~A good summer vacation~ A Grimmjow Jackerjack love story

Hey guys I decided to do something different oh and be were of SPELLING I SUCK AT IT

Created by grimmjowsgirl342 on Sunday, March 04, 2012


Name: Miko

Age: 16

Race: Human with powers

Looks: Long pink hair that goes down her back, light sea green eyes, nice hour glass body, you wear your school uniform but outside of school you usually wear a sleeveless black dress and black shoes.


Personality: Tough, nice, funny, out going, likes to have fun, serious, shy, quiet, clumsy

Power: You can see the future. Meaning that you can see how everyone's future. You can tell when your having a vision by staring out into space for a long time.

Bio: when she was five she found out that her parents died in a car crash. They were going to there aniversary dinner intill an 18 wheeler truck hit there side. They instently died. After that you began to see other people's future. At first you were afraid of it; then after a while you got used to it. At age 15 you went to Katakuta town and started school there. Thats when you ment Ichigo. So in conclusion he took you in and now you are apart of his family.

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