pt1 Revenge is Sweet and its my Sweet Revenge[Neji Hyuuga]

okay well...erm...i will probly get Nejis charater way off course from wut it really dont hate me!oh and this takes place right wen they get there teams.and Nejis team knos who Sasuke,Sakura and Naruto are.

Created by I.AM.YOUR.ALTER.EGO. on Sunday, April 09, 2006


Name:Uchiha Hotaru[yes i said it Uchiha.and your name means firefly]
Hair color:black/dark blue
eye color:black,but sometimes Red
Looks:a female version of Sasuke.
other:She considers her self the forgotten child.She has masters the Sharingan.[like Itachi]most ppl believe that shes a guy, because of her features.or at least she opens her mouth.she loves to fool ppl this way.most of the time she doesnt care or at least acts like she doesnt even if she does.she pretty strong.she doesnt normally use kunai.she uses katanas that ninjas use.
Background:she is the younger twin of Sasuke and her.everybody ignored her unless they needed something.she was a slave of her own family.she loves revenge.and she plans on getting it on Sasuke and Itachi.and last but not least she has a pet albino ferret named Sora.Sora only listens to Hotaru.she loves shiny object.
time for the story!!!^^
ss: i walked into the Leaf Ninja Academy.i hoped that Sasuke had at least made it here finally.i had met up with Iruka-senpai earlier.he knew that i really didnt need to be here.i found it,well...entertaining.i wore a hooded cape that covered my face.I told Iruka-senpai not to mention my last name.i wanted to surprise my older bro.just to see his face.i stood outside the door.Iruka-senpai had started the class.
"Iruka-senpai...can i come in now?"i asked in a sweet voice.i put on my beat up head band around my waist.[like Ino.i hate her.]
"oh yea.class we have a visitor today.her name is Hotaru."the was my cue to enter the room.they all stared at me.
"we cant even see her face!"an annyoing girls voice sounded."shes a freak!"i decided to remove my hood.reavling my long bangs and my spiked up was naturally like that.they stared at me and stared mummring amongst them sevles.i scaned the room.i stopped at sasuke.i smiled.and ran/jumped to his desk.
"SASUKE-CHAN!!!"i shouted.hugging him.
"get off of me."he said plainly."how do you kno my name and why do you look like me?"
"silly,Sasu-chan,doesnt even remember his own sister."i laughed.i got in his face and got serious.
"dont worry you will wen i get my sweet tasting will."i whispered in his ear.Sora clawed my leg.i picked her up and put her on my head.
"wuts with the rat."a blonde boy asked.Sora perked up and my eyebrow twiched.Sora ran up to him.she hissed and bit his finger.
"thats Sora and shes not a rat shes a ferret.isnt that right my little Sora-chan."i cuddled her.
"Hotaru,can you come down here plz."Iruka-senpai asked me."why dont you tell them something about your self."he told me.i smirked.this was going to be fun.
"well as you guys have probly figured out already,unless of course your too stupid for your own good,my name is Uchiha Hotaru.and im Sasukes younger twin sister.BE FIVE LOWSY-STINKEN MINUTES!"i pratcically distroyed Irukas desk."bad Hotaru*hits cheek*keep calm.but yea,i dont mind it if you call me Firefly...wut else..."Sora moved on my head."oh yea ^^;; this is Sora,my ferret.dont try to touch her.she will bite you.oh and im a Chuunin.^^"i smiled.
"but your younger than could you be a Chuunin."
"cuz im mored skilled than you or Sasuke will ever hope to and will be."the class went on.the boy with blonde hair,who i found out his name was Naruto, was squating on the desk in front of Sasuke.he was aruuing with him.i saw somebody hit Naruto on accident.Naruto fell over locking lips with Sasuke.everybody stared in shock at them.i burst out laughing.they broke the kiss.gagging and spitting.
"GOD!my mouth has been poisned!"Naruto shouted.the girl with pink hair,her name Sakura,started beating up Naruto.i calmed down some.
"AWWWWWWW...thats soooo cute!Sasuke-chan has a lover!^^And Sasuke i thought you were straight...who knew that you liked them on your own team."
"shut up!i dont believe that your part of my clan!they were--"
"killed 4 years ago,by our dear brothe Itachi-chan.and his reason:to test his strength.but wut did he do?he spared you.but wut did he tell you...oh yes i remeber now.*immitates Itachi*Foolish little brother.If you want to kill me then hate,spite, and survive pathetically.and from wut i can tell...youve done everything except the hate him,no you loathe him.and you live pathetically.and if you still dont believe me.look at my eyes."i changed them to the Sharingan.Sasuke was in shock.
"then all of this is true..but how come i dont kno you?"he asked in a serious voice.
"i am the forgotten child as i lovingly refer to my self.while you were always in Itachis shadow.i was in everybody elses inculding yours.why you got more attention than a complete mystery to me,cuz im just like Itachi-chan."
"why dont you hate him?why dont you want to take revenge on him?!!"he shouted in a monotone voice.
"i never said i didnt hate him.i just dont hate him as much as i hate you.but i guess the reason is, you remember the day our clan was killed?"he nodded."do you remember some laughter?"again he nodded."that was me.i was happy wen they were killed.always leaving me out of while you see it as a thing to take revenge upon.i see it as he did me a favor.but you my,Sasuke-chan,you are going to kill you."Sakura got angry.
"why do you hate Sasuke-kun so much.he nver did anything to you,did he?"she said in a kno-it-all voice.
"thats the whole are you slo.if he fan even paid any attention to me,he would have remembered me."
"im guessing he ignored you and thats why you lived."Sasuke said.
" lived because i ran away from home.i sat ina tree looking at pictures of our clan.ripping them all.i hated everybody.the only time they noticed me was wen they needed something.and the real reason i hate you some much is because you betrayed me.they day before our clan was killed i had just finished my chores and walked by your door.i heard you talking.i kno evesdropping,bad!but i heard were talking about me.your exact words were:'shes such a burreden the Hotaru.shes always following us.shes like a lost puppy.GOD!shes so annyoing.and she cant do anything right.'that hurt me the most.i ran into my small ass room and cryed my eyes out.i hate you so much!you and Itachi-chan were my idols.i respected you guys.but wen you said that i felt so much anger and rage.i was blinded by my anger and i ran away.and wen the Jounin recovered the corpses i laughed at all of them."they were staring at me.i smirked and walked off.Sora jumped onto my shoulder then up to my head.i left the building right wen Iruka-senpai was walking in.
"i hope you dont mind but i set up the teams.i thought that Sasukes team could use a little more your there Chuunin."i waved letting him kno it was okay.i walked into the forest.Sora ran off my head running into some bushes.
"AWWWW come on Sora come back."i chased after her.i heard some ppl training.Sora stopped and i picked her up.i looked behind the tree and....

to the results!!!
okay this is my first Neji story.or rather my first Naruto type story period.rate high and Message mee telling mee how i did.and sorry that there was no Neji in this one.hell be in the next one!^^

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