I Want You In The Most Unromantic Way [Vic Fuentes] 6

Created by dollface985 on Saturday, March 03, 2012

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"Come on," Mike said, standing up and stretching. He pulled up his basketball shorts and slipped on a pair of sandals.
"What?" I asked, sniffling and letting a lone tear slide down my cheek.
"We're going for a walk. I like to bond too" Mike laughed, grabbing me by the wrist and dragging me down the four steps out of the RV.
"Bye then," Tony scoffed behind us.
"Where are we going?" I moaned, stomping my feet. "We're in like...bum fuck Iowa."
"Let's go..." Mike looked around wildly. "That field.
I looked at the direction he was pointing and sighed. There was a large field to our left growing something that looked like corn. I wasn't exactly sure what it was, considering I had never seen corn grow before.
I nodded, letting Mike lead me through the tall and thick corn stocks. He finally came to a stop when we entered a clearing.
"This is nice and cozy," he said, sitting down and taking his sandals off. He began to pick off strands of leaves that collected on his legs and feet along the way.
"If you say so," I said, sitting beside him and drawing my knees under my chin.
"Now, tell whiskey what happened."
I looked away from Mike's sympathetic face and into the distance. I could no longer see the top of the RV, let alone anyone in it. Vic was in that RV, brooding about the stupid girl who should have never been invited on tour. I looked back to Mikee, my eyes flour shiny wet tears. "I'm an idiot!" I gasped, thowing my hands into the air. "I never know what I want, and I can't make decisions. And I'm stupid and dumb...and...ugh."
Mike nodded, chewing on a blade of grass. He spit it out and began to wipe the tears from my eyes with his thumb. He pulled me into a one armed hug.
"You're not stupid," he whispered. He kissed the top of my head lightly. "And it's perfectly okay to not make decisions. I mean...I do what I want and make split second decisions and you see how my life goes. Don't be like me."
I pulled back and looked at him. "You're a good guy Mike. You and your brother both are...and Tony...and I just don't want to mess this gig up..."
"You won't," he smiled. I felt his face move closer to mine until his breathing hit my lips. He leaned in slowly and let his lips touch mine.
But it wasn't Vic.
Don't get me wrong, kissing Mike was beyond nice. But it wasn't the same. There was no natural electricity, just a kiss powered by attraction, nothing more.
"Mike," I whispered softly, pulling away.
"SHhhh," he whispered back, meeting my lips again, accept holding my face tightly so I couldn't pull away.
"MIKE!" I said more sternly against his lips.
"I know," he groaned, letting go. 'It's Vic...and it always will be huh?"
I couldn't help but nod.
"I'm sorry," I whispered.
"Eh," he muttered, picking up another blade of grass to chew on. "I kinda figured. Just wanted to see."
He turned at me and smiled, putting his arm around me. "Unlike my brother, I don't hold grudges. Just be prepared to be treated like a bro, or a very annoying little sister."
"Fair enough," I smiled, putting my arms around his waist and hugging tightly, putting my head on his shoulder.
"Don't tempt me," he chuckled, standing up and offering a hand. "Now, you need to talk to him. Not get busy with me."
"I had no intentions of getting busy-" I began.
"Now don't lie to yourself!" Mike laughed, walking back through our corn path. "I am a whole lotta man. But I mean, if you prefer the smaller...less toned...more tanned and non tattooed version of me, I guess that's cool too."
"Vic," I called excitedly as I hopped on the RV.
"Heart to heart went well?" Tony asked, flipping through the new issue of AP.
I nodded happily, "I kissed Mike!"
"You what?!" Tony asked, shooting a look to Mike.
MIke leaned against the counter and nodded smugly. "But,,,she still wanted Vic. What is that, eh?"
Tony looked at both of us in disbelief. "And...you think...Vic...is going to be...okay with that?"
I nodded. "I realized how much of an idiot I was, thanks to his brother!"
"I'm genuis, no woman can resist me...unless they're into my brother..."
"VIIIIC!" I called again, pulling open the shade to his bunk. He was dead asleep with his head phones in. I gently pulled on out and tugged at a piece of his hair.
"Five more minutes..." he mumbled.
I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled as hard as I could. He somehow landed on his feet in front of me, rubbing his eyes. "What the fu-"
I grabbed at his shirt once again and pulled him to me, kissing him hard. I was once again greeted by the mst wonderful feeling a girl could feel. The butterflies in my stomach had turned to pterydactals. Surprisingly, Vic didn't question it, wrapping his arms around my thin wasts and pulling me even closer to him. I wrapped my fingers throughout his long hair and smiled against his lips. I could hear Tony and Mike whistling from down the hall.
"Change of heart?" he whispered, breathless.
"Nah," Tony piped in. "She kissed Mike."

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