A Lesbian Love story this will make you cum (Anime Pics!!!)

This story is about two girls who have been friends forever. But what happens when Rini starts to develope feelings for Kohno? Read and find out. By the way, Kohno is pronounced KO-NO. Rini is pronounced REE-NEE. And Yan is pronounced EE-ANN.

Created by xxtaffyxwasxkilledxx on Monday, April 10, 2006


I already did.
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Okay...Ready for an amazing cum worthy story?
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OH GAWD YES BABY *humps chair*
Its half past two in the morning when you hear the phone ring. Hello? you whisper into the receiver, your voice groggy with sleep.
Rini its me, responds your friend Kohno, Whats up?
Right now? Sleep. Whats wrong? you notice how irritated you sound and add, Sorry, Im really tiredWhat do you need?
NothingI was just thinking aboutwellabout Yan.
Great, Yan, again you think to yourself. Its been three weeks since the break up and she still wont shut up about him.
What about Yan? you ask reaching for the water on your bedside table.
I was just wondering, Rini said, trying to cover up her sobs, If, if he still loves me?
Kohno your asking the wrong person, you sigh, If your still that much hung up on him, just call him. Wrong choice of words. Kohno was now crying full blast into the phone.
Kohno Im sorry. You whisper, Please calm down. Look, Kohno, what do you need me to do?
You listen to her sobbing for a minute or so until she finally answers.
CouldCould you just come down here? She sniffles. Theres a note of pleading in her voice. I feel so aloneI just need some one to stay with me for a while. She starts to cry gently.
Its okay KohnoIll be down in a minute. Do you want me to bring you something?
No thats okay. she whispers.
Okay, be there in a minute. You click the phone off.
You stand in the middle of your squashed dorm room looking it over. You finally pick up your book bag and pack up a few essentials for counseling. Tissues, chocolate, nail polish, bubble wrap, and a few incense. You glance around one last time, making sure you got every thing, then you leave for Kohnos dorm on the ground floor.
Shes standing in the door way waiting for you. Even wrapped in her comforter, eyeliner streams on her face, and messy bed hair shes still perfect.
Rini! she sobs embracing you. I feel so horrible. You break apart.
You shouldnt let him get to you like this. You say to her handing her a chocolate bar and entering the room. You sit down on her bed watching her sniffle, peeling back the chocolate bars wrapper, her beautiful almond eyes glistening with tears. Kohno sits down beside you and leans on your shoulder nibbling the edge of the Hershey bar. You drape your arm around her and kiss her head.
Its okay Kohno. You whisper.
I just feel so horrible. Like I meant nothing to him. I feel so worthless.
Your not worthless, and Yan is just a stupid boy. You really shouldnt let him get in your way.
Kohno bit her lip as another stream of mascara made its was down her cheek. You empty your book bag onto her bed.
You bought me bubble wrap. She smiled.
Of course, Kohno Ive known you all my life. How do you think I could cheer you up with out it? You chuckled as you stood up and lit a vanilla incense.
Remember when I first discovered bubble wrap? she laughed.
How could I forget? you smiled. Stepping on it after we had just moved in.
That was so scary. She smiled popping a bubble.
It was hilarious.
Well the lights were off I didnt see it.
Thats why its funny.
You both exchanged a smile. Kohno sighed and laid down, smiling as she finished off the chocolate. You felt a bit of jealousy as you watched her. She could eat as much as she wanted but she never gained any thing. And when she did gain something in was in her bust line or in her butt. She was filled out so beautifully, and in all the right places. And of course she could get any guy she wanted. You glanced down at your stomach and sucked in.
Rini stop that its unhealthy. Kohno had been watching you as well. You blushed. Kohno laughed.
Rini your beautiful the way you are. You shouldnt need to change. Kohno smiled. The tables had turned. Kohno was now lecturing Rini. You felt your cheeks growing hotter, why are you embarrassed? You sit back down beside her, desperate for a subject change.
Kohno sighed and the conversation was back to Yan.
An hour later you two are laying facing each other discussing boys when Kohno yawns and announces that shes tired. She takes all of her used tissues and drops them on the floor. She had used up your whole box. You stand up, ready to get your things and make your way back up stairs when Kohno whines, Ree-nee, her lips are all pouty, a sure sign shes not going to give this one up, Pwease can you stay with me?
You smirk. Okay, scoot over. You lay down beside her.
Not even five minutes pass before you hear her crying gently. You pat her arm. Kohno its okay. Lets get some sleep.
Can you hold me Rini?
You put your arm around her.
I mean hold me like Yan used to.
You mean the-?
Are-Are you okay with that? shes sobbing now.
Of course, you whisper and put your leg over hers, locking legs at the ankle. You have the strangest feeling. Your starting to get wet. Whats wrong with you? You had felt this way before around a boy, but never around a girl. You try to get comfortable and calm this feeling but every time you try, your vulva throbs harder. Five minutes pass and you notice Kohnos moving, ever so slightly. Shes gently rocking back and forth. You barley raise your head, you dont want her to know your awake but you do want to get a better look at what shes doing.
Her hand is down her pants. Shes masturbating, right in beside you.
