Eternal Flame-A Werewolf Love Story- Chapter 6

Ok a couple things, first I have decied on 15 chapters. Second, who thinks things are going a little fast? And third, THIS CHAPTER MAY HAVE SEXUEL CONTENT

Created by XxxGillianxxX on Sunday, February 26, 2012

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I walked awar from Jake as he had told me to get some rest inside. I opened the door to find the house quiet. I walked thourgh the front living room and into the kitchen. One boy was in here and as he turned around I gasped. Calum had a long cut down his arm and a scratch on his cheek. "w-who did t-this to you?" I asked him shakily.

"Finn," he said very simply. I shook my head.

"And do I want to know why he did this to you?" I asked.

"He was ahhh..." Calum said drifting off.

"he what?" I snapped at him. Calum flinched and I admittitly felt sorry. So I did the reasonable thing. I walked over to him and kissed him full on the lips. He was shocked, I could tell. But he never brok it. He went along with it only pausing to sling me into his arms. He picked me up bridal style and me thinking about how tired I was. I yawned but he made me stop by kissing me passionately once again. We reached the top of the stairs and he let me go letting his hands glid down to my well tinned stomache and the small of my back. His lips left mine and I groaned he smirked and started kissing my neck. Eche kiss was a little deeper, and when he reached my ear he sucked and I smirked knowing he would soon find me sweet spot. He pulled on me letting me know where we were going to his room. Since the boys I had learned were on patrol and jake was going to the store to stock up on food , that left me and Calum alone. He pulled me onto the bed and I yanked on his short trying to make it come off. He knew what I wanted and as I finally got his shirt off, he ripped mine off me and shredded it. I smirked and pulled him closer to me. "come on don't stop," I whispered seductively into his ear. I was drunk on him. He was the durg that I couldn't stop using. He nibbled on my lower lip, asking permission to enter. I gladly obliged. Our youngest twirled and danced together for a few minutes before he relieazed I was only in my bra and shorts. He trailed his fingers along the bottom of the lace in my bra before wrapping his arms around me and undoing the hook in the back. He slowly shoved it off and as I was trying to help him he squeezed my ass. I marked and yanked off my pants leaving me with nothing on. He stated at my body like it was the most beautiful thing in the world. Admittitly I probly was to him but I didn't care. He had a god like body and I wanted more of him. I smirked and deiced to tease him a bit. "come on," I cooed at him. I fumbled in the dark for the button on his pants but changed my mind. I rubbed myself against mphim letting my hands trail down his abs, along his waist. My hands finally reached where I wanted them to and I rubbed them into his erection thourgh the matariel in his shorts. He groaned, oh so sexily. Now it was time to take off those shorts of his. He grabbed the zipper and didn't disappoint me. He straddled me and came down yanking off my panties. He kissed my belly slowly leaving a trail of kisses. When he reached my legs he rubbed the, and stuck two of his fingers inside me. I groaned. It felt sooooo good. Took them out and I knew what was going to happen. He lowered hisself on top of me andlet his thing slid into me. He was in me. I knew it. I grabbed his face and crashed my lips into his. He paused but then pushed into me harder. I smilled and he came out. I looked at him and breathed heavily. "I never wanted that moment to end," Calum admitted to me. "then don't," I whispered in his ear. The night was still young and that I was glad about. He got up and shut the door and closed the blinds in his room. Then he walked over to me and towered over me. "now where were we?" he said grinning. I smilled and pulled him down on top of me."Right here," I said somewhat sexily. He growled like a beast about to pounce. And pounce he did.

**************(four hours later)

I leaned into Calum as we lay in his bed, snuggeled close to eche other. We had had sex a couple more times and we agreed that was enough. For tonight. It was somewhere around six in the morning and I couldn't go back to sleep. I knew Calum was awake too. I grinned a plan already forming in my mind. I groaned pretending I had a sexy dream. His arms tightened around me and I muttered a name, something not yet intelligible. I groaned louder this time and said a name out loud. "Calum," I said, "Finn? What? Ohh well come here then," I knew I had Calum hooked. He started to shake. I sat upright in bed and grabbed him. "Was... Was that what I thinK?" he asked. "no," I replied. "it was you and me alone again," I said. "then why did you say fucking Finns name?" he roared at me. I shrank into the back of his bed. He stood and stalked around to his window. I quietly slipped on my shirt and pants and stood about to leave. He turned around and faced me with tears in his eyes." so are you going to answer me or not" Calum asked. "I was messing with you," I said quietly and walked out of his room. I heard footsteps and knew he was following me. I just really needed to be alone right now. I walked straight out the door, breaking into a dpfast sprint. I was the fastest girl in high school so legs dont fail me now. I heard a cracking of bone and the ripping of cloth. "oh sit, Im screwed," I thought to myself.I entered the forest and leaped over a fallen log. The wolf was right behind me. I came to a clearing and stopped. It was in a perfect heart shape and red maple trees surrounded the area. It took my breath away. I heard Calum shift back and he cariosly walked towards me. I hadn't realized I was crying until Calum wiped away my tears. Calum enfolded me in a hug. I cried into the war,th of his arms as the stress from the past couple days all came down on me. "it's ok," Calum whispered in my ear," I will always be there for you," he said. I nodded my head knowing that he would keep his word and let the eternal flame of our love, going forever.


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