The Secrets That Separate Us (A Harry Potter Love Story) chapter 5

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Created by Damon4thewin on Saturday, February 25, 2012

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I had made it through transfiguration and I only had a few minuets left here in Muggle Studies. I tapped my fingers impatiently on my desk, not wanting to wait another minuet for my lunch date. My nails made a distinct 'click' on the solid cedar desk my table mate Michael Corner and I were both seated behind. "Poppy! Cut it out!" it was Michael's agitated whisper that broke me from my thoughts. "I'm sorry! I just want this class to end, I'm hungry and I skipped breakfast." I whispered back leaning my head on my left hand in order to face Michael as I doodled pictures on a piece of parchment. "Yeah, hungry for a serving of some nice, hot Potter." he mocked, and I was honestly caught of guard. "Who told you?!" I demanded, forcing myself to remember I needed to whisper. "Well Potter told Granger, who in turn told Weasly and then Ginny caught wind of it and she told me. I don't see why you'd bother though, he has it bad for Cho Chang." he said, and now I was agitated, it was rude but I decided to pick on Michael a bit. "And your not concerned at all that your girlfriend (Ginny) is concerned with Harry Potter's schedule enough to bring it up in conversation?" I countered looking him straight in the eyes as he became visibly annoyed. I smiled a bit as he scowled and said, "Shut up." in the end I was kind of thankful for that short dealing with Michale because it had distracted me enough to get through the end of class.

I gathered my books like lightening, and had to stop myself from sprinting out of the door. The hallway was crowded, but I somehow managed to move quickly through the corridor without any problem. I stood outside of the opened doors of the great hall and browsed its contents. The room was sparsely filled, each table looking long and empty compared to the amount of students on the first night of our return. I smiled and strode through the doorway as I spotted Harry at the table on the far right. He looked up and smiled upon seeing me there. "Hello." I said sitting down and putting my bag on the bench beside me. "Hello." he said, still smiling, and we both laughed a bit at our silly faces. "So, what did you have in mind, conversation wise?" I asked, reaching for a ham and cheese sandwich, I actually was quite hungry. "Nothing particular, really." he said, taking a link of sausage and biting off the end. "Alright, then let's take turns asking some really basic questions." I offered ripping off another bit of sandwich and popping it in my mouth. "You start." I said waiting for the questioning to begin. "Um... What's your favorite class?" he asked looking extremely serious. I giggled a bit at his face before saying: "Care of Magical Creatures." I said, waiting for the next one. "Oh, I'm good friends with professor Hagrid." he said, taking another bite. "Least favorite teacher." he said and I immediately thought of that pink nightmare from yesterday. "Umbridge." I said blatantly. "Yes, she was quite the pain at my trial as well." he said in agreement. "Your turn." he said leaving the ball in my court as he sipped what I assumed to be pumpkin juice out of a goblet.

"Okay, let me see. Oh, how about your best Quiditch time." I said. "Well I don't want to brag. But, 12 minuets and 37 seconds."he said pleased by such and impressive time. "You mean to tell me you caught the snitch in only 12 minuets and 37 seconds?" I said in disbelief. He could become a professional. "Yeah, it's no big deal though." he said modestly, trying to be charming. "That's pretty big. You must have won quite a few girls hearts with that kind of skill." I said playfully, and suddenly Harry looked a little less comfortable. "Well yeah, but I'm not interested in any of them. I have my eyes on one girl, but she's kind of quiet and I don't know her too well." he said, eating some mashed potatoes as he spoke. "Oh?" I questioned, already knowing the answer to my unspoken question.

"Enough about me. Do you have your eye on anyone in particular?" he asked suddenly interested again.

It would have been satisfying enough to shout 'You!' and take the rejection now before it would hurt any worse but I decided to just say. "Not really, I still haven't gotten over Cedric to be honest. I like a guy but I wouldn't be fair to him to have to deal with that." I said surprised at how honest I was being. What was up with me lately? "You and Cedric were close then, we're you?" he asked, looking a bit grim. I thought about making an excuse to leave, but then I felt as if I would be dishonoring Cedric. I shouldn't cower from anyone, none the less myself when it came to him. I loved him but he is dead and I needed to deal with that, no matter how painful it was. "Yeah, I was quite surprised actually that he would be interested in me. Considering I'm a good deal younger than he was." I began and for a second Harry looked a bit angry, but I continued on. "We began to spend sometime outside of class and I went to every event of the Tri-Wizard Tournament in order to support him, and you as well. Eventually he asked me to be his date to the Yule Ball. That night was magical. He was my first kiss you know." I said, smiling and blushing lightly through a few small tears at the memory of my dear friend. Harry looked saddened by my recount. "He was a good person." he said quietly before asking me an unrelated question.

"So who did you say you had your eye on, exactly?" He asked.

"I didn't, actually." I replied, avoiding revealing his name and ruining everything.

As he was about to try again I reminded him of the time. "Harry we have to leave, we have Defense Against The Dark Arts next." I said, less than excited to be in Umbridge's class. This should be fun. "Oh right. We should be off then." he said taking one last bite of his food before standing up. I mirrored his actions, sliding my satchel into place. We walked down the corridor side by side, and I felt so self concious. I was quite flattered that as we passed Fred and George Weasly Harry turned down their offer to join them for a bit before class, even though we were going to arrive at least 5 minuets early. I blushed a bit. As we entered the class I sat at the third table of the middle row, and surprisingly Harry came over to me even though he had a whole room of seats to choose from. "Can I sit with you?" he asked waiting for permission. I decided a joke was in order. I inhaled through clenched teeth and shook my head side to side. "I'm going to have to say no." I said and Harry looked caught off guard. "Oh, okay, um right then." he said before he turned to find another seat. "Harry! It's a joke! Sit down." I said playfully with a laugh and his cheeks turned a bit pink. He sat down and my heart rate sped up a bit as we smiled at each other watching as other students began to file in. "Again?" Ron asked referring to me being in his presumed seat. "Oi, guess I'm second rate already." he said moving up one table and to the row to our right, sitting beside Hermione. She turned to look at me, and when she was sure Harry wasn't looking sent me coy smile about our seating arrangements. Hermione had a crush on Ron and she knew that I liked Harry. I could see this class as now being tolerable.

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