Being the Mate of the Alpha 1

Hello, everyone. This is my first story on quizilla. Please let me know if you like my story and let me know if you have any ideas for a next chapter! :)

Created by OkamiKyuketsuki on Friday, April 06, 2012


Someone was in my house. I could hear whoever it was rumaging around downstairs.
I am home alone with no cell phone and no weapons in my bedroom.
I hear foot steps of the person(s) coming up the stairs soI ran into my closet. I lifted a hidden door and crawled into the small spaceI had found a few years back. The seconed I closed the door, my bedroom door burst open.
"Ella." A voice taunted.
My heart skipped a beat.
"I know you're in here. I can smell you." the deep voice called out again.
I held my breath whenI heard him walk to my closet.
"I can feel you." he said as he stepped into the closet. He turned on the light. "AndI bet you can feel me too."
I looked through a tiny hole in my hidden door and i almost gasped out loud.
A guy, maybe 2 or 3 years older than me was in my closet. He is well over 6 ft tall and very muscular. He had black hair. He's waring a black tank-top and kakis. He has on big steel toed boots.
He parted the clothes in my closet, looking around.
He put his hand on the wall and he closed his eyes.
"Jace!" someone called from another room.
He opened his eyes and ran a hand through his messy black hair.
"What is it?" his voice boomed.
"I need you to come here." he replied.
He sighed and left my room, closing my bedroom door behind him.
This is my chance to escape beforehe can find me. I got out ofmy hiding spot and quietly dress in dark camo. I slip on sneakers and i make a make-shift rope from wrags and sheets.
'Thank you Girl scouts'
I thought to myself as I tied my rope to a post on my balcony and I climbed over. The second my feet hit the groundI took off running into the forest surrounding my house.
I made it to a small clearing when a large black wolf jumped over me. I dug my heels into the dirt andI fell back on my butt.
The wolf lowered its head and let out a low growl. It walked to me and put a paw on my chest. It looked down at me with peircing green eyes.
"You do NOT run from me." I heard in my head.
"W-what?" I stuttered.
Suddenly the wolf changed into a naked man. The man that was in my bedroom.
He was still holding me down with his foot.
I gave him a confused look and he smirked. "Hello, Ella. I'm your mate." He stepped off my and he threw me over his shoulder.
"What? Let me go!" I yelled.
I froze when he slapped my butt. I recovered quickly and I started squirming.
"Let me go! Pervert! I'll scream!" I threatened.
I let out a small squeak when he threw me to the floor. He wrapped his hand around my neck and he pushed me up against a tree.
I looked up at him, alarmed. His eyes were black.
"You will not threaten me again." His hand tightened around my neck. I couldn't breathe. "You will do as I say." My vision started to blur. "Understand?" He tightened his hand againand my veiw started to darken. "I said do you understand?" he snapped.
I nodded and he released me. I fell to the forest floor coughing and rubbing my neck.
He stood over me with a smug look. "Good. Now let me explain something before we get back."
I looked up at him. He took my chin and rubbed it with his thumb.
"You are my mate. We are bound in a way that noone can break."
His touch sent tingles through me.
"You feel it, dont you?"
I looked away and blushed.
"I am the Alpha. You are to do as I say and I will treat you well. Failure to do so will result in punishment until you learn from your mistake. You will show no disrespect for me, especially infront of our pack. Upon our return, you will apologize for running away. Understand?"
I nodded and he gave me a smile, his eyes going back to green.
"Good." he said and he put his lips on mine.
After a moment, he pulled away and he picked m up bridal-style. I looked away and blushed. I heard and felt him chuckle.
Once we were back at my house, he brought me to the top of the stairs. He wistled loudly and a bunch of muscular people gathered.
"My mate has something to say." he said and everyone stared at me.
"I apologize for running away."I said and everyone relaxed and Jace dismissed them.
He pushed me in my bedroom and he closed and locked the door.
"Sit." he said and I went to sit on my bed but I noticed I was covered in mud.
"Can I clean up first?" I gestured to myself.
He looked me up and down. "That will be fine."
I nodded and walked into the bathroom attached to my bedroom. I undressed and showered.
I realized that I didn't bring any clothes in with me so I wrapped myself in a towel and I stucked my head out of my bathroom.
"Jace?" no answer.
I took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom. I exhaled when noone was in my room.
Suddenly my bedroom door swung open and Jace walked in, still naked.
I froze when he took me in.
I blushed and looked away whenI saw him stiffen.
His eyes went all misty and he locked the door.
He made a step towards me and i tried to run to the closet. I hadmy hand on the door knob when he grabbed me and he spun me around and he slammed hid body up against mine.
I gasped and he nuzzeled his nose in my neck.
I could feel his hot breath on my skin.
"J-Jace..." i whispered and he pushed harder up against me.
He put his hands on my hips and he started sucking on my neck. He pushed his hands forward and he squeezed my butt.
His hands went to my thighs and he lifted me so my legs were wrapped around him.
He pressed closer and he tugged off my towel. He dropped it to the floor and he smashed his lips on mine. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and I moaned when he grinded into me.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
Jace pulled away and growled.
"Jace, we need you." someone said.
"Can it wait?" he asked in a husky voice.
"It can't wait, sir." the voice replied.
"Dammit." he muttered and he set me back down.
There was a pair of boxers and pants sitting on my bed for him. He put them on and he gave me one last lingering look before he locked me in my room.
I picked up my towel andI put on sum pajamas.
Iclimbed into bed and fell asleep.
I woke up when Jace climbed into bed with me.
He got under the blanket and he wrapped his arms around my waist and he pulled me to him. He put his chin on the top of my head and he tightened his arms around me so I couldn't get out of them.
I fell back into a deep sleep.

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