's okay, because today we're making..... COOKIES!! :D

Aiden: Oh, good! ^^

Grace: So, here's how the show works! Every contestant will either compete or have their toes slowly gnawed off by llamas!

Everyone: O.o”

Grace: Each person needs to bake a batch of cookies using THIS *slams paper on counter* super-secret recipe!

Seth: *looks at paper* That calls for seven cups of suga--

Grace: FRAFRAFRA! *waves hands in front of Seth's mouth*

Seth: =.=

Grace: Natalia will not be joining us today, because her family is visiting ^^ Also, the winner will get a special prize...heh heh heh >:3

Aiden: her smile is scaring me O.o”

Grace: >83

Sam: Let's just get this over with :P

Raffin: This is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard of. -.-

Grace: *points* Each of you have your own individual kitchen, so you can't cheat off each other or ask for tips from Aiden...or steal his dough or cookies or whatnot.

Lucas: Dagnabbit! DX

Aiden: =3

Grace: There's a copy of the recipe in each room, along with all the supplies you'll need. So...GO~!

*everyone dashes to their kitchens*

Grace: okay....Who's kitchen should we visit first? Hm...well, I guess we should go with ladies first so...>;3 *swoops towards Lorelei's kitchen*

*in Lorelei's kitchen*

Lorelei: Okay, spoon, I need water. Oh, water, that's nice—Grace! Hi!

Grace: *hisses*

Lorelei: O.O

Grace: Concentraaaate.... .-.

Lorelei: right! Okay...bowl, spoon...water, right! *goes to sink with measuring cup* Now, it says it needs three of water.....three cups? Okay, well, I'll just do three of these cups then! ^^ *hums*

Grace: *whispers* That measuring cup is for two cups...-.-”

Grace: Okay! Well, on to Brodie's kitchen!

*in Brodie's kitchen*

Brodie: Alright....flour, I need flour! Where the f-- oh, right there. Right. *glances at camera*

Grace: ignore it .-.

Brodei: Okay. Uhm...I need this much flour-- crap! -___-” I spilled it

Grace: *stifles laughter* X3

Brodie: *glare* Huh. Okay. *dumps in flour and stirs with enough force to knock over a rhinoceros*

Grace: O.o” room!

*in Lucas's kitchen*

Lucas: TT^TT What the crap does it say?! I don't understand this language! *freaking out*

Grace: You're holding the paper upside down O.o

Lucas: *turns paper over* Okay. ^^ *chants to self an begins making cookie dough* Prize prize prize prize! =D

Grace: room!

*in Raffin's kitchen*

Raffin: Stupid! F***ing idiots! I! Hate! This! *jerking batter off spoon and into pan violently*

Grace: O.O *backs out slowly*

*in Aiden's kitchen*

Aiden: *humming to self and stirring perfect looking dough* ^^ la la la la

Grace: All is boringly fine in here....-.- next!

*in Sam's kitchen*

Sam: *sitting with his back to the camera in the corner while his cookies bake* It's ok. It's ok. I am not humiliated, I am not humiliated....*shudder*

Grace: *stifles laughter and backs out of room* X3

*last room (Seth's)*

Seth: Okay! I followed the recipe....I think I did everything right...*checks stove* Yup, oven's at the right temperature, cookies are baking...everything looks good! ^^

Grace: Okay, I'd better leave now and go back to the main room...everyone should be done soon! ^^

*ten minutes later*

everyone is standing at the counter with a tray of cookies

Grace: Okay! ^^ I'll just go down the line =3 *starts at Seth's*

Grace: *picks up one of Seth's normal-looking cookies* *takes bite* These are good, Seth! ^^

Seth: *relieved* Good ^^”

Grace: And now Aiden's....*takes a cookie from Aiden's tray and takes a bite* O.O These...are...amazing TT^TT *starts to eat more*

Raffin: *clears throat* >:( Grace?

Grace: >.>” those cookies Aiden! *moves on to try Raffin's*

Grace: o.o I'm afraid you might have poisoned these....

Raffin: oh, for the love of-- ARGh! *shoves cookie down Grace' throat*

Grace: D8 *chokes down cookie* TT^TT You're so meeeeaaaaan.....

Raffin: -_____-

Grace: :( *move on to the next tray*

Grace: *takes a bite of one of Sam's cookies* What the—these are burnt! Completely and totally burnt!

Sam: I got sidetracked.....>.>

Grace: =.= *looks at Lucas's tray*…....=.(\ Lucas, that's just cookie dough.

