Enemies than Lovers {Natsume} Alice Academy Chapter 1

another Fan Anime xD im sorry Dx i kinda want to see which one is the best to see wwhich one yall want me to do the most xD

Created by Yukirosex on Friday, March 02, 2012

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Men: Say goodbye to this place Haruka Mori.

Haruka: Tch Whatever

Men: *puses her in the car with her bags already in there*

Haruka: *slams the door and buckles up* -Tch. remember no matter what people tell me...im an avanger im gonna get powerful and restore my dad and his side of his clan. im gonna destroy a certain someone-

Men: Your never gonna see the outside again

Haruka: *dosent care but says anyway* "Yeah, Thats what you think...So, will see about that" -i heard top academy students become spies... i got word im already determined and im supposed to go right away-

They Pull up

Haruka: *unbuckles and grabs her bags and walks up to the academy*

Narumi:Haruka Mori?

Haruka: "Tch. Yes"

Narumi: "i'll take your bags you are aware with your alices right?"

Haruka: "yea"

narumi: "in a minute im gonna escourt you in youll get your uniform and mask and set out."

Haruka:- sits on top of the alice wall-

Narumi: "teleportation?"

Haruka: "no...Creativity...it goes farther than you think.."

Mikan: *arrves in front of alice academy* Finally i made it...

Narumi: *jumps down and uses his alice while talking* "Now Little girl dont you think you should go home

Mikan: "um no i came here to enroll to see my best friend!im Sakura Mikan!"

Narumi: *i could of sworn i used my alice right now*

Haruka: -Wow cause it didnt work on me.....either but that because i have an alice barrier....right now-

An Explosion happens

Narumi: So the rumers were true you are planning on escaping..

Mikan: -goes flying-

Narumi: "Haruka, Mikan chan look he's the academy's Black Cat Natsume Hyuga. hes the top of the class in the elementary and very powerful"

Haruka: *rolls eyes*

Narumi: *takes out a bean whip traps him and kisses him on the head as he faints*"follow me Haruka mikan!"

Haruka: *jumps down and gets her bags*


Narumi: "haruka-

Haruka: "i want a boys uniform i HATE skirts"

Narumi: ^^"" "okay follow me"

Haruka: So im enrolled alreay....

Narumi: "hai" *walks in a room and pulls out a uniform* "here put it on and this mask then i'll explain your mission in replacement."

Haruka: "Tch.Pushy much" * goes in and changes and puts on a limiters mask then walks out*

Narumi: "theres an Anti Alice orginzation thats a threat right now.... I Need you to go there and elimate them once thier captured well send back up and you can come back"

Haruka: "So in other words im doing your dirty work..."

Narumi: ^^ "your smart to catch on" *hands her a earring*

Haruka: "let me guess a microphone thing"

Narumi: "yup"

Haruka: "well im off" *leaves*

Narumi: *i think she actually might surpass Natsume herself....*

With Haruka

Haruka: *appears on a boat in the sea"

Men: *points guns at her*

Haruka: "lets get this over with i'll go easy since im to lazy to anything else" *smirks then makes fire appear and surronds thier ship then jumps over the boat and and knocks them out"

At Alice Academy

Narumi in the office:

Employees: Wow, she got them t-

With Haruka:

Haruka: Oi im done-

Teachers: hai were sending backup....

?: *fires a gun*

Haruka: -jumps out the way but it hits her side- "tch your a rough one" *does the same she did eariler then throws him with everyone else, and scans the boat then detects nothing as alice begins to arrive..

Alice Employees: -tie them up- "well take care of the rest"

Haruka: "k" *jumps back on the alice boat and leans on the side as it begins to go back to the port*


Narumi: "WELCOME BACK!!"

Haruka: "i suppose were heading towars the class"

Narumi: Hai!

Narumi Opens the door- "good morning"

Haruka: *walks in after narum*

Everyone Gasps the Fact they have another kid carrying out missions,

*notice mikans in there already*

Narumi" we hav e a new student Her names Haruka Mori! You May Sit by the empty desk by sumire on the left. Sumire Raise your hand.

GIrl: Wont she introude herself

Narumi: Sorry shes not the type.

Haruka: -sits in the empty desk- and puts her feet on it- *re activates her invisible alice barrier*

Narumi: *leaves the class and shuts the door.

Haruka: "tch"

Sumire: "your side...You Was on a mission they shot you,,,, does it hurt?

Haruka: "....no..."

Sumire: " SO SPICY AND COOL!!!"

Koko: -reads mikans thoughts alound-

Mikan *falls by Haruka's Desk*

MIkan: H-help me!"

Haruka: *looks at her* "....My IFirst impression of you Pitiful....

Everyone laughs

Haruka: _grabs her and and picks her up* "now Leave me alone old hag...



Haruka: *sighs* "i cant deal with this screaming..... god your annoying MIkan..."

Mikan: *shocked then gets lifted in the air*

Natsume: "oii poka dot panties girl i'll give you a task you a task you make it through the northern woods well cconsider you in you can bring only 3 people with you

MIkan: "u-um Hotaru ;inchiro...a-a-a-a-a-and H-Haruka"

Class Gaps
Sumire: Your not really gonna go are you....
Haruka: ....does it look like i am

Sumire: No

Haruka: then no

They Leave the Class....

