(otome)My forged wedding: Ren shibasaki walkthrough

this was tested and you are guaranteed to get super happy ending If not then i'm sorry

Created by vampiresparkle on Monday, April 02, 2012


well i noticed there wasnt a walkthrough for Ren so i decided i make one (and yes these answers were tested and verified) good luck my little cheaters~


Wait for him to look away

Hold it yourself

chop onion

hide under blanket

hold arm

are you sure you want to lie?

Turn your back

Morning sweetie

my policy

apologize profusely

give seat to ren



Thank you for waiting for me

of course i'll go

thank you for helping my fiance

i want you to prioritize yourself

Keep quiet

talk to citizens

sqeeze his hand

just smile

dont look sad

why are you asking this

stand in front of Ren

Did best to smile

let him know

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