Slave To The Moon (Werewolf Story) Ch2

Created by DisturbedAngel123 on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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I was cold, alone, and scared. My dress was torn, and cuts covered my arms, legs and face from running through the trees. The only good thing was I knew I was close to grandma’s house because before I caught the smell of smoke. Grandma always had her fire going on cold nights. Spring was coming to an end, and winter was already on its way.

The wolves had stopped howling a while ago, and I couldn’t see any sign of the green eyed wolf. I hadn’t forgotten the voice I heard.

Get off my territory.

Was it the wolf? It sounded stupid and crazy! But there’d been no one around, not that I could see of so that brought me back to the question—was it the wolf? Maybe I just imagined it? I was confused. Never had I heard of a wolf speaking to someone telepathically. Was that even possible?

A sigh of relief came from me when I reached Grandma’s two story cabin. Smoke rose from the chimney, and I could see the orange glow from the fireplace through the front windows. On the roof, there were two windows that acted as eyes watching the front yard. On the verandah there was a pile of wood that Grandpa must have gathered the day before. A lot of pot plants were placed here and there, and vines wrapped around the planks of woods on the verandah. Coming to Grandma’s house, I had never felt so at home.

When I knocked on the door there was no answer, which confused me since my grandma always answered the door. She seemed to know when I was coming. I checked the door knob and found the door was unlocked so I opened it, and let myself in. No lights were on. The only light that was there was the fire. The smell of rosemary, garlic, lemon juice and lamb hit me, causing my mouth to water. Grandma always made the best dishes, and I could always smell almost every ingredient she used. She told me my senses were stronger than the average human. She told me I was special. I didn’t believe that. No one was special.

‘Hello, Grandma?’ I called, walking into the living room.

In the middle of the room, three large brown couch surrounded a dark oak coffee table with a vase full of roses sticking out of it. On the right side of the room there was the fireplace with a rug with a bear design on it with natural colors like brown, black and cream. There were many bookshelves surrounding the room, mostly of stories, myths and legends. On the walls there were a lot of photos of me, Grandma, Grandpa and all the others that lived in the woods.

But where were Grandma and Grandpa?

‘Is anyone here?’ I asked the atmosphere.

There was no answer.

I was about to go and look in the kitchen when I heard something move behind me. Fear immobilized me. When I turned around I gasped when a shadow moved in the corner.

‘Grandma?’ My voice was shaky. ‘Grandpa? Is that you?’

To my left I heard a low chuckle, and when I turned in that direction, there was nothing there. My back was facing the fireplace, and I could see my shadow on the ground in front of me. As I stared at it, my shadow gained two extra arms. My eyes widened. I whirled around, and screamed when I saw the face of a wolf. Strong arms wrapped around me, and I was lifted off the ground. The wolf let out a large roar, and I started beating its back with my fists.

‘Let go!’ I yelled, the realized something wasn't right.

The lights suddenly came on, and I heard laughter all around me. Confusion swept over me like a wave. My feet met the ground again, and when I looked up I saw someone wearing a wolf mask. A wolf mask! When the person removed their wolf mask, it revealed to my best friend.

‘Oh my god,’ I breathed. ‘Peter!’ I screamed, and punched his chest.

‘Oh ya should have seen ya face!’ He laughed his head off. One of the things I hated about Peter was his pranks that scared me half to death. Peter was a read head with hazel eyes. His facial features were finely structured, and he was pretty tall. Peter went to school was me but he mostly caused trouble, and gave the teachers a hell of bad time.

I turned around, and looked at Grandma, ‘You let him do this?’

Grandma laughed. ‘He made me do it.’

I glanced back at Peter again who was smiling innocently. I glared at him with daggers, and punched him again.

‘Ow!’ He rubbed his chest.

‘Well that’s what you get.’ I crossed my arms.

‘Lunetta, why did you come here, and why do you look like that,’ Grandma said, pulling a leaf out of my hair.

‘Well, Julia and Hailey were going crazy over some dance night, and I ditched. I look like this because I wasn’t on the dirt road and I basically ran. The cuts were from the tree branches I ran through.’

‘Why were you running?’ she asked solemnly.

I stared at her for a minute. Her eyes were kind of like mine but hers were more of brown, making them a golden brown. Grandma’s hair was graying and looked like spider’s silk. Her skin wasn’t too pale but was wrinkly.