Haruka: -gets up and walks out the class to thr office-

Narumi: "what do you want?"

Haruka: "room key bags... what else could i want....im ready to get this limiter off"

Narumi: Hai Hai Here *gives her everything btw congrats your a special!

Haruka: Teleports to the room # And goes in* "Fancy much" * fixes her room which takes 20 minutes and takes her mask off and places it on her table. *starts cracking her neck* "Im tired" *yawns* "tch" *looks at her side and uses a healing alice on it...*

MeanWhile: Ahh STUPID BEAR!!!!

Hotaru: only the new girl could deal with this linchiro how bout you show us your alice its beedn awhile...

Haruka: -sees and illusin of mikan coughing up b lood sick- "seeing isnt beliving"

Linchiro: SHE SAW IT WAS A DIDSGUISE! but she said she help us anyway

Haruka: *appears theier in a flash and beats the bear up and puts him in the cabin*

Mikan: *Gloomps her* "AR-

Haruka: -kicks her off-

Later RUka Gets lured

*yall know the rest*

Sumire: NATSUME Ruka and Haruka Been captured by the newcomer shes the worest kidnapping them

Natsume: -pissed off-

Boy: wow his eyes changes color!!!

Later: m-mikan Chan


Haruka: -thats right he does missions to-

Natsume: _makes fire appear around everyone but ruka and Haruka-

MIkan: *n-no pushes him down and activates her alice* "YOU IDOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Persona: i have a mission *explains it*

Natsume: *leaves*

Haruka: "you summond me principal"

ELementarty principal: Yes i need you to do a mission... *explains it*

With Natsume

Natsume: Turns a conor and see's Haruka fighting then shoots fire they eventually take care of them and Natsume energy drains

Haruka:..."god i hate AA"

*later they both arrive in class

Ruka: *runs up to Natsume* "you okay"

Natsume: "y-yeah"

Haruka: *walks to her desk* -he'still out there and no matter how many people i defeat he's always gonna be there to make my life a living hell... plus to make it more my moms after me soon after she find out im doing missions...... but still im gonna avange my dads clan- *sits in the desk and takes her mask off then puts her feet on the desk*

Everyone starts taking and stuff

Haruka: *gets up and walks out and puts her mask on*

*has a vision*

Haruka: *running from the darkness* "Someone..please..SAVE ME!!!!" *falls and the darkness consums her* "theres no light..." -im an avenger- *uses the darkness powers*

*it stops*

Haruka: *teleports to her room and sits on her bed*

*teleports to office*

Haruka: I had a feeling you needed me....

Teacher: We Need you to go to some warehouses thiers more of the soilders!!

Haruka*teleports to the alice gate as it opens she runs to the warehouse*

Soilder: She Should Be Here any minute..

Haruka: *Throws fire on thier guns as they drop it then knocks them out*

?: *jumps out*

Haruka: *im not faling for that again!* *kicks the gun away*

3 hours later

Haruka: -Finally im done- *starts breating heavenly trying to catch her breath* "done" *uses the communtication device* "im Done..."

Teacher: Great but now we need you to escourt a Alice car safetly here without fail...the car gonna get conored by anti alices and try to kill the driver and take the kids and sell them or train them... when thier conored take out the guards and get in the car in case more assasins come..

Haruka: "tch. theres a limit..." * does exactly what they say and wait for them to ambush she sees them jump out and takes them out then does everything and get out the car and handles more guards then scences no more guards*

*goes back to the academy*

Haruka: -i used my alice alot i even got my uniform scratch marks from getting kicked-

*walks in the Class*

Everyone's to busy talking to notice her..

Haruka: *sits in her desk and puts her feet on it* -tch. new kid more bait for the academy... but that alice its rare i havent seen it yet its powerful and rare...- *i feel horrible like i've lost energy i guess i've been too busy*

Narumi: *walks in* "Class, This is our new student Caesar"

Caesar: *leaning on the board hands in his pocket all cool like... natsume does something*

Sumire and every other girl *expect haruka hotaru and mikan*: *drooling over him*

Narumi: "sit By Haruka Chan!!!"


narumi: "Haruka is in the empty desk"

Caeser: *walks Over to her desk and sits on the opposite side from her*

Haruka: -hope you arnt looking for a intoduction cause i aint giving you one...- * leans her head and counts down to herself- -in 3, 2, 1

Narumi: BYE BYE!!! *skips out*

Sumire:... NATSUME KUN!!!!!!!!!


Ruka: " Sumire Just get away Cant you see natsume dosent like you!"

Natsume: "let go ruka"

Haruka: *walks out to the northern woods and falls asleep in it..*

3 Hours Later

Haruka: *yawns And Sees A Kid on her* "Oi Li" (Li is A Kid Who Looks Up to Haruka He Just transferred to the dangerous class. He Trys to be like her they maintain a brother sister relationship)

Li: *wakes up* "Onii Chan"

Haruka: "c'mon i'll take you to my class and you can sleep if you want:"

Li: *clings to her shirt and wont let go*

Haruka: *teleports in her class in her seat*

Li: * looks around*

Haruka: "are you tired?"

Li: "no...."

Sumire: "AWWW HES SO CUTE~!!!!"

Haruka: *slaps her hand away when she goes to touch him* "dont touch him Ugly Ape Girl"

Li: "Ugly Ape Girl"

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