♥ Marshall Lee ♥ Sing For Me~ ♫ {Chapter 5}

Shortest chapter EVER... Adventure Time: Gender Bender :/

Created by BlackRoses402 on Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As soon as Fionna got to the ball, she disappeared, along with Prince Gumball. Crystal hadn't even bothered to enter the palace, mostly because she trying to avoid being seen in a dress. "Hey girl, what are you still doin' out here?" It was Cake. She was probably sent out here to check up on Crystal. "Go on in there." Cake held the door open for Crystal, looking at her expectingly. "Uh, no thanks. Not a fan of parties." Crystal responded, leaning against a tree. "This is a BALL. Besides, you crashed the other one just last month so..." "I know." Crystal snickered, remembering what fun that had been. "But I, uh, realized something, and I um...just don't feel like embarrassing myself in front of M-" Crystal bit her tounge, to stop herself from talking.

"Embarrass yourself in front of who?" Cake asked and had even thought about it. She caught on though. Cake's eyes widened. "Oh, hold on, girl! You don't mean him do you?!" Cake facepalmed. Crystal didn't respond to her question. Cake sighed and gently pushed Crystal towards the palace. "Go get your man." With a shove, Crystal stumbled into the palace. There was a closed curtain in front of her, which Crystal assumed led to the ballroom. She quickly peeked her head inside, withdrawing as soon as she did. There were SO many people.






She was coming... She was coming... Oh, come on! She HAD to be here by now! Fionna said she would be. That's the only reason he agreed to come here again - the only reason he agreed to actually NOT crash the ball this time...

Marshall kicked his legs back, floating backwards as he always did. He had a small smile on his face as he saw the oh so familiar bright purple eyes peek into the room. He chuckled, heading back by the entrance.





"Crystal!" Crystal's eyes widened as Marshall Lee suddenly appeared in front of her. He blinked, looking down at her attire. "You're wearing a dress?" He smirked. "That is crazy, son." "S-shut up." Crystal stuttered. "C'mon, let's take it for a test drive." Marshall grabbed her hand, pulling her into the ballroom.

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