*Be The One To Guide Me, But Never Hold Me Down* - Chp.3

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Created by FartingPenguins on Monday, April 02, 2012

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I sat bolt up-right in bed, not even remembering falling asleep. Looking around me, I noticed that the earphones off my iPod had fallen out and were lying on the pillow next to where my head would’ve been. The music was still playing faintly in the background, so I pressed pause to not waste the battery.

Another thud sounded from outside, so whatever had woke me up was still going on. There was a lot of shouting and abuse; I could hear from my window. I picked up a hoodie off the floor and threw it over my shoulders, zipping it up. I was still in my sweats and tank top from earlier on, before I had fallen asleep. I checked the time quickly. 2am.

“You have no fucking clue what goes on, you useless prat! You’re just a kid, what would you know?!” a familiar voice shouted from outdoors. It was strange; there was never any violence or fights taken place outside my house, or even around my area.

I rubbed my eyes quickly and jogged over to the window, peering outside, having forgotten to shut my blinds. I sighed in disappointment as I saw who it was. I left my room and went to find mum, but when I entered her bedroom she wasn’t there. I padded downstairs, and there she was, sitting on the chair in the hallway, in tears.

“Mum, please don’t cry,” I comforted her, kneeling down beside her.

She gave me a wary smile, and patted my hand. “How can I?” she whispered. “All he does is drink...And now he’s gone and got himself into a fight.”

I bit my lip, before standing up again and making my way to the front door.

“Honey, what are you doing?” Mum questioned, her voice wobbling.

I smiled at her. “Don’t worry Mum; I’ll be careful.”

I opened the door and stood on the front porch waiting for any of them to notice to me. My dad was obviously alone in this fight. A bunch of teenage boys faced him, shouting abuse at him. I took in their appearances, and noticed one of them, unsurprisingly, was Collin. I guessed he would’ve shown his bad side sooner or later.

“How old are you, late thirties? And yet you’re still embarrassing yourself in public like this, I’m surprised you still have your family around you,” Collin hissed at him.

Dad glared daggers at Collin. “Take that back!”

Collin laughed without humour. “It’s true. You’re throwing everything you have away; you’re job, you’re family, you’re friends. You’re going to end up with nothing, mate.”

“I’m not your mate,” Dad said very quietly, as if Collin had taken the fight out of me.

Collin raised an eyebrow. “I’m glad,” he said, before turning on his heel and walking away, with his friends following.

Dad stood there, frozen on the sidewalk. He bit his lip and put his head in his hands. As much as I hated him right now, I couldn’t just leave him there, breaking down. I strolled down the garden and put my arm around his shoulders and pulled him along, forcing him to walk.

We entered the house, my mum still sitting in the chair. She looked up when she heard the front door close. Her eyes were bloodshot and her face red from crying.

“I’m sorry,” Dad whispered, before shrugging me off of him and dragging himself up to his room.


A couple of hours later, I woke up again for the second time. I yawned, stretched and threw myself out of my bed. Slowly, the events of last night came back to me. After my dad had stomped drunkenly upstairs, my mum had slept in the spare bedroom, not wanting to be around him when he was like this. I couldn’t blame her.

I got myself ready for school and also sorted Lily out. I was pretty sure Mum would appreciate a lie-in after last night, so I didn’t bother to wake her up. I knew it was going to be a long day at school; my eyes kept drooping and my yawns got longer and longer. I couldn’t even have a cold shower to wake me up; it was currently occupied by my dad.

I took a warm cup of tea and a couple pancakes up to my mum on a tray. She was still sleeping, so I just left them on the table next to her and kissed her cheek. Getting Lily to school was no problem; her friend’s mum dropped by to pick her up.

Just as I was leaving for the twenty minute walk to school, my doorbell rang. I threw my bag over my shoulders and picked up a navy-blue hoodie to shove over the top of my white t-shirt. I opened the door, and there was Ari, smiling broadly at me.

“Come on, John's going to give us a lift to school,” she said pulling me out of my house.

I shook her off and shouted up stairs to my mum, even though I knew she probably wouldn’t hear. “Bye mum, I’m going to school now. Love you!”

I got nothing in response so I walked down the drive to where Ari’s to-be step-dad's car was. Aiden was sitting in the front seat, so Ari and I clambered into the back.

“Hey,” Aiden gave me a small smile when I had slammed the door shut.

I nodded in reply, as he wouldn’t have heard me say anything over the engine of the car even if I had spoken. John wasn’t the leader of the richest family in the world, so he had quite an old car, with a deafening motor. I didn’t like to complain though; the family were nice enough.

I didn’t really say much on the car journey to school, I always felt so awkward in front of my friend’s parents, but when Ari and I were left alone I spoke up. I told her all about what had happened last night; everything about Collin, his friends and my Dad, drunken and angry.

Ari listened without any interruptions. Although she spoke a lot, she would always listen to you if you were talking. After I had finished, she nodded. “Well, maybe he just had a bad night last night?” Ari suggested softly, trying to be kind.

I shook my head. “I doubt it, he’s been getting worse over the past two weeks,” I bit my lip and tears began to form in my eyes. I didn’t want Ari to see me crying, heck, I didn’t want anyone to see me crying.

“Charlie, please don’t cry! I’m sorry, I can’t help you, but you know you can come sleep at mine any time you like and we can talk about it whenever. Things will turn out alright though,” she said kindly, coming over to give me a hug.

