Sugar Coated, Candy Kisses (Jayy Von Monroe Love Story) {Chap. #3}

So, Leigha has fell for the sex crazed rockstar Ashley Purdy. Jayy seems a little OVER protective... hmm?? Get the drift? Also, sorry about the last CRAPPY chapter. I just hope you got the point. Well, pray you got the point. I was falling asleep while writing it. Pathetic, I know. Anyways, this chapter should be way better!

Created by cheyennemcpherson on Friday, April 06, 2012

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I stepped onto the Black Veil Brides tour bus. It was, well...Huge. Ashley smiled at me. I smiled back. God that smile had gotten me from the start. He approached me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"So, what ya wanna do, pretty girl?" He ask me, our face inches apart.

I leaned in and kissed him. "Are you a choice?"

He kissed my neck and I forced back a moan. "As a matter a fact, I am." he stated, picking me up wedding style and taking me to his room.

He layed me on his bed and crawled on top of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him deeper into one of our kisses. Our tongues danced with each others over and over again. He began taking off his shirt and I started taking off his pants.

Once he was fully "undressed" he made me "undressed" in about .02 seconds. All I could think was damn...he is good. He stood up and got a shiny square object.

He waved it, "Condom. We don't want a baby Purdy.."

I smiled and agreed as he put it on.

He leaned back over me and kissed my lips. "Sure you wanna do this?"

I smiled and nodded... And well...Pretty sure you got the idea on how my night went ;D.

(AUTHOR NOTE: yeah..not a huge fan on sex details. So just...go with it, please. Thanks [:)

~NeXt MorNinG~

"ASHLEY GOT SOME ASS LAST NIGHT!" a crazy man with drum sticks in his hands busted through Ashley's door.

"Go away, C.C." ASHley complained, face down in his pillow.

" 'Oh, Ashley! Faster, Ashley! Yes, Ashley! YES!' " C.C. mocked me in a voice that sounded nothing like mine. Then he thudded his drum sticks against the door. "SHA-BANG!"

"What the fuck was that? A dying cat?" I ask, pulling the sheets over my head.

"That was you last night getting banged!" another voice butted in.

"Jake! Christian! Get the fuck out or I'll tweet about you eating that pile of dog shit the other day! Sure all the fans can annoy you guys for years over that one!" Ashley threated.

Jake gasp, "You wouldn't-"

"DARE!" C.C. finished his sentence.

Ashley threw a pillow at them and yelled "WANT A FUCKING BET!?"

The both darted out of the doorway, snickering.

"Lovely guys," I muttered, crawling out of bed and putting my clothes on.

"Eh, you get use to them. F-W-I, Jake has drunk out of a toilet before. Mention that to him and he will shut his yapper."

"Yapper?" I laughed. I looked in the mirror and sighed. My hair looked like a total rat's nest. "Got a hairbrush?" I added.

"Yeah, yapper as in, his huge mouth." he handed me a hairbrush. I opened my mouth to ask about makeup but he was already handing it to me.

"Wow, 5 star service. I feel special." I said setting the brush down and fixing up my face.

"You are very special. Believe me."

I smiled while putting on chapstick. When I turned around, his lips crushed into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Oh, God. Not again. Please, spare our ears!" We pulled apart and looked at Andy, who was staring at us from the doorway.

"Oh, fine." I said. "Wait, what time is it?"

"12:30. Why?" Andy told me.

"Aww, shit! I gotta get back to my bus." I grabbed a piece of paper and Ashley's black eye liner pencil and scribbled my number down. I handed it to him. "Text me." and I ran out the door.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit!" I muttered under my breath as I got to the bus, knocking on their door.

Davhie opened the door and sighed. "Could of called and said you were spending the night."

He moved aside and let me walk in. Jayy was asleep on the couch...sitting up. I pointed at him and looked at Davhie. "What is he trying to prove?"

"Oh, Leigha, that's what happens when you try to stay up all night to see if you come home. Now, if you will excuse me, me and the rest of BOTDF is going out for a few drinks. Don't. Bother. Jayy." he warned. I nodded and he kissed my forehead before walking off the tour bus. I closed the door behind him. I leaned up against it and sighed.

"I'm such a stupid, fucking whore. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" I scolded myself, hitting my forehead every time I said stupid with the pal of my hand.

"Might as well bother him... rather get slaughtered now, rather than later when everyone is here. I walked over to the couch and lightly sat down beside him. "Jayy." I nudged his arm as I spoke softly.