Did I want to tell my grandma about the wolf encounter? Every nerve screamed at me to do so but I didn’t. ‘I was just getting the exercise.’

Grandma stared at me with a hard look that forced me to look away. After a couple of seconds she spoke. ‘Ok then. Go and get changed out of the dress, and you can help me peel potatoes. Go on, off to it.’

I smiled, and turned towards the wooden staircase that creaked under my feet when I stepped on them.

‘So, how is the Wicked Witch doing?’ Peter came up behind me. Wicked Witch was his nickname for Julia. Not very original.

‘What do you think?’ I looked at him as if he just asked a stupid question.

‘You know you could get back at her with my help, all we need is a snake and I know just where we’ll find one. There are heaps of them out here,’ he said.

‘I am not playing some prank on her,’ I told him firmly. ‘I may not like the woman but that doesn’t mean I want to play some trick on her that would probably put her in hospital.’

We both walked down the hallway, and stopped at the end door, which was my bedroom. I opened the door, and turned around to look at Peter with a raised eyebrow.

‘Come on Luna, it’ll be fun,’ he said. ‘We can even get it on camera.’

‘What the hell are you planning to do with a snake?’ I asked curiously.

‘Put it in her bed when she’s sleeping. Most people would put a rubber but I want to put a real one, along with a big hairy spider.’

I shook my head. ‘No, we are not doing that, and I think you can come up with something better. Now go, and let me get changed.’

‘Ok, but if you change your mind, you know where to find me.’

I rolled my eyes, and closed the door on him. Turning around, I leaned back against the door, and let out some heavy breaths. I should have told Grandma about the wolf but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. But tonight I was going to ask her about wolves communicating with humans telepathically. She wouldn’t think I was crazy. My grandma was all about the wolves that lived out in the woods. Every Friday night she would have this campfire where all the families in the woods would gather around, and share stories about the magnificent creatures. Sometimes they even told stories about werewolves, and every Friday night, I would sit with them around the campfire with a hot meal sitting on my lap, listening to the stories that amazed me. Most of the stories they got out of books.

It feels good to be wearing jeans again, I thought as I changed out of my dress. I tied my hair back, and put my baseball cap on, which I had stuffed in my purse before I left with Julia and Hailey.

When I walked into the kitchen Grandma was cutting up carrots, and on the bench there was a bag of potatoes waiting to be peeled. I grabbed a peeler out of the drawers, and got to it.

‘Did you hear the wolves howl on your way here?’ Grandma asked.

‘Yes,’ I answered, and goose bumps rose on my arms.

‘Something must have been out there tonight. Usually the wolves don’t howl like that until the full moon.’ She scraped the carrots into a pot, and I could smell pepper and rosemary.

‘I didn’t see anything when I was out there.’

‘Well whatever it was, must be gone now.’

Nope, I’m still here, I thought. ‘Hey grandma, can I ask you something.’

‘Of course you can.’

‘Ok.’ I took a deep breath, and said, ‘Can animals talk to humans telepathically? Like wolves for example.’

It was silent like the sheeted dead for a minute. I glanced up, and Grandma was looking at me with raised eyebrows. ‘Since when has this interested you?’

‘Oh.’ I started peeling my second potato. ‘I saw it in a movie, and got curious,’ I lied.

‘There are a lot of people out there who claim they can talk to animals and I believe they can. We are connected by the same life-force and this life-force flows through all of us, Lunetta. This allows telepathic communication to happen between all living things.’

‘Well that makes sense,’ I said quietly. But did I really hear that wolf’s voice? I wanted to ask, I was desperate for an answer but something held me back.

It was like the pain I suffered from. I wanted to tell Grandma but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. She didn’t know, no one knew, not even Peter. It was something that I was trying to deal with on my own. For over a year I had to keep coming up with excuses when the pain hit me. Usually I told people I had the cramps because I was getting my period, stomach ache, just anything.

Grandma stood next to me, and touched my shoulder. ‘Is everything alright honey? You seem nervous about something.’

‘I’m fine. Just Julia bugging me, that’s all,’ I lied, again.

‘You know you can tell me anything, Lunetta, you can tell us anything. We are your family.’

I stopped peeling the potatoes, and stared out the window in front of me. The image of the black wolf flashed before my eyes. ‘Grandma—’ I was about to tell her the truth but I was interrupted when my grandpa walked into the room.

‘Now don’t tell me you came here without giving your grandpa a hello?’ he said to me, tapping his foot, pretending to be disappointed.

