A Jayy Von Monroe Oneshot For lisathemcrlover

Sorry it took me SO SO SO SO long to get this done. :/ lots of things have happened since you've asked for this oneshot. So I hope you like it. It was a bit challenging if i do say so myself, but then again I knew like nothing of hime. Lol. ^.^

Created by ranma326 on Sunday, March 04, 2012

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PUfoXutzy.jpgPicture030Xuuu.jpgName: Lee
Age: 20
Race/ species: White Scottish girl
Personality: Shy when u first get to know me but if u piss me off I will kick ur ass :) people say I’m emo
Family: Big bro emo 21, mum, dad not around
Friends: Bff is Jamie and Kat
Enemies: Beth she hates me so much
Crush: Jayy Von Monroe
Looks: Black hair with blue in it, blue eyes and small for my age

I stood there, my heart stuck in my throat. "What do you mean by we’re through?"

Jayy didn’t turn around but he responded with, "I mean we are done." With that he walked away and I just stood there. As my tears started to make trails down my face and ruining my make-up rain started to pour down.

Jayy was hooked on his computer. "What are you doin’?" I questioned out of curiosity.

He quickly shut his computer and said, "Nothing."

I pouted and said, "I don’t but that." He set me down on top of his lap and just held me there for a bit. "Are you going to tell me? Or do I have to look it up myself?" I questioned him and he chuckled.

"Hun, you don’t know my password," he said shrewdly.

I raised an eyebrow and said, "You wanna bet?" I then opened his laptop and typed in XXXXX and pressed enter. A modeling screen popped up. "You’re trying to become a model?" I asked as I turned to look at him.

His expression was priceless. He was still shocked that I knew his password. "…Don’t be mad…" he mustered out, dumbfounded.

I rolled my eyes. "Don’t be ridiculous! I think it’s great!" I exclaimed and kissed the side of his mouth, the one with the piercing on it of course.


"Yeah, just promise that you won’t change, okay?"

He wrapped his arms around me and said, "Nothing’s gonna change, not for me or you."

"Lee snap out of it!" Jamie exclaimed as she snapped her fingers in front of my face.

"Ahh! Sorry!" I exclaimed sheepishly.

"Come on! They’re starting soon!" Kat shouted excitedly as she pulled both of us to the front of the stage.

"Who are we here to see again?" I questioned.

"Blood on the Dance Floor," Jamie said in a ‘duh’ tone of voice.

"Oh. Ummm. Okay," I said kind of unsure.

"The first song they’re going to sing is called Bewitched," Kat enthused.

The already dim lights blacked out and music started to play. Lots of people were screaming, mostly girls, including Kat and Jamie. I had never really paid attention to this band before so I had no clue who the members were. But I guess I’d get to know at the meet and greet afterwards. The strobe lights made my eyes blur a bit but after a while I got used to it.

I stood in disbelief at who the band members were. I KNEW THEM!! …Well I knew the two singers anyway.

After the show I, mostly unwilling, went backstage with Jamie and Kat. I quickly adverted facing Jayy and walked over to Dahvie. "You guys are getting on quite nicely," I told Dahvie and when he turned to actually look at me his eyes went wide.

"L-!" before he could get my name out I covered his mouth.

"Shh! Shh! Not so loud," I scolded him and gave him a hug.

"It’s so great to see you! I haven’t seen u since…" he trailed off and I sighed.

"Same here," I responded and turned to take a quick look at Jayy. He was talking enthusiastically with Kat and Jamie. "He looks like he’s been doin’ well," I commented and Dahvie nodded.

"And how have you been holding up?" he asked, concerned.

I waved it off saying, "It’s been four years, I’m fine!" But my voice broke on my last word, a tell-tale sign that I really wasn’t.

"Lee!" Kat shouted and I turned to look at her. "You HAVE to meet Jayy Von Monroe!" she exclaimed excitedly and I sighed.

"I guess it’s now or never…" I muttered and Dahvie gave me a pat on the back. I walked over to the three of them and poked Jayy in the side. He spun around and he was surprisingly taken aback by seeing me. "You guys were great out there!" I said in a fake enthusiastic voice that could fool anyone. Except Jayy.

"It’s been a long time," he said with a tight smile.

Jamie and Kat got confused. "Lee, do you two know each other?" they asked in unison.

I hesitated but said, "No, not really. I think I saw him at Starbucks once." I turned to him. "It was Starbucks right?" I questioned and he was slightly shocked by the cold look I was giving him.

"Uh. Yeah, I believe so," he stumbled out and Jamie gave me a look that said ‘behave yourself’.

"Well, it was nice seeing you again, Mr. Monroe. I won’t be taking up anymore of your time," I said and started to walk away only to stop short of what he shouted back at me. "What?" I questioned bewildered.

"I said I still love you!" he shouted and everyone around us, including me, was shocked. "Lee, I am such a terrible person. I regretted ever breaking up with you. Will you forgive me?" he asked or more like begged.

I turned around and said, "Answer me this: Why did you break up with me in the first place?"

He was silent for a bit then replied, "I didn’t want to drag you down. You were going to go somewhere in life and I was just your rock star boyfriend. I didn’t want you to be worried about press makin’ up some kind of rumor that I was cheatin’ on you."

I rolled my eyes and walked right up to him. "I don’t give a flying-wack-a-doodle what people make up. If you were to tell me that you didn’t do certain things that the media says you did, honestly, who do you think I’d believe first? I even SUPPORTED you when you were just a garage boy band! Do you honestly think I’d just give up so easily on all those happy memories we shared while we were together? Really, Jayy?" I questioned him, aggravated.

He didn’t speak but just shook his head causing me to smirk in return. I placed my hand on his neck and pulled him down to my – very – short height for a kiss. "All is forgiven," I said after we broke apart. Kat and Jamie both ‘aw’ed at us.
~The End~
Apic. ^.^

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