►I Just Had Sex - America & England◄

We hope you enjoy this creation as much as we did writing it xDD All day in a roleplay PassionateKisses and Lil Ann13 couldnt stop laughing at the thought of this actually happening. Let us know what you think with a Rate&Message :3 Thanks - P.S THIS IS NOT YAOI!

Created by BestXbeyblade on Thursday, March 08, 2012


Opening one eye to register to the sound of an alarm clock, the half asleep dominant European power reached out his arm across his luxurious king sized to bed to the side table, trying to knock the alarm. Except when the blond male got hold of the alarm he noticed it wasn’t shaking like a violent spasm. “Hmmm?” Arthur gave into the sound and opened his eyelids to reveal his panda dark lime green eyes in the empty darkness of the bedroom.

Ring Ring Ring ~

“The telephone?” He yawned and slowly reached over to the other side of the king sized bed weakly. “Who the devil would call at 3am in the morning?” Britain groaned in annoyance before taking the call. “Hello Kirkland residence.” Hoping this better be worth the wake up call or someone will be feeling the wrath of his witch craft later on.

Excitement was bubbling out of the hero's body, he needed to share his amazing new experience with his big brother " DUDE! Glad I caught you! I got something totally awesome to tell you Yo!" Alfred announced forgetting about the time delay between the two countries.

“It is too early to hear your whinny voice.” England hissed and sat himself up straight to get himself comfortable. “But now you have my attention, you might as well spill the oh so exciting news.” The posh gentlemen commented rather dully, yet secretly quite curious as to what the huge big announcement is. Was it a new plane? A new invade plan that required back up?

Oh! Finally he had someone to listen to his accomplishment, Alfred was filled with pride "I just had sex! For the first time and it felt so good!" America said, still on a high from the incredible new feeling he had. It was totally out of this world!!

Suddenly feeling his lime green eyes widening after registering what he just heard, for some reason now the dominant European power just felt like hanging the phone back up and going back to sleep; to only dream of a nightmare -.-; “Well....” Thinking before he spoke, but Arthur burst. “Congratulations on two things, firstly, well done for waking me you twit! Its 3am! Secondly annoying the bloody arse off me! Why did you even have to call me?” The blond demanded shaking with frustration from being over tired.

"I had to call and tell you! It felt so good." He didn't pay attention to the grumpy sound of Arthur's voice, America was to happy and satisfied "It felt so nice! I am never going to stop dude! Yo, she let me do it all and I was totally the best ever at it!" Alfred kept talking reaching for a ice cold coke at the same time.

“You vile man.” The thought of his younger brother becoming a real man made a shiver run through the elder man’s muscular figure. “Yes it feels jolly fantastic. I get it! Now goodnight Alfred and do not contact me again for such ridiculous purposes.” Britain without a care in the world then slammed the phone down and bit his lower lip twitching with annoyance. “Out of all the times hes riled me, this has to be the best.” The country registered to himself.

But once his temper soothed, the lime green eyed blond though of a worrying thought for the country so suddenly, being a elder role model has its consequences and sadly it did bother Arthur about the fact the younger country didn’t know the dangers of life. Perhaps I should ring him back and ask if he worn a condom – He sighed to himself.



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