Erickson High, Chapter 1-Everythings Different...

Created by LeightonSelena on Thursday, March 01, 2012


Chapter 1

The summer of 2010 was crazy for everyone. They all changed in some kind of way, or did something they never would have done before. Summer had been almost over now and school was about to start. Everyone hates the end of summer because it leads to school. But, then again, you get to see your friends everday, thats gotta be a plus, right? Not for Taylor Kurkcos.

Taylor Kurkcos was a fourteen year old girl in a family of four. She lived with her mother Maria, her father Jason, and her older sister Sonny. Taylor would've been excited about going back to school, if it weren't for the fact that she was starting her freshman year at Erickson High.

It was the morning of September 5th, 2010. Taylor had just gotten up and jumped out of bed. The sun was already shining, even though it was only seven A.M. When she realized she only had an hour before she had to leave for school, she started trying to find an outfit. As she was throwing clothes out of her dresser and her closet all over the room, her sister Sonny walked in.

"What the hell happened in here?! The last time your room looked like this was after that earthquake two years ago." Sonny was just staring at Taylor now, who was totally ignoring her.

"Shut up, Sonny. What do you want, anyway? You never come in my room. Remeber, you hate me?" Taylor had this really mean look on her face. She looked pissed, but you could tell she was hurting underneath the scowl, and all she wanted to do was cry.

Taylor was still upset abput their fight in July. Sonny always acted like nothing happened, she didnt care, she couldnt care. It had been all Sonnys fault but she just wouldnt own up to it.

"Taylor, chill out. I just wanted to tell you that mom made pancakes for breakfast. And you cant still be pissed about that fight that happened like five months ago, I mean-"

"TWO! It happened TWO months ago! And its was all your fault, but your too conceided to think that you were in the wrong! Just get out. I dont want you to ever come in my room again. And as far as I am concerned we are NOT family. Your an aquaintance. Thats it. Now leave."

By the look on Sonnys face she looked confused. Then she started bursting out laughing. Taylor was glaring at her with a look that would hurt a normal person, but Sonny was not normal. If anything she was the opposite of normal. She was a bitch, a whore, and (Taylor didnt know yet) great at stealing things people want (But more on that later).

"Well im glad you got a kick out of that. Now, can you leave before I punch your perfect little face and get grounded?"

"Hah. You wont punch me Tay. Because i'm your sister and you love me, even though you act like you hate me. And it wasnt all my fault."

"Wasnt all your fault? Do you not rember that you are the one who dared her? The one that thought it would be funny if she jumped in the water, ran down 4th naked, and who was it again that locked her out of the house? Just minutes before she was kidnapped? Oh, yeah, it was you, wasnt it? If it werent for you, my best friend would be going to school with me today. now I only can go with my best guy friend, her boyfriend."

"Whatever, bitch. just dont mention that to anyone. Because remember, I still have those pictures and that video, I will leak them If you peep about that night."

As Taylor watched her sister leave the room, she trembeled and started crying. Not only do she lose her best friend she had ever had, but it was her sisters fault. And now, her sister had things that could make her look like she was the one who got Julie kidnapped. She missed Julie. And now, she had to live her life without her best friend, Julie Kate.

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