My Red Rose Stained Black

Sekai tells Seamus, About the situation. Seamus decides to help her figure out who was following, And calling her name. When will they find out?

Created by ShortyBlahAdri on Monday, February 27, 2012

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I glance at Sekai, As she says "I'm scared."
My mind racing, What was going on? Who was bothering her? Millions of thoughts racing through my mind. I took her wrist, Gripping onto it, Looking deep into her beautiful green eyes.
"Why are you scared Sekai..?"
He asked her with a raised brow, Stepping forward. I knew she was scared, I could feel her shivering a bit, The look in her eyes explaining it all.
"When I was walking to the cafe earlier, I could of swore I felt somebody following me, And calling my name.. The thing is when it called my name, It didn't sound human.. It sounded off.."
Sekai spoke softly, She pulled away from me. She sat down, And sighed. I felt her pull away, Taking a deep breath. I had to help her, I had been working for her, For almost 3 years. We were pretty close.
"I'll help you Sekai, I'll help you find out who this "Stranger" Is." I'll walk with you to the cafe everyday."
I gripped her arm, Pulling her close. "I swear." I whispered into her ear.
I could feel him whisper into my ear, I kept close, Before hugging him tightly, And pulling away. I turned my face away from him.
"Thanks Seamus." I whispered.
"Well, I'm going to work, I can't afford being fired." I smile, And walk off to take orders. I grab my tiny notepad, And walk to a table filled with guys.
"Welcome! Can I take your order?" I asked kindly, They all glanced at me, And one gave me a creepysmile, More of a grin though.
"Yea, Can we have your digits?" One of them asked, One of them elbowed him.
"Ignore him." One said, With blonde hair, And blue eyes. "I'm Kenta." He smiled, Lending a hand out. I glanced at the immature one who wanted my "Digits." I smile at Kenta. "Nice to meet you." I shake his hand.
"So what would you like to order?" I ask.
"Nothing, Were just hanging out around thanks anyway." He smiles.
I turn around with a nod, Before walking off suddenly feel someone shoving me to the wall.

Sorry it was short, I was rushing lol. Banners? comments? Rates? Please!! Thanks! Next chapter will be WAAYY longer. I hope you enjoy. (:

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