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As title says this is a race to witch mountain Seth love story. I have noticed that on quizilla that there aren't a lot of these stories and worse most of them aren't completed. I'm devastated by this so I'm here to change that. I adore Alexander Ludwig, I'm so excited to see him in the Hunger Games. I recon he will make a fantastic Cato. Enjoy

Created by MysteryXWriter on Saturday, March 17, 2012


Roxanne 'Roxy'


Unlike the people on her planet Roxy has shoulder length, bright, vibrant red hair that contrasts greatly against her chocolate shaped brown eyes. She is fairly tan, had high and defined cheek bones and a gorgeous smile. Like all the rest of the people on her planet she is tall and skinny.


Her family consists of her mother, who has looks most like her daughter, and her father, who has the natural blonde hair and blue eyes. They work as scientists, trying to create a better environment for their beloved planet. Roxy's family have a stable relationship with Sara and Seth's family.


Enhanced Invisibility- Able to make yourself, others and objects unseen to the naked eyes, scanners and trackers. Most are unable to posses such as power as it creates great risks to use.

Force Field Generation- Creating an energy barrier around or in front of oneself or others for protection.


Roxy was sent to Earth by her parents to look her a device to help her parents. She has been on Earth for almost a year before Seth and Sara were sent to complete her mission, believing she had failed.


For the purposes of this story, I shall be using Ariana Grande to portray Roxy.

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