Lucas: T.T The oven growled at me....TT^TT

Grace: -.(\ *sigh* *moves on to Lorelei's*

Grace: *tries one*…

Lorelei: Eh?

Grace: Eh. :P


Grace: ^^” *moves on to Brodie's*

Brodie: o.o”

Grace: *tries one*....X.x Brodie...these are salty...*gags* Extremely salty....

Brodie: Salt and sugar look a lot alike! X.X

Grace: T-T *sigh*

Grace: Okay, the winner is....

Everyone: O.O

Grace: Aiden! :D

Aiden: =D yay! What did I win? =3

Grace: you won....MUFFINS! *chucks cat at Aiden*

Aiden: *ducks*

Muffins: *lands on Raffin's head*

*this section has been edited out by the editors, because they're pansies who can't take a cat mauling Raffin a little bit*

*fifteen minutes and numerous scratches and bites later*

Raffin: >.o I hate cats

Aiden: *strokes Muffins* Good Kitty ^^

Muffins: ^^ *purrs*

Grace: Alrighty, that's the end of COOKING WITH BRODIE!!

Brodie: Yeah! XD

Raffin: Can we go now? =.=

Grace: Nope ^^

Raffin: Why not?!

Grace: Because! Now it's time for...SHOPPING WITH GRACIE! :D

Sam: oh crap =.=

Gracie: *enters* Hi everyone! :3

Aiden: Hi Gracie! ^^

Raffin: Great, there are two =.=

Grace: Gracie is not to be confused with me, all you viewers out there! :D Her name has an “I” thrown in it....So remember kids, there's no “I” in “Grace”, but there is an “I” in “GracIE” =D

Gracie: What is that supposed to imply? O.o

Grace: =3

Raffin: There's also a “U” in “Suck” -.-


Brodie: You might not wanna upset Grace, y'know. She's about to make you go shopping....*smirk*

Raffin: You're going too! XP

Brodie: I am not! D:<

Grace: *giggles manically* No no, EVERYONE is coming, Brodie 8D

Brodie:......Crap =.=

Grace: Here are the rules for shopping with Gracie. You MUST go into the store and purchase at least ONE item....>;3

Seth: What store are--

Grace: if you refuse to go into the store, I will throw Muffins at Raffin.

Muffins: *hiss* >8(

Aiden: *strokes Muffins* She would never hurt me! ^^ would you, Muffins? :3 *croons at Muffins*

Muffins: *purrr* ^^

Sam: That cat wouldn't hurt anyone but Raffin. :P

Raffin: =.=

Grace: Right! And because I know Sam is going to refuse to go into the store, I've also taken the liberty of bringing Rosie along! And everyone knows that Rosie is a very hungry Llama...

Sam: I'm beginning to think that the only reason you buy Aiden pets is so that you can make them maul us. -____-”

Grace: Silly Gosling! Rosie wouldn't maul you! ^^....She's just nibble your toes off >83

Gracie: *laughs* XD

Grace: That goes for you too, perky! XP

Brodie: “Perky”?...O.o

Grace: And you! XP

Brodie: -___-

Gracie: Um...okay. So what store are we going to?

Grace: >:3

Everyone: O.O *gulp*

Grace: Oh no, you don't get to know that until we get to the mall >:D

Brodie: How exactly are we getting to the mall? .____.

Grace: We're taking the car .-.

Brodie: A car? -.-

Grace: THE carrrr .-.

Gracie:...did she just growl? O.o

Aiden: I was trying to ignore that DX

Grace: okay, everyone get in the car! ^^

Everyone: -.-

*in the car*

Seth: *driving*

Gracie: So...since it's my I get to like, interview people? :3

Grace: Sure, go ahead! ^^

Gracie: Okay! ^^ So....where do you all normally shop?

Lorelei: :D

Sam: Oh, crap -.-

Lorelei: Forever 21, dEliA's, Victoria's Secret, *babbles on*

Grace: >.>

Gracie: okay...uhm...someone else?...please?

Lucas: well, I don't go shopping much...

Lorelei: Liar .-.

Lucas: >.>

Raffin: I go to the stores with clothes. I go to the stores with food. I go to the stores with knives. That good enough? -_______-

Gracie: yeah, that'll do O.o

Aiden: I mostly do the grocery shopping ^^”

Gracie: What about you Sam? ^^


Lucas: The only time he ever goes shopping is for musical crap or diet coke XD


*THE car pulls into a parking lot*

Seth: We're here =.=

Grace: Everyone out! ^^

*everyone out*

Grace: Now, just follow me! And if you try to escape, just remember that Rosie is very, VERY hungry >83

Rosie: ._______.