"Jayy. Wake up." I said sweetly again. He flinched when I nudged him again.

I rolled my eyes and plopped down in his lap. He jumped and threw his hands up in the air. Seeing that he was finally wide awake I smiled at him and gave him a small wave.

"Hi.." I nervously said.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a hug so fast, I slammed into his chest. "Your not going to kill me?"

"Why would I? I am just worried if you are okay or not." He tilted my chin up so I was forced to look at him. "Are you okay, Leigha? Cause if he hurt you I swear I will--"

"Shhh!" I put my finger over his mouth.

"I just--"



" Sh. Shh. SHHhh. SHHH!"

"I'm just wor--"

"Jayy! SHH!"

He rolled his eyes and fell silent.

"Thank you for wanting to make sure I'm okay, but I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself." I told him.

He opened his mouth to say something, I held my finger up and his face dropped.

"Calm yo tits, I'm not done yet." He let out a small smile. Bingo! He smiled. Good. "I would like to thank you for being the only one who actually cared enough so sit up and wait on me while missing a free trip to the bar. Davhie and the rest of your crew kinda said 'Fuck that shit!' and left without you.

He laughed. "They go to a bar and drink beers, I stay here and drink whiskey."

I zeroed in on his like a hawk does on a field mouse. "You. Have. Whiskey. Here. Don't. You."

He scooted me off his lap and I landed on the floor.

"Bitch! That was my ass I landed on!"

"Your point being..?"


"Eh, you'll live." he shrugged standing up and walking into the kitchen. He reached under the sink counter and pulled out two full bottles of whiskey.

I puppy crawled to him on the floor and wrapped myself around his leg like a monkey. "PLEAAAASE! GIVE THIS POOR CHILD SOME! PWEASE!?" I poked my bottom lip out as a attempt to pout. He chucked and shook his leg a little.

"Let go of my leg, Leigh-Bug."

I giggled and let go of his leg. He sat down in the floor beside of me. "Leigh-Bug?"

He handed me a bottle of whiskey and took a swig of his own. "Yeah. Got a problem with it? Didn't think so."

I laughed and opened up my bottle. I took a swig of it and brought my knees up to my chin.

He cocked his head to the side. "You okay?"

"Yeah, why?"

"The way you are sitting. Looks like you're scared."

"Pft, of what? You? Yeah right!" I stretched my legs out across his lap. "Better, Princess Jayy?"

"You was scared of me earlier. And yes, way better, Prince Leigha.

"Aye, I had the guts to wake you up didn't I am I am a girl! Not a boy! I have no dick, nor two dangly objects!"

"You do too have too dangly objects!" he reached over and flicked my boobs. "YOU HAVE BOOBS!"

I kicked him with my foot, "You know what I'm talking about."

I took a few long drinks of whiskey. I looked at Jayy. He had barely drunk any of his.

"What? Gonna let me get drunk on my own?" I Hiccupped.

"I don't like to get all swoony-swoon drunk." he stated.

I glared at him. "You're fucking kidding me, right?"

He shook his head. "I'm telling you the truth."

"Damn it, I'm going to be fucking crazed in probably five minutes." I pointed at the bowl on the kitchen table. "Because I swear to Buddha that thing moved!"

"And to think, you are already turning into a Buddhist and want me to drink with you. Yeah, that wouldn't be a disaster now would it?"

I smiled goofily. "Nope!" I said popping the "p".

I leaned my head back. My phone vibrated in my butt pocket. "Seriously?" I muttered.

"What?" Jayy ask.

"My phone is on vibrate and is currently butt raping my ass." I sighed. "What has this phone come to. Ah,shiitake. World! What has this world come to! Not phone. Damn my slowness.''

I rolled over on my stomach so my butt was facing Jayy. "Jayy, do Leigh-Bug a favor and take her phone out of her ass pocket. I don't think I can muster my brain to function to do so."

He laughed and took it out for me. His face dropped when he seen who the text was from.

"That's Ashley's number." he said not meeting my eyes.

Ah, fuck. Ashley. Stupid, Ashley! Nah..not stupid. He is great in bed, he can't be stupid. DAMN, ASHLEY! Yeah, that sounds about right. He ruined every perfect moment. I'll go ahead and admit it. I've known Jayy for two days and am currently crushing on his sexy ass. But, I don't think we will ever have a chance. So I usually keep my mouth shut..But me beng drunk..I don't think before I say...

