*I'm Here*(Prince Of Tennis Love Story, Part 3)~I'm Not That Good~

In this part, Vallery has a little match with Ryoma. Enjoy. ^.^

Created by tennisanimewolfgirl on Saturday, March 03, 2012

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~Vallery's POV~
My eyes slowly fluttered open only to be met by the first rays of light coming from my window. I sighed contently and snuggled my head into my pillow, and pulled the covers up to cover more of me. I hadnt heard my alarm clock go off yet, so I figured that I could rest just a bit longer. Big mistake.
"Yo Val! You up?" I heard the very loud voice of my older brother Jake call.
I cringed slightly at the loudness of his voice and called back, "No! My alarm clock hasnt went off yet! Why would I be up?" then realizing that Jake naver got up before me I called to him, "Wait a minute. What time is it?"
"7:15." was the reply that got shouted back to me.
At hearing this I practically jumped out of my bed, threw the, very short and very ugly, skirt of the Seigaku uniform on, next was the shirt, and then for the time being I threw the little ribbion that was to be the bow on the green cover around my neck. 'I'll tie it later' was the only thought in my head. My hairs naturally curly so sinc eI thoght my curls were so cute, I just grabbed two hair bows and put my hair in pigtails.
Grabbing my bag I bolted out of my bedroom almost knocking Jake over in the process, "Why didn't you wake me up sooner you bonehead!"
Jake just shrugged and yelled after me, "You never wake up late! I thought you decided not to go to school!"
I rolled my eyes at Jake's lame excuse and thought to myself, 'Idiot. He probably just got up himself. Besides that he should have known I wasn't going to stay home from school today! Tennis practice starts today!'then grabbing a piece of toast off of the table, I slipped my shoes on at the door and out the door I went without a single word.
After running full speed for about 40 minutes. The school was finally in sight, I slid through the gats of the Seigaku with 5 minutes to spare. I fell to the ground my legs on either side of me, my bag lying on the ground next to me, and my hands in between my knees as I panted, completly out of breath. "Thank....god.....I.....made....it...." is what I gasped out between breaths.
I was about to stand up on my own when I saw a hand appear in my plain of view. I stared at the hand with a stupid look until finally looking up to see who the hand belonged to. I immediately smiled as I saw Momoshiro-San.
"Hello Momoshiro-San!" I greeted happily, still not taking the boys hand a sI had actually forgot about it.
Momoshito rolled his eyes, and grabbed my hand softly pulling me to my feet as he said confidently, "I said to call me Momo-Chan, remember?"
I blushed a bit in embarressment and rubbed the back of my head as I said, "Well, yeah. But I did just meet you yesterday. Give some time to get used to that." I couldnt help but laugh slightly at the frown on Momoshiro's face as he picked my bag up for me.
Laughing whole-heartedily I pounced on Momoshiro, wrapping my arms around him and engulfing him in a big hug, "Don't frown! It causes wrinkles!" I think stepped back and winked playfully at the violet eyed boy, and grabbed his arm pulling him along as I said, "Come on! Let's hurry and get to class!"
Momoshiro almost fell as I pulled him along, but he somehow managed to keep himself standing up. Yes, we got many odd stares as I was latched onto Momoshiros arm and pulling him along as he carried my school bag and my tennis bag. It would, I know to most, look like we were a couple, but eh. Who cares. Let them think what the want.
~After school~
The day had progressed much like the day before. I had tried to wake Momoshiro up as he fell asleep, and he again got in trouble for not waking up. Kaidoh escorted me to my next class, and the ones after that. Kaidoh's a pretty nice guy actually. I don't see why everyones so afraid of him. That is, besides the whole actinag like a snake complex.
Anyway, I was now in my tennis outfit practicing with the girls tennis team. Which in my opinion, was not really a practice at all. It was actually very boring. They werent good at all. The girl I was playing with couldnt get the ball over the net half the time, and would stop every five minutes to talk to someone else about one of the regulars. I sighed in frustration and crossing my arms I waited for the girl to stop talking.
~No ones POV~
Oishi, Eiji, Momoshiro, and Kaidoh stood on a court playing doubles against each other. Of course Eiji and Oishi were paired up together, and then Kaidoh and Momoshiro were paired up together. The ball was now on Eiji and Oishi's side of the court and Oishi was doing his ever famous move, the Moon Volley.
"O! Crap!" was what Oishi said as he had lobbed the ball to far and it had flew right over into one of the girls courts.
Eiji started bouncing up and down yelling happily, "Don't mind! Don't mind! We'll get the next point!"
Oishi laughed at his partner, but said, "Well. I'm going to go over to that court to make sure no one got hurt."
