{{Zack Addy}} New Intern? - Ch.4

starts a couple of days after the kidnapping..

Created by HelloKitty2014 on Wednesday, April 04, 2012

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I walked up to the two large glass doors seperating me from the lab and sighed rubbing my arm that was now in a brace and so was my leg... Angela had added dark blue and platinum highlights in my hair to help further change my appearance.. I didn't feel like myself anymore.. I opened the doors gently and walked in and saw everyone already working on a case. I smelled burnt flesh and sighed softly and tugged on my lab coat and clipped on my id and swiped it on the platform and slowly walked up. Zack was busy studying the skeleton along with brennan. Cam was in the coroners room working on some body and I sighed softly and Angela walked up to me and smiled, "Kiara Honey!" I smiled at her softly and hugged her back when she hugged me, "Come one, You and me are drawing this guy's face." I nodded softly and gently sat down in a swivel chair next to the examination table and studied the skeleton's face. I noticed the high cheekbones and the eye shape and sighed softly as I drew the face, it was a young female, around young 20s, she was also latino. I sighed softly and colored in the darker skin tone we have and added brown eyes and dark hair. I looked up at Zack as he was telling Bones that she was abused and raped before being killed. I frowned and cussed out loud in fluent spanish and Cam coughed loudly and I looked at her and bit my lip, "Lo Siento.." She nodded and I handed bones my drawing of the woman. Zack looked at me and went back to work quietly. Angela sighed softly and smiled, "Come on, we need to re-create her death in my office." I nodded and got up and winced softly at my brace and walked slowly behind her. Zack came up beside me and moved my arm over his shoulder and helped me walked to Angela's office. I blushed softly and he smiled slightly at me, "I assumed your fractures were causing you pain and inhibiting your ability to walk normally.." I smiled and nodded, "thank you for heloing..."

Angela giggled and elbowed me gently after shutting the door, "awwww." I rolled my eyes and smiled slightly, still blushing and went to work on her Angelator. She was raped, hit in the chest with a baseball bat multiple times, hit in the head and then set on fire with an acelerant. Angela sighed softly and left to tell everyone to come see the murder. I was in a chair facing the giant screen in her office and smiled as everyone came in and started the images again as angela told everyone what happened. Zack was standing beside me and he frowned, "Stop it there." I paused the images and zoomed in a little and he sighed, " her neck was broken before she was set on fire.. " I sighed happily and so did Angela. Zack looked at me and I let the images keep playing. Bones looked at me and nodded, "Good job Kiara, now would you please go down into limbo and continue identifying the remains there?" I nodded softly and got up slowly and grabbed my shoulder bag and walked down to limbo. I was down there for a long time, listening to music and identifying the skeletons quietly. I looked up seeing Booth walking twoards me with a serious face on. I frowned watching him and shut off my ipod, "What's wrong?..." He put his hand on my shoulder, "Kiara... we got the rest of the gang.." I gasped and stared at him, "Really!" He nodded and smiled grimly, "Are you okay to identify them..?" I nodded softly and looked at my feet as I slowly put the boxes of skeletons away almost in a trance.. They really got them... It's over?! That means finally David and mom are safe..

Booth helped me up the stairs and I walked out to the car and Booth drove me to the FBI building where they were holding the guys. When we got to a room where we were behind glass and the guys were lined up against the wall, cuffed and facing the window. They couldn't see me but I could see them. I gulped and slowly walked up to the glass and looked them all in the face and flinched, "These are all the guys who shot me and the rest of the people, I'm certain of it.." Booth nodded and told someone else in the room and the leader walked up to the glass and spit right where my face was and glared into the wall. "You little bitch! This isn't over yet! I will kill you if it's the last thing I do you filthy whore!!" I began sobbing and fell to my knees but Booth caught me and hugged me to him and rubbed my back, "Kiara... shh... calm down, You're safe and they're going to be punished for what they did..." I don't remember much except going to our apartments and me grabbing my stuff and sleeping over at his place, I slept on the couch with him in his bedroom because I wouldnt let him sleep on the couch...

I woke up to breakfeast cooking and I got flashes of what happened yesterday and bit my lip softly, It will never be over.. I will always fear them and they will never leave me alone. Booth handed me a plate of pancakes and bacon and place syrup on the table infront of the couch and turned on the tv to some random show as we ate quietly. Someone knocked on the door and I jumped and hugged the pillow tightly. Booth grabbed his gun and silently looked through the peep hole and sighed, opening the door too see Bones standing there. She saw how hysterical I was and apolagized and hugged me gently, "I'm sorry for scaring you Kiara.." I nodded and went back to eating my pancakes as they talked about a new case. They dropped me off at the lab after I finished getting ready. I sighed softly and helped Angela with working on her Angelator. I wasn't really focused today because everytime I looked up I thought I saw them.. Everyone began to notice too and were very carefull around me. I walked twoards Hodgin's experiment room and heard glass shatering and gun shot and I screamed and fell to my knees, sobbing. I felt someone wrap their arms around me and I began kicking and screaming trying to get away from them, "Get away from me!!!" "Kiara!" I stopped and sniffled realizing it was just Zack. He smiled at me softly and hugged me again, "It was just an experiment too see what gun was used to kill the victom." I nodded softly and held onto him tightly, "I'm sorry for freaking out..." Angela walked over and smiled softly, "Come on hunny, I need to re create a bunch of stuff for the guys, You can lay down in my office.." Zack helped me up and I numbled followed Angela and laid down on her comfy couch in her office... When is this going to be over.. All I want is a normal "squint" life...

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