Everyone: O.o”

*four boring minutes of walking later*

Grace: We're here! ^^

Lorelei: :D yay! I love this store! X3

Grace: I hate it, but I figgered it would be the most entertaining place to watch you all shop ^^

Brodie: There is no way in he** I'm going in there -.-

Raffin: there's /censored/ way I'm going in that /censored/ /censored/ =.=

Sam: -___________-”

Seth: we really have to buy something from there? o.o

Aiden: *blushing furiously*

Gracie: What IS this place? O.o

Lucas: -w-

Grace: Welcome to Victoria's secret XD Now, remember the rules! Each of you must buy at least one item. I'll send you all in, wait for you to come out, and see what you bought ^^

*this part has also been edited out, due to violence on the part of certain people and llamas....and cats >.> But pretty soon everyone is in the store! :D*

Grace: *sigh* Waiting....outside a store.......with a llama....and a cat.......with blood stained fur.....

Grace: *Sits in corner with Rosie and Muffins* nobody is staring at

Everybody: O.o *staring*

*five minutes later*

Raffin: *shoves bag in Grace's hands* Here. I'm waiting in the car -_______-

Grace: *waves* Bye! ^^............Let's look in the bag! >:3

*opens bag*

Grace: He bought.........pajama pants -.- Well that's not really too bad, I guess.....but I can use the security camera footage of him in a women's underwear store as blackmail, I suppose XD wellp, let's see who's next X3

*two minutes later*

Seth: *walks out*

Grace: What did you buy?? :D

Seth: *hands Grace small bag*

Grace: You bought :D.........a giftcard -.-

Seth: ^.^

Grace: Boring :P of course you figure out how to buy the least embarrassing thing XP

Seth: Yupp :)

Grace: Go wait in the car :P

Seth: *leaves*

Grace: *sigh*

*three minutes later*

*Brodie and Sam exit*

Grace: What did you guys buy?! :D

Sam: *hands Grace his bag* I'm leaving. -_______-

Grace: K bye! *rips open bag*

Sam: =.= *leaves*

Brodie: O.o *staring at remnants of plastic bag*

Rosie: *begins eating remnants of plastic bag*

Grace:........Sam bought eye liner X.x

Brodie: XD Ha, he really is emo! X3

Grace:......and he wrote “I hate you” with it on the bag T.T

Brodie: *looks at piece of plastic bag that Grace is holding* Uh...yeah...okay....O.o

Grace: *shniffs* Okay Brodie, what did you buy? .____.

Brodie: >.> Uh....*removes hand cream from bag*

Grace:........huh. Nobody's buying anything interesting. :/ *takes hand ream and sniffs it* Ooh...can I keep this? =3

Brodie: Sure -.-

Grace: ^^ *slathers on hand cream* It smells like sunshine .-.

Brodie: What? o.o

Grace: >.>”

*one minute later*

*Aiden and Gracie walk out*

Aiden: *blushes* Uh...h-here...^.^” *hands Grace a bag*

Grace: What did you buy, oh, what did you buy? 8D

Aiden: O.o” perfume.......

Grace: Awwwwwwh XD

Aiden: it smelled nice ^.^”

Grace: Awwwwwwwwwwwh X3

Aiden: was thinking about giving it to ______......^.^”

Grace, Brodie, and Gracie: AWWWWWWWWWWWH XD


Grace: *glomps aiden* You're so friggin cute!! X3

Aiden: *blush* Uh.......I'll go wait in the car.......I feel like people are staring at me. >.>”

Grace: K, take Muffins with you ^^

Aiden: Alright. *leaves*

Grace: okay Gracie, what did you buy? >:3

Gracie: urgh.......:P I'm never going in that store again.

Brodie: If I ever have to go into that store again, I'll burn it down. o.o

Grace: O.o”

Gracie: Well, anyway, I bought was the cheapest thing in there XD

Grace: What does it smell like? .-.

Gracie: What? Um......I dunno O.o

Grace: Nevermind >.>

Gracie: o.O

Brodie: So, who's left?

Grace: Lorelei and Lucas.......I kinda figured they'd be the last two in there.

Brodie: Of course. :P

Gracie: So...we're allowed to wait with you? :3

Grace: *sniggers* Yeah, although I'm not sure you're gonna wanna see what they buy XD

Graice: o.o *gulp*

Brodie: -.- ewh

*five mintues later*

*Lorelei walks out*

Brodie: About time -.-

Lorelei: XP

Grace: did you buy? ^.^”

Lorelei: Don't you want to see it?

