One-Shot {Andy Biersack} My Superhero

3 (: a smidget of violence, but lots of love. hope you like!

Created by dollface985 on Friday, March 02, 2012


He had done it. Jonny had hit me again in a boozed out, meth rage. I promisd myself if he hit my one more time I would leave. Forever. I had promised him the same, but now, watching him curled up in a broken ball beside me, I wasn't sure what to do.
"I want to get better Blaze," he whispered. "I promise I do."
I looked at him with weary eyes, trying to ignore my now pounding headache. I stood up, brushing the dirt from my black skinnies and walked into the bathroom. I had a large bump on my forehead that was starting to bruise. The veins in my right eye had busted, causing the usual milk white color to turn a blood red. The eye was also beginning to bruise. I took a wet washcloth and began to wipe awkwardly at the blood dripping from my nose and lip, trying not to cry.
"Blaze," he called, sounded like a wounded animal. I continued to ignore him walking into my room and dragging out a trashbag, filling it with everything that belonged to me. I typed in my best friend, Andy Biersack's phone number into my phone. Jonny had been a musician for our entire relationship and had toured with almost everyone who was anyone. That included Andy's band, Black Veil Brides. I had been a dedicated member of the BVB and his best friend ever since.
"Andy," I whispered into the phone, my voice shaking. "Please come get me. Please."
"What's the problem angel?" he asked, his voice full of concern.
"Jonny...he" I began.
"He didn't," Andy's voice began angrily. "Call the fucking cops Blaze."
"I don't want the cops involved,"I continued to whisper.
"Maybe that will give him his wakeup call," he said quickly. I head the jingling of keys on the other line. 'I'm on my way, okay?"
I nodded, not realizing that Andy couldn't see me.
"...Blaze?" he asked. I heard a car start on his side of the phone.
"Here," I nodded.
"Stay safe til I get there? Give me five minutes."
"Okay," I whispered, hearing shuffling of a body outside of my door. I looked up in horror as Jonny's drunk frame appeared.
"What do yu think you're doing?" he slurred.
"I-I-," I began.
"Blaze?" Andy called on the other side of the phone. Jonny ripped it from my hands, throwing it against the wall.
"No," I whimpered. I felt his hands grab me roughly by the shoulders and begin to shake me.
"You stupid bitch!" he shouted, he began smacking and punching every possible area he could come into contact with. He threw me to the ground and I felt my arm pop and suddenly fill with pain.
"Jonny," I screamed. "Stop."
Seemingly coming out of yet another trance, he stepped back, eyes wide. I looked at my arm, seeing it a little bit swollen, but no bones poling out at odd angles.
I heard the front door fly open and the heavy steps of boots run into the house. I looked up to meet Andy's gaze. His black hair was wildly tangled and he wore a pair or black skinny jeans and a cut off t shirt. He had obviously arrived in a rush, but just the beautiful superhero I needed.
His eyes looked at me in pain. He shoved Jonny to the side and crouched next to me. Jonny plopped on my bed, putting his head in his hands and began to sob.
"I would fuck this guy up...but he is a helluva lot bigger than me," he whispered. "And with these gazelle legs...I'm really only good at running."
I cracked a weak smile, noticing Andy's small attempt to make me feel better.
"Tell me where it hurts angel," he whispered.
"Everywhere," I moaned.He picked me up underneath my legs and shoulders, reaching down for my trashbag of clothes. He drove me to the hospital. I learned that Andy had called the police on the way over, causing them to arrest Jonny and I hadn't really cared to know the details.I ended up having a concussion, a broken rib, sprained wrist and severe bruising on my shoulders and face. Andy was there the entire time, holding my hand.
"Feeling better?" he asked, sliding into my hospital bed and propping himself up on one arm.
"Mph," I grumbled, pulling angrily at my I.V. "You were like my batman," I whispered. He cracked a broad, proud smile on his face.
"Nah, I could never be that cool."
"You were," I laughed. "Dressed in all black, running in, saving the damsel in distress."
"I saved you," he nodded, proud with himself. "And I'll make sure I fix you."
"Oh?" I smiled weakly.
"Mhm. You know, I've heard kisses make everything better." he smiled, placing his lips on mine.
After a moment of soft kisses we both pulled away.
"My angel," he whispered, stroking my hair.
"My superhero."

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