‘I didn’t see you around the house.’ I smiled, and left the potatoes to hug Grandpa.

‘I was just outside gathering wood for the winter.’

Peter entered the kitchen, and took a seat at the dining table. ‘Yep, I think it’s meant to snow tomorrow night.’

A huge smile broke out on my face. I absolutely loved the snow. Mostly because I could throw a heap of snowballs at Peter’s face for scarring me. But also because Peter and I would sit in a tree and watch the wolves play in the snow. Even though I was scared of them, they were fascinating to watch.

I went back to the potatoes, and prepared dinner with Grandma but it wasn't easy when Peter kept stealing the food.

While we ate dinner, Grandpa and Peter were telling Grandma about the hunters and how they were setting up more traps to catch the wolves. At night, Grandma, Grandpa and Peter would sneak out to get rid of the traps. There had always been hunters hunting the wolves and every year, they succeeded in killing a couple.

‘Why don’t we just go see the council? Maybe they could stop them,’ I suggested.

‘We’ve tried that and they won’t listen to us,’ Peter scolded, and took a huge bite of his roast.

‘But, they can’t seriously let the hunters kill the wolves,’ I exclaimed.

My grandpa cleared his throat. ‘They only let the hunters hunt the wolves because of the deaths of some people who are killed by the wolves.’

‘But there are hardly any people getting attacked by wolves these days!’

‘Why do you think that’s so?’ Grandma asked me.

I was about to answer but stopped myself, and thought carefully. ‘The wolf population,’ I whispered.

‘Exactly, and soon enough they will all be wiped out.’ Peter stabbed his roast angrily with his fork.

‘Not all of them, Peter.’ Grandma touched his arm.

‘But if the hunters keep hunting, there will be none left. Crystal Falls is known for the wolves. What would the town be if they weren’t here anymore?’

They all looked at each other, and Grandma was the first one to look away. ‘Lunetta, that won’t happen.’

‘How do you know?’ I questioned.

It was silent for a minute before Grandpa spoke. ‘Try not to worry about it, Lunetta. The wolves will be fine. As long as we remove those traps, some wolves can live.’

Why couldn’t they all live? I thought.

After dinner, Grandma and Grandpa stayed in the kitchen to wash the dishes while Peter and I went up to sit on the roof. In the attic, there was a secret door that led to the top of the roof. My grandparents, Peter and I only knew about it. The stars were out and the moon was high in the sky, shining like a newly stamped coin. I had a blanket wrapped around me, and Peter was just lying on his back in jeans and a shirt. He wasn't cold. Not one bit. And it was like two degrees.

‘Maybe we could do something about the hunters,’ I said. ‘Maybe we could threaten them?’

Peter laughed. ‘I have a way to threaten them but we might end up in trouble with the police.

‘Ok, then, not threatening.’

‘The wolves will be fine. As long your grandparents, the others and I are living here, we can protect the wolves.’ He sat up.

Peter basically lived at my grandparent’s house. I was told that his parents had died, and Grandma brought him in.

‘I want to help too,’ I said in a hard voice. ‘I may be scared of them but I don’t want them hurt.’

‘Lunetta.’ Peter sighed wearily.

‘What if we talk to the hunters? Maybe we could come to some sort of agreement.’

‘Yeah, ‘cause the hunters are definitely going to listen to two troubled teenagers,’ he said with sarcasm.

‘Hey! I’m not the one troubled here,’ I argued.

‘Yep, and that’s why you’re so boring.’

I looked at my friend, and pushed him.

He laughed. ‘I’m only kidding. You ain’t boring. You are quite fun to scare.’

I rolled my eyes. ‘I’m going to get you back one day.’

‘I’ll be waiting.’

I grew serious, and turned to face Peter. ‘At dinner, you and my grandparents looked at each other. What was that all about?’

He stopped smiling, and grew serious like I did. Leaning in close, he gestured me to do the same. ‘You really want to know?’

I nodded. ‘Yes.’

He smirked. ‘Well you can’t.’

I leaned back, and drew my eyebrows together. ‘Why?’

‘If I told you, I would have to kill you,’ he tried to say it in a scary way.

‘You’re not scary, and tell me why!’ I demanded.

He shrugged. ‘I’m just messing with you Lunetta. There’s nothing to tell.’

I looked away. There was something going on, something they weren’t telling me, and I was going to get to the bottom of it.

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