Brodie: Definitely not -________-”

Gracie: X.x please no

Grace: not particularly......

Lorelei: here's what I bought! ^^

Brodie: What the ****?!

Gracie: That's disgusting -.-

Grace:.....that wouldn't cover anything........and you've usually got a tail, so when are you even gonna use it?

Lorelei: I have legs right now -w-

Grace:..oh, ewh DX

Brodie: Wouldn't you be extremely uncomfortable wearing that?

Gracie: put it away......people are staring X.x

Lorelei: *laughs* You should see your faces XD

Grace: Go wait in the car. -.-

Lorelei: Alright. >;3

Grace: *sigh* =.=

Brodie: You should feed that thing to the llama as soon as you get a chance -____-

Gracie: ewh XP

Grace: Well, now only Lucas is left....

Everyone (including Rosie): *gulp* o.o

*three minutes later*

*Lucas strolls out*

Brodie: What the heck took you so long? -.-

Lucas: -w-

Gracie: Take it back Brodie......I don't think we wanna know o.o

Lucas: -W-

Grace: So....what did you buy? ^.^”

Lucas: *shows Grace*

Grace: x.x so much lace

Brodie: You're such a pervert Lucas :P

Lucas: -W- That's what you get for sending me into a women's--

Gracie: OKAY! Can we please leave now? T.T

Grace: It's your show >:3

Gracie: Show's over X.x

*show's over*

*driving in the car*


* stalls*

*Seth pulls over*

Seth: I'm gonna get out and check what's wrong. Raffin, I might need you to help.

Raffin: XP

*Seth gets out*

Gracie: I think I'd like to stretch my legs too.

Grace: Yeah, so would I.....EVERYBODY OUT!

*everybody out*

Seth: Something's wrong with the engine....but it looks like....huh.

Aiden: What? O.o

Seth: *pales* It looks like a fey spell. One meant to mess up machines......but I didn't cast it, and I don't know who could've........

Mysterious distant voice: Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeethhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Brodie: Who's that? O.o

Seth: Crap o.o

*fairy girl comes hurtling into Seth*

Seth: X.x

Sam: What the heck is going on? -.-

Raffin: *ignoring everyone and trying to figure out how to fix the car*

Random Fairy Girl: Seth! Where have you BEEN?! I looked everywhere for you when I found out you were gone, and then Geldric FINALLY told me that you were on a mission, but he wouldn't tell me where you were, and I had to track you down using spells, but I finally found you! *glomping Seth*

Seth:.....hi Audura =.=

Grace: Hi Audura! ^^

Audura: >:/ Who are these people, Seth?

Seth: *sighs* Audura, didn't Geldric tell you that I was on an important mission BY MYSLEF, as in, nobody else from The Fey could get involved?

Audura:....yes >.>

Seth: You weren't supposed to come looking for me.

Audura:..........I couldn't just not know where you were! DX I had to find you ;-;

Seth: *sigh*

Brodie: Who is this? -.-

Audura: O.o......Seth, who are these people?

Seth: Well, I guess I'm going to have to explain, now. -______-

Audura: ^.^ *hasn't stopped glomping Seth yet*

Seth: Audura, I'm not allowed to tell you the specifics of my mission, but I'll try to explain who these people are.

Audura: Okay! =3

Seth: *pointing to each person in turn* These are Lucas, Aiden, Sam, and Raffin. They're part of the mission, and kind of my helpers, I guess.

Audura: Geldric gave you slaves? *pouts* >:( No fair.

Lucas: I'm not a slave! D:

Seth: I didn't say that, Audura. =.= And that girl is Lorelei, she lives with the guys. she's been living with you? -.-

Seth: Yeah, but she lives in a lake outside the house, so please don't attack her. o.o

Lorelei: O.o”

Audura:.....Who are they, then? *Points at Gracie, Brodie, and Grace*

Seth: Well, Gracie and Brodie *points at them* are just some......uh.......friends who came over. And Grace--

Audura: Oh, I know who Grace is! ^^

Grace: Hey Audura, long time no see! ^^

Audura: I was busy hunting for Seth =3

Seth: You guys know each other? X.x

Grace: Of course! I've known Audura for ages! ^^

Seth: *sigh* How do you know her? -.-

Grace: *laughs* You guys honestly don't seem to have comprehended it yet: I. Know. Everything. >:3

All the guys: O.o”

Aiden:'s Audura? ^.^”

Grace: Well....I guess I'll have to show you all the video. >:3

Audura: Yeah! Show them the video, Grace! :D

Seth: What video? o.o

*movie screen and projector appear out of nowhere*

Grace: Roll film!

