Love Cuts. (10)

Someone said I should continue this, so if you liked where things were going in the relationship, stop reading-because yes, there will be fights, and yes, there will be drama. Deal. ;)

Created by DefyxxSociety on Sunday, March 04, 2012

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Chapter 10: Oh Where Art Thou, Romeo?

We were the school’s newest “it” couple, Ian and I. Of course, that flattered me, but Ian was not surprised in the least bit.

“I knew we’d become popular,” He stated one day, “I mean, it’s not every day that the guy everyone hates gets together with the prettiest girl in school.” I grinned and pushed him lightly. Suddenly, Emma from my psychology class snuck up behind us and seized my wrist suddenly.

“Hey, I need to talk to you.” And so she pulled me out of the line of traffic, speaking hurriedly but with urgency in her eyes. “You and Ian are official now, right?” I nodded happily, but I had a feeling that that happiness would fade in a moment. “Well I just have to warn you, he’s not known for staring faithful in a relationship.”

“I know,” I rolled my eyes, as I had heard many threats of this sort already. “We talked about it. He says I’m different, and I believe him.” Emma looked like she wanted to say something else, so she prepared one last comment before flitting away:

“Well okay, but don’t come crying to me if you get hurt. And better yet, don’t say you haven’t been warned.”

I blinked, and she was already gone. Was I imagining the whole thing out of paranoia?

“What did Emma want?” Ian scowled at her like she was an ugly insect specimen that you see at the museum.

“Nothing of importance…” I replied, but I knew in my heart that that statement was false. Apparently, Ian knew, too.

“No, seriously. She looked like she was telling you some horribly tragic sob story or something.” He said. I let out a relieved breath and laughed along with him.

“Not even close.” I assured him. “Don’t worry about it.” We continued walking down the rapidly emptying corridor and followed the funnel of kids into the English room.

We were to start the play Romeo and Juliet in our class, since we had just finished reading the story. Now, we would be performing live 2 weeks from now (even if it was only thing), and we were in a panic finding out who got what role. I honestly didn’t care-I knew I was an awful actress, and I didn’t plan on getting any major roles. Ian, however…he had hidden a secret talent from me. Last week I had watched him audition, and he was phenomenal. I was positive he would get the role Romeo. But what I was anxious was about was…who got the role of Juliet?

I elbowed my way through the sea of students to catch a glimpse of the list, and it turned out that an acquaintance of mine named Carly would be performing the part. I was forever thankful, because she was neither the charming type nor the type to steal someone else’s boyfriend.

“Can you believe it?!” Someone exclaimed from behind me, and I felt a large pair of arms embrace me.

“Congratulations, Ian. You deserved it.” Then I remembered and began to chide him. “And why didn’t you tell me you could act, anyway?”

“I didn’t think it was relevant.” He replied coolly. But I wasn’t finished with him quite yet.

“But what about all the times we talked about what we like to do for fun and all that personal stuff?” I thought for a moment that Ian had a worried expression on his face, but I wasn’t sure because it was gone in that same instant.

“I didn’t say I enjoyed it.” He said flatly.

“How could you NOT? You’re amazing at it!” I continued to argue-something just wasn’t adding up here.

“Because,” Ian lowered his voice and steered me away from the crowd of kids to prevent somebody from listening in. “Look, I’ve seen all the guys in the drama department here at school.”

“Yeah, and?” I placed an accusing hand on my hip.

“They all have a rep.”

“For being gay?” I finished his sentence for him, and he nodded shyly. “But, you’re dating me, and kids know you. I’m sure they won’t think that.” Ian still appeared uneasy.

“Yeah, but do you know how often the people here get bullied for being in the plays and musicals?! I am the instigator of bulling, not the victim, and I want to keep it that way.” He began to get angry, for reasons unknown to me.

“That’s a pretty shallow thing to say, don’t you think?”

“Whatever, you don’t get it.” Ian growled and prepared to stomp away, but not before I snatched his arm and forced him to stare me in the face.

“It’s okay to like acting. You have talent, and people never ridicule someone who has talent.” I comforted him.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I mean, look at Michael Jackson. One of the most talented guys of his time, yet everyone made fun of his looks.”

“He did that to himself,” I pointed out, “And you haven’t done anything that someone could tease you about.” Then, a funny look passed over Ian’s face; a shadow of dread. I noticed him glance in the direction of all the kids surrounding the play’s cast list.

“That wasn’t my point.” His voice was distant.

“Then what was?” The question finally snapped him back to reality, and he was steamed again in an instant.

“Never mind, forget it.” This time, I let him storm away-I had learned once long ago not to bother an angry man beyond a certain point.

As the days went on, I found myself getting increasingly jealous of Ian and Carly working together. The way they interacted both onstage and off was like a well-oiled machine They seemed to be perfect for one another, but Ariel assured me that I had nothing to worry about.

“They used to date forever ago, but it never really worked out. They’re totally over each other.” But I was not convinced. I remember reading somewhere that no matter how good a person’s facial expression was, their eyes could always reveal the truth. I never really got a good look at Ian’s eyes, but Carly’s always lit up whenever she saw him. To me, there was no question that she had a thing for him, so I had to find out as soon as possible if he felt the same way.

The thought literally tore me apart.

Whenever I was worried about something, I always came crawling back to my razor. It wasn’t like anyone cared enough to notice, anyway. That is, all except one person.

“You really haven’t kicked the habit by now?” Jeremy asked me one day after lunch as we walked to band together.

“What are you talking about?” I decided to play dumb, but I was aware that he saw right through me. This fact scared me a bit, and he knew it. Hell, he knew just about everything about me.

“You’re cutting again.” He lifted my sleeve, where only faint scars were present, and I tried my best not to look smug-I guess switching to my legs was a smart plan, after all. “Oh.”

“Yeah. I’ll do you a favor and pretend like this conversation never happened.” I smirked and left him to grab my instrument from my cubby, feeling a bit guilty that I had tricked him, but not quite guilty enough to tell the truth.

On the other hand, though, he was the one who deserved my honesty the most, considering he had always stuck by me.

“Jeremy, wait.” I dashed up to him as he oiled the valves on his trumpet. “I’m sorry, you were right.” He looked at me questionably and slowly rose, asking me to go on with his eyes. “I’m still doing it, but I’ve been doing it on my legs.” A classmate who was in earshot raised an eyebrow at me, as the phrase could be taken sexually, then chuckled and walked away. I pulled Jeremy closer and whispered, “How did you know?”

“Easy,” he shrugged, “You always cut when you’re upset, and I can tell the whole Ian-and-Carly thing is freaking you out.”

“Wow,” I gasped, “Have you been stalking my life?”

“Nah,” He laughed, “You’re just really obvious about it.”

I swallowed nervously and took my seat for class. Maybe he was right; but then, how come he could sense it, but my own boyfriend was oblivious?

But hey, Ian said himself that he could be pretty damn stupid.

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