With that Oishi left, but he was followed by the three he was playing tennis with. Obviously they were curious to see if anyone had gotten hurt too. Well, all maybe except for Kaidoh. He probably just didnt want to be left alone standing on the court like an idiot.
~Back to Vallery's POV~
"Hey Vallery! Watch out!" Was all I heard before I was promptly hit in the head with a tennis ball.
At the moment of impact I flopped to the gorund falling right on my butt. Yeah, I think i'm gonna have a bruise on my butt now.
I sat there on the ground, rubbing my head with my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes next, I jumped at the sight of Oishi right in front of my face. I fell back in surprise as I stared at a very frantic Oishi.
"O my god! Vallery i'm so sorry! I lobbed the ball to far! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" was his frantic apology. He said them so fast though I had to decipher his words though.
Putting a hand out a moving it in a way as though I was shooing away his apology I said with a bit of awkwardness, "Uh, it's alright Oishi-Smepai. You didn't mean to. And i'm alright."
The next thing he did I was really not expecting, or maybe I was. Hmm. Maybe this is why they call him the 'Mother of Seigaku.'
"Are you sure you alright? How many fingers am I holding up? What day of the week is today? Who am I? What's your great-Great grandmothers name?" was the questions that Oishi asked me, again frantically and I had to decipher it.
"Yes I'm sure. Three. Tuesday. I just said your Oishi. And why in the world would I know that?" I answered each of his questions as I realized what he said.
Oishi sighed contently and helped me up off of the ground as he said, "Good your okay. And I don't know. I just asked whatever came to mind."
I rolled my eyes at him and said sarcastically, "Well that figures."
He laughed and said calmly, "Well now that I know your alright. I guess we'll be getting back to our tennis court."
Looking to the girl I had been playing then to Oishi, I jumped him, grabbing onto his arm and holding it in a hug as an idea came to me. I looke dup to Oishi with my best puppy-dog look and asked in my sweetest most convincing voice, "Oishi-smepai! Can I please come play tennis with the boys?" I then whispered, "These girls can't play tennis at all. It's not helping! all they do is talking about you guys."
Oishi stared at me with a guilty expression, the previous event obviously playing in his mind, then with a sigh he said, "Well. I guess you can practice with us. I mean I don't think Tezuka would mind."
Then with that we walked off to the boys court, while I cheered in victory!
Once at the courts I ran up to Ryoma and tackled him from behind as I asked, ushing Eiji's nickname for the smaller boy, "O-chibi! Play a match with me please!"
Ryoma just pulled his hat down and mumbled, "I guess."
Tezuka gave me a confused expression, obviously wondering why I was there. I just flashed the stone faced captain a peace sign and winked.
Then with that Ryoma and I began our match.
He, not surprisingly, started out with his twist serve. I twirled much like a ballerina would do, and stopped only when I would be able to hit the ball when it bounced toward where my face would have been. I returned the serve getting a return ace. Standing up I pointed my tennis raquet at Ryoma and said confidently, "Your going to have to do better than that to beat me."
My only reply was a smirk and his signatur line, "Mada mada dane."
~After the match~
Ryoma and I walked to the net shaking hands. Ryoma had won. The score was 7-6.
I smiled at my young Kouhei(A younger classmen) and said happily, "Your really good Ryoma! Promise to play me again?"
Ryomas smiled at me and nodded his head as he replyed to me, "Yeah. I'll play you again," then smirking he added, "But only when I think you can beat me."
Jumping over the net I locked my arms around Ryomas neck and whined, "Wah! Don't be so mean Ryoma!" I then let go of him stepping back as I crossed my arms and pouted childishly.
Eiji then jumped on my back, arm over my shoulder lazily as he said, "Yeah O-Chibi! Be nice! She almost beat you! She's just as good as you!" there were then mumbled yeahs, and 'she is really good'
Ryoma just pulled his hat down and said, "Made made dane."
I rolled my eyes, but blushed at how everyone was telling me how good I was, "I-I'm not that good." I stuttered from embaressment.
The whole team broke out in laughter at me as I am usually really confident and hyper, and they had just found a way to make me blush from being embaressed.
~After practice at home~
I laid on my bed, just a few minutes away from sleep. I had already ate dinner, and taken my shower. I had laid down for the day, as I do everyday. The last thirty minutes before I fall asleep I always think about the days events. Tonight, I couldnt help but to smile at everything that had happened. This school year was certainly going to be fun.

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