Seth first met Audura in their Fey primary school. Seth would spend almost all his time reading and studying, getting ready for the Fey secondary school. By the times he was seven years old he was already above the level of every other Fey child in the school. Because of this, many of the other young Fey were quite jealous, and would habitually pick on young Seth. Seth became very withdrawn, tending to ignore his peers and spend most of his time with books rather than other Fey. Most of the other children began to simply ignore him, aside from the group of children who enjoyed tormenting him. However, one small girl watched Seth and tried to become friends with him, having been smitten with him the moment she first saw him on their first day of class together. She obsessed over him to the point of insanity, and would often times attack the other young Fey who bullied him violently.

*shows shot of Audura beating up a stocky winged boy, heavily muscled, at eight years old while Seth watches in fear*

Audura tried to win Seth over many times, but only succeeded in annoying and scaring him with her obsession.

*shows shot of Audura flying up to Seth's bedroom window at 3 am*

Seth: *groggily unlocks window* Audura? What are you doing here? =.=

Audura: Seth ^^ I broke into the bakery an hour ago and blackmailed the baker into making me a batch of your favorite cookies. Then I snuck into the restricted section of the main library and stole this book *holds up Magical Passion: Advanced Love Spells for the Extremely Experienced* and cast the strongest spell in the book on the cookies 83

Seth: That spell requires the blood of the Fey you want the victim to fall in love with O.o

Audura: *holds up bandaged wrist* It was worth it o.o Now eat your cookies ^^

Seth: I don't think I will o.o”

Audura: eat these cookies right now .-.

*shows shot of Audura ferociously trying to force cookies in Seth's mouth while Seth desperately tries to escape*

To this day, Audura obsessively stalks Seth, determined that he fall in love with her too.

*movie ends*

Raffin: *laughs* That girl was whuppin your a**, Seth XD

Audura: he never ate those cookies....:(

Seth: I ended up having to cast a sleeping spell on you to knock you out D:<

Audura: Did you let me sleep in your bed? -w-

Seth: Then I had to cast a levitation spell to get you back to your house and explain to your parents why I was showing up with their unconscious daughter at 4 am =.=

Audura: :( Was that a no?

Lorelei: Geez, this girl can't take a hint -.-

Audura: *glare*

Seth: look Audura, you really have to go. =.=

Audura: o.o No.

Seth: yes. =.=

Audrua: NO >:(

Seth: Audura......*exasperated*

*car rumbles to life*

Raffin: Ha! Did it! >:3

Lucas: 'Did it'.....heh -w-

Raffin: -________-

Lucas: =3

Raffin: *gets in car* Alright, let's go.

*everyone starts getting into the car*

Seth: Well, I've gotta go Audura. Bye. =.= *heads towards car*

Grace: Uh, Seth?....that's not a good--


Grace: O.O”

Seth: X.x

Audura: *chanting spells*

Seth: Audura, what are you-- Oh. *face pales* Oh, no. Wait, Stop! Somebody stop--

Audura: Done >:3

Seth: *chokes* Grace--

Audura: ^.^ Now.

Seth: *passes out*

Audura: *grabs Seth and hauls him onto her back*

Grace: Wait, Audura--

Audura: *takes off flying as fast as she can*

Grace: crap o.o

Sam: So what? Can't we just let her take him? -.-

Aiden: No, we've got to rescue him! D:

Gracie: yeah, c'mon guys, where's your sense of adventure? :3

Lucas: I don't wanna mess with that fairy o.o

Raffin: *sigh* It doesn't matter what any of us think, Grace is obviously going to--

Grace: *hops in car* Okay guys, who's for our NEW game show? :D

Brodie: What? -.-

Grace: It's time to play RESCUE SETH FROM STALKERS! =D

Sam: crap -.-

Grace: here we go! As long as Audura doesn't sabotage us, we should be--

*camera goes black*


Hey guys, this was the story for my riddles! Four people guessed both right, and their ideas are listed in the memo. So, appearing in the story were 10Brodie (Brodie), Gracie (Gracie27), and Erica as Audura (AgelessXContent). Muffins was contributed to the story by Stardancer4. I'm sorry I didn't have time to elaborate more on your great ideas, I got carried away with them as it is XD otherwise this would've gone on forever o.o So, I hope you all enjoyed!

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