Wolf Tail & Ears~ Ed One Shot for wolfgirlthatlikescookies

Ok~ it took me awhile but I got it done~!!!!!! Here it is~ another Ed one shot~!!!! Enjoy and as always, want a story or a request, or just wanna comment just message me~!!!!!!

Created by emoe98 on Thursday, March 01, 2012

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“Sir, Ed and Alphonse are here to see you.” Riza said,walking in Edward and Alphonse Elric.“You called, Mustang?” Ed snarls.“Yes, is this… young girl, a friend of yours?” Mustang says,waving to a girl with a hood pulled over her head I the corner, playing withher coat.“Lexi?!” Ed and Al run over to her. She stares at Al indisbelief and hides behind Ed.“What is that?!” she says, not noticing that it was Al.“Lexi, it’s me, Alphonse, remember?”“Wait… Al? Why are you-? “She looks at Ed, things suddenly clicking in her head. ‘They didn’t...’ she thinks, sighing.“What’s wrong?” Ed says, not looking at her. He easily was what, 2 or 3 inches taller than her.“You did it, didn’t you? After… after mom died…?” she always called Miss. Elric ‘mom’ because she was the mom she never had.She took care of Lexi and didn’t call her a monster, even if her ears were different… that’s the one thing that made little Lexi different from everyone else- her wolf ears and her tail. She was born that way; it wasn't her fault, right?Her father had experimented on her and her mother, trying to create a weapon against the military. Her mother was a rebel against the military, and she had met her father somewhere at some time- they never told her- and were probably doing something to set the government off.
But when they got married, they often didn’t see each other for months, maybe even years at max. Lexi stayed with her father, who got this crazy idea to start mutating Lexi into a human weapon. She had no idea what he was doing to her, but all she knew was that it hurt... alot. Her mother would come back and he'd stop for a while. But when she left he'd continue the mutating all over again. He some how mutated a philosopher's stone into her. Her mother found out and confronted him about it, finding out he was the country's most wanted criminal. He almost killed her, and Lexi, terrified, lost control of her powers and almost killed him.She tried talking to her mother, but her mother broke down and called her a monster. Terrified, hurt and too confused to know know what to do, she turned into a five year old run away, only knowing that she was a monster.
"Legacy..." Ed hugs her gently."..." she hugs back, sighing.'If only I could tell him about the stone... About the homunculi... About all of it... Even my crush...' she thinks, 'But I can't rat them out... We are too similar... He'd hate me...'"Come on, let's go... We've got lots to talk about..."'Oh god... He knows...'
They were on their way to Ed and Al's dorms when Lexi sensed that Wrath *2003 Wrath* was near.'What do I do!?!?'"Lexi? What's wrong? Your ears are perked..." Ed chuckles softly."I need to go real quick, be back soon!" she dashes into the alley where he was."Wrath... What now?" she sighs."Lexi~!" he glomps her."Lust snapped at you again, huh?" the child started sobbing. Suddenly, Lexi sensed Lust near by."Wrath... Lust is looking for you... I need to go..." she growls."Too late, mutt." Lust snarls, shooting her needle fingers through Lexi's stomach. She coughed blood."Hm... Just as I thought..." Lust sighs, seeing as Lexi healed slowly."..."'Damn it! Damn it!! I can't heal as quickly because of my wolf senses!!!' she thought in panic."We can always kill Ed instead~""No!!!" she growls."Then tell me-" she stabs her needle fingers into Lexi's stomach again. "how did you get the stone in you?""M-my father! He-he experimented!! He-he some how got it in!!! Stop!!!!" she gasps, wincing in pain. She couldn't heal until the weapon was out of the wound, until the wound would bleed and slowly stop."Lexi!!!" Ed shouts from behind Lust."Ed! Don't-!!" Lust twists her fingers, causing Lexi to scream in pain.All she could remember before darkness took her in was Ed shouting her name and string arms wrapped around her protectively.
*When Lexi Wakes Up**Lexi's POV*
I woke up with a pain in my stomach as I sat up."I wouldn't do that if I were you..." Ed's voice whispers softly. My eyes snap open."Ed? Where am I...?""Bradley's personal doctor... Are you alright...?" he looked worried and exhausted. His hair was out of his braid. He looked like he hadn't slept in days..."I'm fine... How long have I been out...?""... A week..." he looked guilty. "I'm sorry, Lexi... I am so sorry...""Ed... It wasn't your fault....""Yes... It was..." now I felt guilty."Ed..."".... I got you involved and you got hurt....""Ed... Why are you feeling guilty...?""Because I care....""Ed....""Lexi.... I.... I love you..." he suddenly kisses me gently and sweetly. I blink, but kiss back, wrapping my arms around his neck, wincing.He chuckles softly, winding his arms around my waist as my tail swings in happiness."So stretching hurts, eh?" he smirks."Shut up..." I laugh back.
~Maybe things in my life started off bad but they were starting to turn out great from now on~

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