I smiled, knowing I had the best friend in the world. “Thanks, Ari. But I don’t really want to leave my mum,” I refused her over and returned the hug, wiping my eyes free of tears quickly.

After we had removed ourselves from the embrace we made our way to registration, although the bell hadn’t rung yet.

“I knew Collin would should his bad side soon enough,” she winked, trying to cheer me up.

I did laugh, though. “Haha, yeah. I was beginning to think he wasn’t actually such a badass after all.” To be honest, I was still thinking that he wasn’t the bad guy. He must’ve had a reason to start on my dad last night; Collin didn’t seem to be the type of person to start a fight with someone out of nowhere, despite what I’d heard. I didn’t want to say anything about it though, in case I was completely wrong. I guess I just didn’t want to believe that my dad was actually doing anything wrong; I was adamant that everything was just piling on top of him. It was just stress causing his behaviour to be different. I hoped, anyway.

When we entered registration, Spencer was already there. He was sitting in the corner, texting rapidly. He didn’t notice us enter, so I placed myself on the seat next to him, but he still didn’t notice me. Or if he did, he was ignoring me. He furrowed his brow while he was texting and he seemed to either be getting annoyed or worried. I wanted to ask him what was up, but he seemed to be too drawn into his conversation.

Ari stood in front of him and waved her hand in front of his face. Eventually his head snapped up.

“Sorry guys, I didn’t see you there,” Spencer mumbled, looking back down to his phone.

Ari and I exchanged a look. “Swear you’ve got some sort of secret girlfriend or something,” Ari hinted, dragging a seat over to sit with us.

Spencer glared at her and grumbled under his breath, something that neither of us understood.

I punched his arm, jokingly. “What is with you? We’re only having a laugh.”

“For God’s sake, whatever it is I’m doing, it’s not of your business!” he said, anger in his voice. It was a very rare occasion that Spencer got angry, and he never ever lost his temper with his friends. Something was clearly upsetting.

“Well, if something’s upsetting you-“ I began, but Spencer interrupted.

“There isn’t,” he said sharply, sending one last text and then shoving his phone in the pocket of his bright pink skinnies.

I looked at him for a moment. “Okay...” I said, before pointing at his jeans. “When did you get them?”

“I don’t even know,” he said, not seeming as grumpy anymore. “I just found them in my wardrobe,” he shrugged.

After that, it became awkward. Neither me nor Ari knew what to say to him with his mood swings and everyone. What made it even more awkward was when Collin entered the room and came to sit with us. “Hey guys,” he said quietly, smiling at all of us. I couldn’t help but notice he looked at me a little longer than the other two. Did he know that the man he was arguing with last night was my dad? Or was there a different reason?

Regardless, I greeted him back. “Hi,” I said simply, but even that made Ari turns her head at me and pull a face of disbelief.

When Collin had distracted himself by talking to Spencer, I mouthed ‘What?’ to Ari. She just shook her head. I would have to ask her about that when we were alone.

The first bell rang so the rest of the class piled in and took a seat somewhere in the room. The good thing about our registration class was that we didn’t have assigned seats; we could wherever we liked with whoever we liked.

After registration, I had English. Unfortunately, nobody in my registration class was in my class, so I always had to walk alone. I left the class and made my way to English by myself. I was so lost in my thoughts and I jumped 6 feet in the air when I felt a soft hand rest on my shoulder.

I jumped and twirled around, my heart racing. To my surprise, I saw Collin standing there, slightly red in the face, chuckling at my reaction. “You scared me!”

Collin stopped laughing as much. “Sorry, I just wanted to know what class you had next,” he smiled at me.

I smiled back. “I’ve got English...”

Collin looked down at the timetable he had in his hands. “Me too,” he paused. “Do you mind if I walk with you?”

I smiled at him again; it was becoming very easy to smile at him. “Not at all.” What was I doing? This was the guy shouting abuse at my father in the street last night. I shrugged it off mentally. I never usually judged people when I didn’t know the full story.

We walked in a comfortable silence together. Collin’s bare arm brushed against mine every now and again, sending sparks through me. His hair was more tamed today; it wasn’t as wild. I was a little disappointed.

I stopped outside my English class. “You’ve got Ms. Watson, right?” I asked.

Collin nodded his reply.

I smiled. “Oh well, it looks like you’re in my class,” and then I led the way into the class. I took my seat at the back while Collin went up to the teacher to explain the situation of him being new. She nodded along with him and sent him to a seat at the front.

Dang,I thought,at least I’ve got a good staring view...

Ms. Watson started the lesson and I completely zoned out. I really wanted to ask Collin about what had happened last night. A little part of me nagged that it was a bad idea; I’d find something out that I didn’t want to know, but I couldn’t think whether it would be about my dad or about Collin. In a way, I really hoped it would be about my dad. At least it would explain his behaviour.

By the end of the lesson I had no idea what had happened. I wasn’t paying attention to any of it. My head was clouded with, not only thoughts of Collin, but of my Dad too. I was repeating last night in my head and I kept thinking of new reasons to what could’ve happened. Did Collin say something to piss my Dad off? Or was it the other way around? I couldn’t make sense of any of it. I knew I couldn’t ask my dad, but maybe Collin would give me at least a little bit of information...

I guess we’d just have to wait and see.



Bite My Tongue (ft. Oli Sykes), by You Me at Six.

The Silence, by Mayday Parade

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