Is it so wrong to love your teacher? 14

Created by boredum123 on Tuesday, April 03, 2012

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Sebastian took me home and told me that he quit his teaching job. I decided that i was just going to stop going to school all together. I mean im a vampire i can go back to highschool in a few years. My brother will turn eighteen in two weeks.

And when he does Sebastian and i are are leaving to Japan. It is close but it is far. We are going to start a new life there. We will get married and have our child. And every few years we will move around. We have to stay away from John to be safe.

Chris and I are moving toIndianaand when Chris is eighteen i will go missing. Like i was kidnapped or something.


Today is Chris' birthday. We have already settled down in Indiana and I am packed. Seabastian has plane tickets and we leave at 3am tomarrow mourning. I will be long gone before Chris wakes up. We invested in a car that Chris can drive.

I left the keys on the table and a note that says it is his birthday present. I have wiped all of my accounts clean and i will still run the law fern.

Sebastian and i are on our way to the airport and when we get there we will board the plane and forget about the past.


We board the plane and in a few hours we are in Japan. It was a long ride but here we are. The scenery is beautiful here. The cherry blossom trees are my favorite.

The house that we bought has a big one in the front yard along with one in the back. There is also an underground pool. Sebastian tought me japanese so we cant live here. I have a feeling this will be a nice start.

Chris' P.O.V

When i woke up i went to go wake Echo up for school, but when i got there she wasnt there. Her car was still in the driveway so she must have been kidnapped or something.

I grabbed my phone and called the police. "911 what is your emergency." A telephone operator asked. "My sister is missing. I believe she was kidnapped." I said in a rush. "Alright sir what is your location?" She asked in a proffessional voice.

I gave her the address. "Alright Sir i have sent two squad cars to your home. Would you like me to stay on the phone with you untill they get there?" She asked. "No that fine. Thankyou anyways." I said and hung up.

When the police came i gave them a Picture of Echo from the party last night and they said that they will look in to it. But she cant be considered a missing person untill she has been missing for forty-eight hours and then they left.

I called in sick from school. I rolled over to the table and saw a note and some keys. 'Happy Birthday. Hope you like your new car. -Love, Echo.' The note read. I noticed the keys and smiled at the thought of my now missing sister, hopeing she is okay.


Alright super short. Not even a page.

This is the last chapter.

I know im sad too.

But there will be a sequal.

It wont be up for a wile though.

The first chapter should be up by June.

It will be called: "A New Life Under The Cherry Blossom Tree"

Pay attention for it.

Also thankyou all for supporting me and this book and or any of my other books.

-Always xoxo Boredum123

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