Fenris One-shot for Dragonagegirl

Created by harrypotterfan45678 on Sunday, March 11, 2012


I went walking into fenris' mansion to see where he was cuz i really need to talk to him. My name is Syd and im in love with Fenris but he is always flirting with me and i want to know why? Is he just toying with me or does he care about me for real? As i was walking to the kitchen someone gave me a hug from behind and i knew it was him with his glowing arms and all. "hey syd what are you doing here, i was just going to go to your house to find you?" Fenris told me. "oh yeah i wanted to come talk to you and its important so can we go talk at the table or we can sit on the couch" i told him."well i was hoping that we could cuddle in bed but you should serious so lets talk in the living room"he told me with a grin on his face. once we were in the living room i got kinda nervous and i so just came out and said it " Fenris i want to know if you actually like me or your just playing around with my heart for fun" i said sad and mad at the same time. "Syd now why would i play around with someone's heart as beautiful as yours. You are the light of my life and i could live without you in my life. Now i thought you were playing around with my heart" he told me with so much passion. "Oh Fenris i would never do that to you, and you are beautifull to me too and you are my sexy broody elf you know that right"i told him with lots of passion. Than we comes over to where im sitting and starts to snog me and so i think im in heaven. we stop and he tells me "Syd you are my life and my one love be mine forever"

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