Bachelor 'Napped Episode 2

Ok, I soo know this does not follow with the show, forgive me. But, what ever. here is episode 2. Enjoy.

Created by Beckler16 on Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Renee' laid in her nice comfy bed, thinking of how she got here.


*Knock knock*

"Coming!" Renee' yelled out as she walked into the living area from the kitchen that had just been cleaned. She opened the door to a pudgy man that stood 5 feet and a few inches tall.

"What can I do for you?" she asked, not knowing what he was doing at her house.

"Good morning Miss Thompson, I came here today to offer you a chance in love."

Renee' raised an eyebrow. "And why would I want that?" she asked skeptically.

Pudgy laughed, "You have been signed up and chosen to be in The Bachelor as a bachelorette."

She looked at the man and laughed. "No thanks, I think that show is just plain dumb. Why would a man want to date over 30 some odd women, AND have to choose who he wants to stick around for another week or so? No thanks, I think I will stick to single dating."

She tried to shut the door on him, but something stopped her door from closing. She then saw the foot blocking her door.

"Now now Miss Thompson, I don't want to have to resort to this but, please say yes. You did sign up-"

"NO I DIDN'T NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" Renee' cut him off, pratically slamming the door in his face.

She heard a sigh from behind it and realised something bad was about to happen. "All right boys, break 'er down and get her."

"Oh crap!" she thought as she started to run into her kitchen.

She heard the door splinter and break behind her. "Where are you Miss Thompson?!" the pudgy guy asked outloud as his goons started searching for her in her house.

Renee' grabbed a castiron skillet and bolted for the backdoor. A pair of strong arms caught her around her waist and hoisted her into the air, making her drop her weapon; pinning her to the massive chest with no escape.

"All right, blindfold her and lets go."

Renee' gasped as a blindfold was placed over her eyes, "You Son of a-!" someone knocked her in the head, making her lose consciousness


She frowned at the memory, "I don't know why but, I do know they shouldn't have done that." she thought as she turned over onto her side.

She sighed and stared out the window opposite of her. "At least the room has its' perks." came her next thought.

The sunlight shone in, making the room look brighter. She squinted, sighing again, depressed.

She then remembered the meeting night a few nights ago.


The limo carrying the next set of five girls pulled up. They were all giggling and staring at the one guy that would have to try to date and get to know them.

"Dear God, he's hot." gasped on girl, who stared out the tinted widow.

"I know, just look at his chest and arms!" cried another.

Renee' rolled her eyes and looked out of the window that was just a few inches from her shoulder; she did not want to participate in the whole shirade. "Kill me now." she whined in her head.

Their limo stopped moving and one at a time, each girl got out of the vehicle. Soon, it was Renee’s turn.

Stepping out of the vehicle, careful of the dark green formal dress that covered her up modestly, she sighed, extremely annoyed that she had to go through this painful event.

She didn’t smile at the guy, nor did she act like the other girls; she was NOT interested.

“Hello, how are you doing?” the cute, hot guy asked.

Renee’ grit her teeth and saw a few suspicious people cross their arms and looked her way. She reached out and shook his hand, keeping the other over her stomach. “I am doing ok, not really wanting to be here though.”

The guy looked at her funny and cleared his throat about at the same time as the other suspicious people did. She didn’t care; she didn’t want to be here.

“Well then, my name is Damian Robertson.” He shook her hand then asked, “What is your name?”

She rolled her eyes, knowing this was all scripted, and it was getting pretty dang annoying. Staring him in the eye she growled, “Renee’ Thompson, and it is NOT a pleasure to meet you.” With that, she walked over to the other women who stood gapping at her; not pleased at what she did.

The host or announcer cleared his throat, looking pointedly at her. “Thank you all for coming, and to the viewers, thank you for tuning in and watching. This is The Bachelor, Season 15! Tonight, as you can see, Damian has just met these WONDERFUL ladies here, and Damian, tell me what you think of all of them.”

He put the microphone up to Damians’ mouth.

“Tch, like he can’t hold it.” Renee’ muttered sarcastically, glaring daggers at the host and the burly men behind the two men.

“Well, Bob, I would have to say, they are all very lovely and seem extremely interesting. I can’t wait to get to know them.” The microphone was pulled away from him.

“Isn’t that nice folks? But, Damian, you understand that here in a week, you are going to have to chose which women will stay, and which will go home, right?”

Renee’ perked up at this unnoticeably. “I could get sent home after this week?” her eyes narrowed even further as she thought about this.

“Oh, I understand. It will be a hard choice though, I assure you, and I would hate to do it too.”

“Well, isn’t that nice.” Bob said, again having control of the microphone.

“I could get him to not like me and instantly get sent home! The perfect escape plan! Now all I have to do is bid my time.” Renee’ thought as she looked up at the bachelor and the host. “Gawwed, this makes me sick.” She thought.

“We will see all of you real soon.” Bob said, then walked away as the women swarmed the young fellow.

Renee’ snorted and stood there, looking on in disgust, then closed her eyes and sighed. “I can’t wait to get home.” She then felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked back and jumped in shock.

“What do you want?” she asked harshly, not caring about first impressions.

Damian looked at her quizzically. “What’s wrong, why are you like this? Are you ok”

Renee’ couldn’t hold it in any more and snorted in disgust. “Why should you care pretty boy? And the reason I’m like this has NOTHING to do with YOU.” She growled and stomped away unlady like, leaving an extremely befuddled, and confused Damian in her wake.


Renee’ got up and looked out the massive window and saw a pool down below. “Hmm, maybe I will go for a swim.” She thought and went into her closet for her swimsuit.

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