Head Games 32 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Hey Hey Hey! head Games is back!!! I've been soooo busy! like seriously, most days I get home around 8:00 at night after a long day of school and sports or work and then I have homework... Soo sorry! Sooo I figured out a system of how I'm gonna be updating. If I get a certain amount of messages, I will post. So here we go! I will update as soon a I get 6 messages (:

Created by e5g5e8g8 on Monday, February 20, 2012

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Chapter 32

Caitlin’s P.O.V.

I was alone. I was alone at my own homecoming, walking around, looking like an idiot with no friends, looking for Tyler. He must be around here somewhere. I sigh and take a seat at an empty table. A very familiar song came on and I couldn’t help but smile. No, its not one of Justin’s, it happens to be our song. Or… our old song. Cute, by Stephen Jerzak. When we were dating, this was our song. I knew every word of it and completely annoyed Christian by singing it all day long. Lets just say he spent a lot of time at the basketball court with Ryan and Chaz.

As the song started to come to an end, I decided I should find someone I could hang around with. I decided on my brother and set out to look for him. As I searched the crowd I spotted my blonde little brother singing to… Annie? Woah what is she doing here? Did she come with Justin? She had a smile on her face looking at Chris. She looked so happy right now. My brother looked happy, too. Happier than earlier today, then again, Annie is back. No wonder he is happy. I began to approach them when Christian did it. He kissed Annie. My brother kissed Annie. Congragulations lil bro! You got your first kiss! They pulled apart and both of them had a huge grin on their face. Wait a minute… what about Justin? Annie wouldn’t cheat, would she? Nahh that just doesn’t seem like something she would do. Right?

Christian saw me through the crowd and smiled. He grabbed Annabell’s hand and led her to where I was.

“Hey you guys!” I said as they got close enough to speak to.

“Hi” Annie said shyly, pulling closer to Christian.

“Did you see that?!” Christian excitedly yelled. “Annie kissed me!”

A soft shade of pink found its way onto Annie’s cheeks and she let out a giggle.

“Uh yeah I saw… what about Justin?” I aimed my question toward Annie. Christian’s smile faded and his eyes went wide in realization of what happened. Glancing at Annie, we both noticed that her smile never went away.

“What?” Annie asked, noticing the looks on our faces.

“What about Justin?” I repeated my question. By this time, Christian had let go of Annie’s hand and stepped away from her. He stood closer to me, looking Annie up and down. What was going on?

Annie’s face expression turned to confused as she looked back and forth between my brother and I. “Whos Justin?” she asked.

I let out a laugh. “What do you mean ‘whos Justin’?” I continued to laugh. Christian’s face was blank, expressionless. Annie wasn’t laughing with me. This worried me.

“I don’t know who Justin is.” Annie restated.

Christian’s P.O.V.

I looked over at my sister and back at Annie. Yeah I am pretty mad at myself for letting Annie cheat on Justin, but she kissed me! I have wanted her to do that ever since I first saw her! I know I’m pretty much screwed when Justin finds out we kissed, but I don’t care! Annabell Alicia Anderson kissed me! Wait... How could she not know who Justin is? Could she have forgotten? She didn’t seem to know Caroline or Ryan, either. Then I thought of something.

“Annie!” I said loudly. Caitlin and Annie both turned their heads my direction quickly. “What is her name?” I asked pointing to my sister. Caitlin looked at me like I was insane, but my smile reassured her that this was getting somewhere.

Annie looked her over then back at me. “I’m sorry, Chris, Should I know her?”

I looked back at Caitlin, whos facial expression looked like she understood now. Her smile faded and her expressions soon matched mine. Part confused, part completely horrified.

“We have to take her back to the hospital.” Caitlin whispered to me. I agreed.

“Come on, Annie. We have to go.” I took a hold of her hands, trying to bring her towards the door.

“I don’t want to leave yet. This is my homecoming!” she argued.

“Please, Annabell, you need to come.” I tried again.

“Fine.” She said.

“Wait Christian,” Called Caitlin from behind us.


“We should probably call Justin and tell him to meet us… there. He has to be looking for her.” Caitlin suggested.

“You call. I’m getting Annie to your car.” I replied, interlacing my hand with Annie’s and leading her to the parking lot.

The whole time, my mind was cluttered with thoughts. Annie. Justin. The kiss. Who would have thought that my first kiss would be with Justin Bieber’s girlfriend?! Haha I guess everything is kinda crazy when Justin is your best friend. Then, I glanced over at Annie. This beautiful girl has absolutely no idea whats going on. She doesn’t even remember some of her best friends! She has no idea how much trouble and pain she has caused tonight.

She caused two hearts.

Two heartbreaks.

Justin, the innocent boyfriend who should not have had this coming, and me. I finally kiss her, and it isn’t ever going to happen again. With my luck, I’ll never kiss another girl.

I was brought out of my depressed mind when Caitlin rejoined us. “He didn’t Answer. It went straight to voicemail.” She said as she jogged closer, heels in hand.

“Oh my God! What else could we do?” I asked franticly.

After my sister and I stared at each other hopelessly for a few seconds and ignoring Annie’s pleas to tell her what was happening, my sister replied, “Just get in the car. The hospital is the only place to go.”

We both got in the car, and started to the hospital. Annie was still totally lost, but we couldn’t help her. We tried calling Justin many more times, but nothing seemed to work! All we can do is pray.

Annie’s P.O.V.

So here I am. Sitting in the back of someone’s car. Not a clue in my mind about whats going on. Christian and this girl are totally freaking out and they can’t stop calling whoever this Justin guy is long enough for them to explain the situation to me! I am so confused, but I hate seeing Christian so mad.

Justin’s P.O.V.

Wow. Just wow. There are not enough words in the dictionary to even come close to how I feel right now. I can’t even completely comprehend it. Why would she do something like this to me? She knew how I felt about her, and I thought she felt the same! I guess not. I don’t even know what to think about Christian. Some friend, huh? I guess he kept his enemies close.

Great. Thanks a lot, Chris. Now I have to find a way to win her back! But wait… do I even want her anymore? Of course I love her and all, but is it worth it? I get her back this time, but how long till she cheats on me again? How long till she breaks whats left of my heart? I don’t even know how I could win her back. Christian is a great guy. I could always tell there was something going on between them. Its impossible to be “just friends” with someone as amazing and beautiful as Annabell. Now what to do? I have to go back to her mom and tell her somehow, but I just can’t. I take out my phone and sent her a text

Justin: She was just in there. She kissed Christian. I gotta go.

I turned off my phone before I could read her reply. I just can’t believe this is happening.

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