The Princess and her Servant twin.

I was bored and listening to Vocaloid

Created by handysnax on Saturday, March 03, 2012

Inspired by Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil

The church bells rang as two new babies were born into the royal family. The mother and father looked down on their children with smiles. The twins were fraternal, one being a girl and one being a boy, but looked almost exactly alike. The babies whined and cried as the minister blessed them.

The twins grew up to be very close. The other children were not permitted to play with them so they only had each other to trust until one day. Their parents divorced. The mother, being royalty only by marriage, took her son with her and was thrown out of the castle. The twins were only five then and their small hearts were torn to pieces by this.

The girl was raised to be a smart and beautiful princess and grew to be that only with a horrible side to her. Her brother however was trained in the life as a servant. When the king died the princess became a ruler at the young age of fourteen. The boy became her servant and for a little while they were both very happy. She would have her brother carry out her dirty work for her and he did so with pleasure for he only cared for his sister.

One day he was sent to another country to spy. There he saw a beautiful girl and he fell in love. A prince from a country across the sea however fell in love with the very same girl. The princess knew all this and devised a plan. She had fallen in love with her brother and wanted no other girl to catch his eye. She told him to kill the girl and all thought it to be because the princess was in love with the prince. The servant did as he was told with a heavy heart and tears. The whole country of the girl was destroyed. The prince was also very sad and sought the help of someone to get revenge on the princess. A knight came forth and said she could help.

The knight led angry citizens and the prince to the castle and easily got inside. While they were fighting with the knights of the castle, the servant made way to the princess. “Take my clothes and I’ll wear yours. We are twins and they’ll never know!” he begged with a sorrowful smile. The girl took the clothes and got changed. The servant was now the princess and the princess the servant to the citizens. The true princess snuck away while her brother was put in the dungeon.

The next day the “princess” was to be killed. He was put in the guillotine and the princess stood in the crowd with tearful eyes. She was a mess and had the hood of her cloak over her head. The tears fell from her eyes as her brother said, “Oh, it’s time for tea.” That had been her line. The church bells rang and the blade met its mark. Blood splattered and the princess ran from the sight. The red knight knew that they had switched places but she let the princess run away. The prince cheered with the crowd and the truth would never be revealed.

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