::Hug:: [Russia/Ivan-Hetalia]

>> Another random, first thing written for hetalia in like forever lol x chyaaaah ;3

Created by OtakuuzPerrv on Thursday, March 08, 2012

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“So, why do you hug me all the time, da?” The childishly intimidating silverette looked
on, confused as eyes met with [name]’s.
Lips opened slightly as an immense sigh rushed through softly.

“Because you big goof ball, I like you. . .Da?” Mocking the man with a little
smirk of her own, her [e/c] orbs glanced over at him from her side as her head lay rest on her small hands.
Speaking with a mouth full of hamburgers, she giggled with speckles of sesame seeds sprawled at the corner of her lips.

Whilst ignoring the purple aura gathering around his vast frame, he scooted closer to [name]
as she looked ahead at the T.V, bored as usual on a Sunday morning.

“So how about you start hugging m-”
“No Ivan, you silly goof ball.”
Retorting back after a quick bite of the fast food gloop, she wiped the smirk that was once apparent on his thin lips, and now dusted upon them a deep frown.

“You’re a meanie, [name].” Gripping onto his faucet pipe with an iron grip, he
smiled back as he moved away from said girl.

Noticing this, [name] smirked while gulping the burger down with a gush of coke.
“Don’t you even dare think about hitting me, neh?”
“I swear the though didn’t even cross my mind, da.” Smiling with such brusqueness they both
chuckled before lashing their ‘hug-friendly’ love for each-other
ever so . . . physically.

“You’re mine now.”

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