RAIRA ACADEMY 2 // Mr. Kida Masaomi

|| reader x Masaomi Kida || I HAVE SUCH A BIG FUCKING BIAS FOR MASAOMI, CAN YOU TELL? 8U!! Oh, and smut warning. Like, don’t read if you’re afraid of things getting hot all up in confined spaces. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Created by coolandironic on Thursday, March 22, 2012

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english class.

RAIRA ACADEMY 2 © coolandironic


“Ohhh! He’s so dreamy!”

“Like a real prince charming!”

“I could just stare at him all day!”

“Do you remember when we did the Romeo and Juliet unit? Ohh! He made the most perfect Romeo!”

Teenage girls fawned outside of the classroom to their friends, clutching their blushing faces and giggling to themselves. [Name] spared them a side-glance from the corner of her [e/c] eyes, not really thinking much of whom or what they were squealing too obnoxiously about. She didn’t care for gossip, much.

Ugh, it’s [L. Name]-san…”

That is, if it wasn’t about her.

Slowing her steps a bit, the [h/c] teen tuned her ears into the conversation.

“I heard she’s Kida-sensei’s teacher assistant; the lucky bitch.”

Upon hearing this [Name] chuckled to herself and strode down the hall to the exact classroom in which the teacher in question held his class. Mister Kida was very handsome, young, and a truly great educator; he agreed to [Name] being his assistant because she was so passionate about the English language, about writing, poetry, and literature – but, there were various other…reasons as to why he’d spend his free period with his star pupil.

Sure, he was a grown man of twenty four; however his fetish for girls in school uniforms had still stuck around ever since he graduated. He blessed the mini skirt Gods for allowing Raira to have such delightfully short skirts.

= = = = = = =

“Kida-sensei, I’m here! Do you have any work for me to do?”

[Name] called, placing her bag down on the teacher’s desk at the front of the classroom. He wasn’t there? Maybe he was in the back room getting supplies? The young woman blinked her [e/c] eyes and headed towards the supply room, the place where all the text books and novels are kept.

“Oh! [Name]-chan! I’m back here! I-I could use a bit of help, yeah. Ha ha!”

the blonde teacher shouted, poking his head out from around the corner and grinned at [Name] with a cute, school-boy smile. An obvious amount of blush slowly crept across the [h/c] teen’s cheeks and a little bit down her neck. Disappearing back into the secluded room in the back of the classroom, Mister Kida had begun to hum to himself a tune without lyrics.

Typically, when she was asked to venture into the back room…

As soon as [Name] entered, the door was shut and a pair of lips attacked her mouth, hard and urgent. Nails bit into the sides of her flushed, red face and a sweet groan rumbled in the back of her throat. Pressing against her, the young Japanese English teacher pinned the girl to the door, sliding his nimble fingers through her silky [h/c] hair and tasted, kissing her with fervor. This was something he never got tired of.

“M-mister…Mister Kida…!”

she groaned between heated kisses, taking a handful of golden hair as his hands dropped down to seize her hips, guiding them forcefully into his own as his mouth placed hot kiss by hot kiss down the exposed bits of [Name]’s neck, until he found the collar of her shirt.

“Call me Masaomi, sweetheart.”

he teased, teeth grazing over the skin above [Name]’s shirt collar. All the sensations this man was giving her prickled her nerve-endings and sent a foreign buzz whizzing through her brain, throwing her into a euphoric, cloudy stage of pleasure. Her eyelids felt heavier, keeping them open was growing increasingly difficult.

She burned immensely and the only thing that was done to appease the heated libido that was coursing through the both of them was the cold touch of Kida-sensei’s hands gliding across her adolescent skin, up her naked thighs and under her uniform skirt. He wanted her so badly, his fingers ached so much to touch her when she was sitting cross-legged in his classroom. That [e/c] stare her eyes held, those long lashes when she batted them in his direction, it almost felt like a hurricane blew through the class whenever she blinked.

His skin burned of a fever that no medicine could cure.

[Name]’s legs wrapped hurriedly around the young educator’s hips as he pressed her into the door, his tongue licked heatedly at his collar bone as his fingers worked to un-button her uniform collar. [Name]’s own were busy at work to untie Masaomi’s navy blue tie.

Roughly, the undeniable hunger he honed for the young high school student proved to be too great for the blonde teacher, Masaomi grinded his hips into [Name]’s pelvis. A small sound hissed passed the young lady’s lips and her fingers curled around her sensei’s strong shoulders, feeling as if her balance was knocked off center.

Doing this was entirely wrong, this was not how a student should build a relationship with their teacher, and this was taboo; sinful. But, in a sense, [Name] didn’t see Masaomi as her teacher, she saw him as her equal, her lover, her best friend outside of school; she never wanted to be without him. More often than not, she felt absolutely ugly standing beside such a beautiful and handsome young man like Mister Kida, his youthful face attracted so much more attractive women than herself.

She was a Plain Jane compared to her Prince Charming.

He noticed her sudden cease in activity and paused his own ministrations, his face lifted from her shoulder and his eyes tried to meet her own. [Name] didn’t look at him. So, instead the charming High School English teacher placed a sweet kiss to his younger lover’s cheek, seeing as how her insecurities were getting the best of her.

“Is something wrong?”

he breathed against her blushing skin. He turned his head a bit to the side and began to rub his cheek with her own, nuzzling her in the slightest. Doing this caused a small, closed-mouth smile to lift the corners of [Name]’s lips. She always did adore it when Masaomi acted like this, it was like there wasn’t a seven-year age gap between the both of them and they were just a couple of young people in love.

“Not really…but, should we be doing this in you backroom? What if someone comes in?”

[Name] whispered, gripping the blonde teacher’s shirt urgently.

And then, as if on cue, a knock resounded on the walls in the classroom just outside the storage closet and a familiar voice called out to Kida-sensei; a nervous, ever calculating voice.

“Masaomi! I brought your lunch from the teacher’s lounge! I thought we could have lunch together today!”

It was Raira’s mathematics teacher, Ryugumine Mikado-sensei. He was about the same age as Masaomi, if not older.

“Masaomi? Are you here?”

They both exchanged quick glances before they both scrambled to get their clothes and hair straightened out. The twenty-four year old man smoothed out and re-tucked his shirt into his black slacks and re-tied his tie as quickly and efficiently as possible in such a confined amount of space. His golden eyes shifted to catch his young student pulling down the edges of her uniform skirt to get it back to its proper length, and smooth out her ruffled [h/c] hair.

She was truly the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on.

Swiftly, he took hold of [Name]’s hand and swooped in to peck her cheek, a short and gentle kiss.

Stay here until we’re gone.”

He whispered before opening the door and stepping into the classroom, throwing up his arms into air he shouted to his best friend since childhood.

“Mikado! Oh gosh, did I forget about our lunch date? I’m sorry, buddy! I was just organizing some books in the back room, is all! You know how I am about good ‘ol alphabetized novels from all the great American writers!”

“U-uh, sure, w-whatever you say, Masaomi…”

Peering out from the back room, [Name] smiled to herself, catching a small glimpse of gold as her secret lover disappear around the corner, arm around his best friend and his hand clutching the lunch she had made him.

He was a wonderful man and an even more wonderful knight in shining armor.


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