California Love Cast [[Lil Twist | Diggy FanFic]]

New Temeka Roman.

Created by TeamPrettyyxx3 on Friday, March 30, 2012

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Avy Lena Roman ; Seventeen years old

From Queens, New York

Dominican | Caucasian | African American

Best-friend Gisele Paulino.

Cousin Indigo Vanity

Childhood Best-friend Diggy

Model , Art & High school student. Moved to Los Angeles at fifteen because of home issues. She now lives with her aunt and cousin but she still misses home at times.


Gisele Paulino ; Seventeen years old

Puerto Rican

Best-friend Avy Lena Roman

Dance & Art . Lives in LA. Met Avy when she moved to Los Angeles & they have been girls ever since then.


Indigo Vanity ; Twenty One years old

Caucasian | African American

Cousin Avy Lena Roman

Best-friend Asia Lynn

Rapper , Jerker . Lives with her mom and cousin, who are very close.


Asia Lynn ; Twenty One years old

Asian | African American

Best-friend Indigo Vanity

Rapper .


The Rangers !

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