Meet Your Match [Daryl Dixon] 12

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Created by DaughterofAnarchy on Wednesday, April 04, 2012

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My first kiss was forced, uncomfortable and quick. Being the first of my friends to be in a ‘relationship’, they all pushed me into things. Sure I was only in grade six, but I was pressured into that kiss, and it didn’t feel right. You only get one first kiss. During lunch hour, we snuck behind the trees on the field, out of the teacher’s view. My best friend gave my ‘boyfriend’ a shove and we bashed heads. It didn’t really count as a kiss; our lips barely touched. Even still, I was the first of my friends to kiss a boy. I never thought of it as much as an accomplishment. After that, I was always worried about the first kiss, thinking it was the most important thing in determining a relationship.

There was nothing to compare this moment to. It was nothing like my first kiss, and it was nothing like my first kiss with my last boyfriend. With him it was due to casual drunkenness. We had been friends for a month or so, and we got drunk with a group of his friends. Being uncomfortable in their presence, we moved upstairs to his bedroom where more privacy would be available. Things went from one thing to another, and to be honest, I could not recall the first kiss.

With Daryl, it felt like my real first kiss. The awkward positioning, the tension between the two of us, my nerves felt shot. Our lips were only pressed against each other, but I could tell how soft his lips were, and how much more of them I wanted. The moment seemed long, but I knew it only lasted a few seconds. When Daryl leaned back, he avoided eye contact with me. Neither of us knew what to say, so we didn’t speak a word to one another. Only a minute passed, but it felt like a week before Daryl started the truck back up.

Maybe he intended to go further, but since I didn’t respond very much, he backed out. Or maybe he just wanted to clarify my feelings. A million possibilities ran through my head as we drove back to camp. There was still quite a drive, and I searched my brain to come up with something to say. At first I simply wanted to ask why he did that, but that was much too straightforward. We both stared straight ahead, barely breathing loud enough for the other to hear, as if we wanted to disappear. At least, I wanted to be out of his sight.

When camp was in sight, I spoke up, although I was unsure why I waited so long. “Did you just act out on impulsiveness?”

I could tell he was thinking hard about how to answer the question.

“You don’t have to answer.” I told him, although if he decided not to, it would eat away at me forever.

We pulled into camp and I came to the conclusion that he took my offer of not answering. My lips still tingled from where his had been. The truck shutting off made me jump, as did Daryl slamming the truck door harder than he needed to. Not wanting it to be obvious something was wrong, I stumbled out of the truck and wandered to my tent. Everyone was at a low fire, chatting quietly. I heard someone say hello to me, but I kept walking straight ahead. My tent didn’t offer me enough privacy; since I knew even if I stayed there Daryl would be in the tent right next to me. However, I had lost my appetite and was in no mood to be around the group. Lying flat on my bag over my sleeping bag, I stared at the darkness of my tent. My head was spinning, and I felt a little sick.

I couldn’t tell you how long I laid there, eyes wide and stomach churning, but it was long enough to hear everyone heading off to bed. The RV door slammed, tent zippers could be heard all around. I could hear Daryl grunting as he threw herself into his tent. His flashlight was showing through his tent, so I turned my head the other way. Things settled down, but I could still hear every movement Daryl made. This was either because I was paying attention to it, or my mind was playing tricks on me. Either way, I wished there was some way I could fall asleep. But I couldn’t; not with Daryl so close.

When I could hear nothing, I got up and left my tent. Leaving the zipper undone, in case I decided not to do what I was about to do, I walked quickly to Daryl’s tent. I was doing everything faster than normal, as if I were to slow down I would lose the impulse and go back to my tent. That would leave far too many unanswered questions. I had no way of knocking, and trying to talk to Daryl through the tent would surely wake up the others, I unzipped his tent and came face to face with his crossbow.

Sighing when he noticed it was me, although he probably preferred a walker, he put his crossbow back on the ground. I dropped to my knees and was level with Daryl now, since he was just sitting up in his sleeping bag. I felt the flame of my spontaneousness burning out, but there was still a spark. With him in such a vulnerable position, I leaned forward and let my body do what it needed. My lips needed to taste his again, and that’s what they did. Our lips collided, and I shut my eyes, letting myself enjoy it this time, rather than be terrified. However, I wasn’t much less scared this time. I felt a shove against my shoulder and backed off.

Daryl stared deeply at me, but I couldn’t tell if he was mad or confused. Probably both. However, it was only fair that I got to cause the same emotions to him as he caused me. When Daryl had shoved me, it knocked me back into my senses, but I still didn’t leave. Instead, I stared into his eyes and was unable to look away. It was obvious that if either of us spoke, it would be clear to the camp, who would likely wake up, that there was something going on between us. However, there wasn’t anything going on, was there?

I asked myself the question, not entirely sure what the answer was.

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