Your vulva is now throbbing so hard it hurts. You move your hand to the outside of your pants trying to calm yourself. But the motion startles Kohno. She freezes, and slowly looks back at you. Your throat is closed and you can feel the heat on your face becoming more intense.
Rini you scared me. Kohno isnt even fazed, I thought you were asleep. You notice her hand is out of her pants and resting beside her.
Nope. You move your hand away from your crotch but she sees you.
You look away blushing furiously.
Do you masturbate too? She sounds curious not embarrassed.
ErNo I dont. Youve screwed up.
Then what were you just doing?
She chuckled. Masturbation isnt something to be ashamed of. I find it calms me down.
You stare at her. Your lost for words.
She turns over facing you.
You feel so mixed up. You have all these amazing feelings rushing through your body and yet your so confused. You feel good that you two are alone.
Kohno, I have these strange feelings. I dont know. I think I need to leave and cool down for a bit. You whisper. You start to get up but she pushes you back down.
Please stay with me Rini. She whispers to you. Youve heard her talk like this before to Yan. That playful, sexy tone.
Your hurting now and your underwear is soaked. You say the first thing that comes to your mind.
KohnoI think I love you. You feel so stupid. What made you say that?
She hugs you. You notice how good her breasts feel against yours. How soft they feel. Your breathing is becoming heavier. Kohno kisses you. Not the comforting peck on the head, but a full blow French. The next thing you know your on top of her grabbing any part of her you can get your hands on.
Naughty Rini. She smiles as you touch her breasts. You kiss her neck.
Hold on beautiful. She whispers as she gets up.
Please Cocoa, its what Yan used to call her, come back, I need you. You see he go into her drawer.
Damn. She whispers, Its not here. She looks under the bed. Aha. She smiles as she pulls out a small box. Kohno kneeled down beside the bed and slowly opened the box as if teasing You. She pulled out a green vibrator.
She smirked and laid it down climbing on top of you.
Kohno slowly pulled off her shirt revealing huge beautiful breasts. She stood up on the bed.
ReeRee? she asked, Could you help me? You stood up beside her and striped her of her pants. She was wearing a thong. You started to remove it too but Kohno stopped you.
Mouth. she whispered licking her lips. You bent down so you were level with her pussy and slowly pulled it off with your teeth. You felt the heat of her clit as you did so. You gasped. It felt so good.
You looked up at her once it was off. She was even more amazing nude.
She striped you of your clothes. You hadnt been expecting this you thought dismally looking at your fruit of the loom low rise undies. You remember the lacy pink thong sitting just 5 floors away
You were now both naked. You fell on top of her, kissing and licking every inch of her you could manage. Soon you were at her pussy. It was sweaty and pink from all the excitement. But you had never touched another girl there before and you were nervous you would do something wrong.
Kohno sensed this and said, I havent ever eitherWant me to go first?
You nodded. Kohno laid you down and began to gently finger your pussy. It was the best feeling in the world. Your boyfriend had done this to you once when you were still with him but it felt different thenKohno on the other hand, touched you in all the right places.
Kohno gently went lower until her mouth was level with you pussy. You could feel her blowing lightly on you. It turned you on and you all of a sudden felt you needed to cum. But you didnt want to. You were trying to save some for her to taste. She stopped blowing and licked your pussy. Your cum was now beyond your control. It came spilling out of you and started to drip onto the sheets. Kohno licked it up gratefully. Her tongue tickled your pussy and you came again. She was now sucking you. It felt so good. Her tongue played around making sudden turns and twists. She moved lower and began sucking your vagina, and soon enough inserting her tongue. It felt amazing and you allowed your self to cum once more.
After another ten minutes she raised up licking her lips.
You taste wonderful. She purred.
Let me return the favor. you said kissing her lips to see if you could retrive a bit of your own juices. She sat on your face and allowed you to eat her out and she came four times into your mouth. She bounced up and down on your cum covered face moaning and gasping. It was the best thing you had ever tasted.
After a bit Kohno reached for the vibrator.
Care for a dip? Smiled Kohno.
Yes please. You said teasingly as you rubbed yourself. She inserted the huge vibrator into you and pumped as hard as she could. Starting off slow and quickening her thrust. You moaned so loud you were surprised when no one came to tell you to keep it down. She turned it on fast and left it in you while she climbed on you for a kiss. You could hardly breathe between the vibrations and the steamy French she was giving you. You came on the vibrator. Then pulled it out of you and licked it with Kohno. You took it from her and sucked it almost gagging yourself with it. Then you penetrated Kohno with it. Following her example. As you pumped it as hard as you could, Kohno screamed IM GONNA FUCKING CUM! and you quickly moved your face to her pussy. But this time it wasnt normal. She squirted you in the face with it. You then cleaned her up and let her lick her mess from your face. You took out the vibrator and climbed on top of her humping her as fast as you could. You both moaned and Kohno screamed. You got off and laid beside her cuddling and gently kissing. Within the next five minutes you both were asleep.

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