"Oh, fuck Ashley Purdy!" I said grabbing my phone away from Jayy and slinging it across the room. I grabbed Jayy's face and kissed him. It took him a few seconds before he started kissing back...But, he was still kissing back.

His tongue traced my bottom lip, begging for an entrance. I opened my mouth and his tongue explored my mouth and I explored his. He ended up carrying me to his bedroom and..well... yeah. It starts with a "S" and ends with a "X". That's what happened...


I opened my eyes to see Jayy's face was like a inch away from mine. What the hell? I then realized I wasn't wearing any clothes. Damn that whiskey! Already slept with two guys and it's juust now starting the second real day of warped. I sighed. I'm becoming a slut. Wonderful. Makes me wanna shit rainbows. On the bonus side, it took me away from my thoughts of suicide and my Aunt Megan. That's when I realized something else. Jayy barely drunk anything last night. I was drunker than a skunk.. I mean.. Jesus Christ! He could of stopped me!

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breathe. I slowly sat up and grapped a pillow. I raised the pillow behind my head and brought it down with a WHAM! "WHAT THE HELL JAYY!?"

I beat him with the pillow over and over again..until he grabbed it. So on instinct I grabbed the lamp and was prepared to bash it into his head.

"WOAH! LEIGHA! STOP RIGHT THERE!" Jayy shouted taking my hands and lowering them and the lamp that hey held.

"You. Fucked. Me. Last. Night. You. Son-of-a-bitch!" I squealed through tears.

"You started it!" he defended himself.

"I WAS DRUNK!" I scolded him. I set the lamp back down. "Don't you dare talk to me anymore." I threated, pointing my finger at him.

I slipped my clothes back on and stomped into the kitchen. A headache was setting in. I looked in the cabinets for some Advil. None. There was none. I leaned against the sink, rubbing my temples. I liked Jayy but... I don't know. That was a little too far for me. That's when it hit me. I ran into the nearest room and threw up in the toilet. Fucking hang overs sucked donkey balls.

"Awh, damn, Leigha. How much did you drink last night?" I heard Davhie groggily say. He pulled my hair back out of my face.

"Enough to screw up my relationship with Jayy-Fucking-Monroe!" I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and spit his name out like venom when I said it.

"What are you talking about..."

"We fucked.." I facepalmed mentally as I chunked into the toilet again. I raised up and my mouth was automatically wiped with a wet wash-rag. Thanks to my "lovely" picky-puss brother. But, I guess he was okay at times. Like this for instance.

"I knew I shouldn't of let you guys stay here together, alone! Gah! Stupid, Davhie! Stupid, stupid, stupid."

I looked up at him as he slapped his forehead with the back of his hand everytime he called himself stupid. I laughed. "I do that too!"

"Seriously?" he smiled at me.

"Done it last night actually."

"DNA test really didn't lie then." he chuckled.

"Guess not. I think I'm done vomiting. I'll clean your toilet in a few minutes." I said standing up and washing my mouth out in the sink.

"Nah, I'll get it." he put something in my hand. "Found it in the middle of the kitchen floor when I got home. Figured you wanted it in one piece."

"Thank you, bro! I love you! No..scratch that. I don't love you."

His face dropped and I jumped up and screamed, "I Luff You!" he laughed and hugged me.

"I luff you too."

"But seriously, thank you for saving my phone."

"No prob. Now, get out! I have to change."

"Touche are we?"

He rolled his eyes and pushed me out of his room. Of course, with the luck I had I ran straight into Jayy. He caught me before I stumbled backwards into Davhie's door.

"Thanks.." I mumbled and he let go of me.


"Save it." I stalked off into my room and shut the door

This was going to be a long day...especially since I just got a text from Ashley saying, "How could u do this 2 me. I thought we wuz gonna work it out. Guess not. u r just another slut in this world."

My face dropped as I ran off the bus barefooted. I seen Ashley and I ran towards him.

"Ashley! Please! It's not what you think!"

(Hope you liked this chapter :D please remember to rate! and I'm sorry if their are some spelling mistakes. Or some capital mistakes. My computer did that shit. -_- ANYWays < -- see that. That's what I'm talking about. Now, Anyways, Rate me, and follow me on Twitter @mini_mcpherson and also remember to check out my other story, "Fallen Angels". I love to hear messages from you guys! <33 XoXo~Chey {P.S. I WOULD LOVE SOME BANNERS!!!})

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