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Forgive me for posting late. I was planning to update a chapter sooner, but my computer was attacked by a Trojan and took some time to get rid of it. Also I've been addicted to Fairy Tail, get series. Well enjoy everyone.

Created by JewJewRaver on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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I hear a knock at my door.

“Yeah?” I call out without taking my eyes off the math book. The door opens and I look to see Sasuke entering my room. “Hey” I greet him.

Sasuke joins me on the bed. “Where’s that robot egg that we were assign to babysit?”

“On my desk” I get up from my bed, quickly grab the egg, and get back to my original position on the bed. I hand him the pink egg.

He examines it. “What did you name it?”

I stay silent.

When I didn’t answer, Sasuke turns his head to have his eyes stare me. Even with that chill stare, still no answer. “Eko, what did you name it”

I groan and close the text book. I hide my face in the pillows. He sighs. “Did you not name it?” “No, I did” I manage to muffle out. “Then what it is?!” Sasuke’s patience grows thin. “I rather not tell you” I muffle through the pillows again. “It can’t be that bad”

Oh…but it is.

I peek out from my pillow. I sigh and lift my head.


Sasuke raise an eye brow and leans in close to me. “I didn’t catch that? What?” “MELLY, OK?!” I scream this time. I grab the pillow and hide my embarrassment blushing face.

“Melly…as in Melly the Crazy Kitty? That show for-”

“One year olds?! Yes! That same fucking one!!” I finish the sentence for him. Silence passes back for a brief moment before Sasuke said “Maybe it was best if you didn’t tell me” “Oh shut up! You’re the one that wanted to know! I’m not good at picking name in the spot” I pout.

“I feel sorry for your kids”

“Hey, don’t go there!” I glare.

He chuckles and lies right next to me. “Do you know what we have to dress up as tomorrow?” “Cartoon Day, dress up as your favorite cartoon or anime character. Whichever you’re into”

“I don’t know what to dress up as. I don’t watch very many cartoons or anime”

“Melly the Crazy Kitty will work” Sasuke said so smugly. I hit him with my pillow. “Not helping” but I look at him to ask “What are you going to be?”

“I’ll just pick on a stupid cape and no questions are asked”

“That’s so lame” I roll my eyes.

In the same smug voice he said. “At least it’s something, unlike you”

Sasuke dodge my pillow attack this time. “Whatever, I’ll think of something” I huff out. “If you say so” Sasuke leans over me to grab the T.V remote on my nightstand and turns on the T.V. At the same time, Sasuke and I get a text.

I open my mine to see it’s from Hinata.

From Hinata:

The girls and I are going shopping for dresses at the mall tomorrow after school for that dance on Friday. I don’t know if you’re playing to wear a dress or guy stacks lol but I thought I’d invite you :)”

A guy stacks do sound fun, but wait…what dance?

“There’s a dance this Friday?” I ask Sasuke. “Yeah, Homecoming” Sasuke is replying to his text. “Naruto just invited me to go clothes shopping with him and some of the guys”

“Hinata just asked me the same thing. Only dresses” I tell him, but I frown at the thought of getting another dress.

“What’s the problem?”

I sigh “I don’t have any money on me, not since that stupid chick broke my mother’s credit card. I still haven’t told my mother about it yet” “You can wear one of the dresses that you got the other day, and if you see something you like I’ll buy it for you” Sasuke said as if it was nothing.

“Thanks and I’ll pay you back. I promise”

Sasuke smirks at what I said. I tilt my head and was about to ask why he was smirking, but there is a knock at my door. Itachi walks in to say “Dinners ready if you two are hungry”

“Be right down” I smile. Sasuke nods and gets up from my bed. I do the same and we both walk out of my room.

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